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We have regular Salsa & Bachata classes at our Amar Colony Lajpat Nagar studio. Call us and turn up for a trial class and to meet DDA’s multi-award-winning Salsa & Bachata instructors Aditya Sarmah & Purvi Khanna. The style of Salsa taught at Delhi Dance Academy is LA Style with Afro-Cuban movements.


SALSA, born from the vibrant Afro-Cuban Rumba and Son styles in the 1940s, has evolved into a diverse dance form with distinct styles. Each style possesses unique characteristics that define its essence, such as timing, body movement, foot patterns, body rolls, attitude, and the embrace between partners. From the lively and intricate Colombian/Cali style to the rhythmic and playful Cuban “Casino” style, the energetic Miami style, the synchronized group dynamics of Rueda de Casino, the sleek and flashy Los Angeles style, to the elegant and intricate footwork of New York style, salsa offers a myriad of expressions. Through the power of partnership, salsa dancing creates remarkable experiences and cherished memories, showcasing the beauty of this captivating art form.

Bachata, both as a music and dance genre, evolved primarily in the mid-20th century, with its roots tracing back to the Dominican Republic. The exact year of its evolution is not pinpointed to a specific date, but rather, it developed gradually over the course of the 1960s and 1970s. Originally considered a music style of the rural working class, bachata gained recognition and popularity beyond its local origins.


BACHATA dance, closely intertwined with the music, underwent its own evolution. The dance style began with simple and intimate movements, reflecting the heartfelt and emotional nature of the music. However, over time, it embraced more complex footwork, sensual body isolations, and dynamic partner interactions. This evolution allowed for greater versatility and creativity in expressing the passionate and sensual essence of bachata.

Furthermore, different styles of bachata have emerged over the years. Traditional bachata retains the original essence of the genre, emphasizing close partner connection and authentic Dominican movements. Modern bachata incorporates elements from other dance styles, such as salsa and tango, while still maintaining the fundamental characteristics of bachata. Urban bachata infuses contemporary and urban dance elements into the choreography, adding a modern and dynamic flair. Fusion styles combine bachata with other genres like hip-hop, jazz, or ballet, resulting in innovative and unique expressions of the dance.

Overall, bachata continues to evolve and adapt, gaining global recognition and captivating dancers and audiences with its passionate rhythms and soulful movements.





Salsa and Bachata dance training in Delhi can be a challenging endeavor due to the limited number of institutes. When searching for an instructor, it is crucial to find someone who is not only knowledgeable but also an exceptional dancer themselves. Salsa and Bachata require a harmonious blend of physical synchronization and mental connection between partners to achieve chemistry and stellar performances. Therefore, choosing a partner with whom you share a good rapport is essential for enjoying salsa to the fullest.

At Delhi Dance Academy, we provide a unique learning experience. Unlike traditional setups, we encourage students to rotate partners throughout the class, eliminating the need for a fixed partner. This approach allows individuals to adapt to different styles and leads to a more well-rounded understanding of Salsa and Bachata. In the dance, partners hold onto each other, with the follower attentively interpreting the leader’s cues for each move.

We welcome both single individuals and couples, as long as there is a balanced gender ratio. At Delhi Dance Academy, our aim is to make you fall in love with the dance form you are learning, enabling you to master its techniques and create awe-inspiring performances. Join us to embark on a salsa journey that will leave you captivated and eager to showcase your newfound skills.



If you want to join a Salsa class at DDA, please call us or drop in, at the Amar Colony center (E238 Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar 4 – details and driving directions). You will need to fill out the registration form and pay a trial class fee of Rs 300. Once you do that, a Delhi Dance Academy member will give you a call to let you know when you can come to your trial class. This is done to ensure that we have a proper pairing. Say if you’re a girl, then we’ll give you a call when we have a gentleman, also ready to start, so the pair is ready formed. You will be asked to come for the trial within one and a half weeks. We are one of Delhi’s most renowned Salsa training institutes, so there are very few chances that we won’t be able to pair you. In the rare case that we can’t, we will refund your money. People coming in couples can start straight away without having to wait. Once you come: When you arrive at the center for your Salsa trial, you will be given a 1-hour salsa class after which you’ll be asked if you want to join. If you decide to join, then you will be required to pay the remaining fee (excluding the Rs 300 that you’ve already paid), and your month will start from the next class onwards making the first trial class FREE.


Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba Socials-

One of the most enticing dance forms with its genesis in the West, social dance has gained international acceptance monumentally in the last few decades. It was quite recently that Indians started warming up to social dancing and nights celebrating these dance forms. Social dance forms are popularly considered partner dances, and are highly intimate dance styles, as you can absorb from the video itself. The affectionate side of social dancing is perhaps the reason why social folks look forward to attending social nights more and more, and also link such events to uplifting emotions and positivity. Mostly, dancers who attend these nights know how to navigate the geography of the wooden floor in relation to their skills. Are you a slow, nervous, or non-dancer who tends to sideline yourself but really wants to give it a shot? Believe us when we say this, the vibes of social dancing events conquer your fear of not being good at it. Yes, you definitely have the subtle option to watch around while you enjoy your meal at the club. But, with Delhi Dance Academy’s Hot Latin Nights conducted at the Agni Club, New Delhi every Friday, it is just not easy to head off the dancers and the mood that they stir into the surroundings. Not to forget, the efficacious music that is exclusively laid out by DJ Addy, who, on other days, is known as Aditya Sarmah and the co-director of DDA. He has his own collection of more than 5000 recordings of Latin music from his DJ console. Whoa!

Partner or no partner, experienced or novice, these social dancing nights are open to all. If you need some basic learning, we at Delhi Dance Academy are happy to prepare you for the same. If you have ne’er taken a social dancing class or are not much confident about doing it, especially with your partner who you have always wanted to impress with your dance skills, we invite you to enroll for our studio or online classes and ace the basics just within a month. Get accurate hold of the rhythms played during social dancing nights with DDA’s special Salsa / Bachata / Kizomba batches that we run throughout the week. And hey, if you’re single and afraid to attend these social nights without a partner, we suggest you must visit these nights. Not all life partners meet on a matrimony site, some also find theirs in a social night. Just saying ? Now that you know how you can attend our social nights, we look forward to seeing you with your favorite chinos, strappy heels, and confidence on the dance floor



 1)The touch aspect of dancing with a partner may offer some special perks. Touch is the first sense that emerges during infancy, and as suggested by experts any human-to-human physical contact, especially touching, improves well-being and reduces stress and anxiety.

2)The psychological benefits are also impressive. For decades, some therapists have prescribed dancing as an effective therapy for those who suffer from social anxiety or fear of public speaking. The idea: if you can loosen up enough to boogie in front of strangers, you’re a lot less likely to feel self-conscious when hanging out or speaking in front of an audience.

3)As suggested by a study from the University of Oxford, dancing seems to encourage social bonding. Like many, a time it happens while chatting with a stranger we find out that both of us attended the same school or grew up in the same neighborhood, similarly, moving and grooving in rhythm with others in a group class, lights up the brain pathways that blur the barriers our mind erects between ourselves and a stranger and so helps us feel a sense of connection and sameness.

4) Recent studies that compared the neurological effects of social dancing with those of walking/swimming or any such other physical activities suggest that there may be something unique about learning a social dance. The demand, it places, on the mind and body could make it unusually potent at slowing some of the changes in our skulls that seem otherwise inevitable with aging. It seems likely that the cognitive demands of dancing, which require people to learn and master new choreography in group classes, improve the processing speed and memory of our brains.



1. Can I join without a partner? Yes, as long as there is an equal girls/guys ratio, we’ll admit you.

2. Which centres do you have Salsa in? We have Salsa in our Amar Colony centre: E 238, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi.

3. Can I take private Salsa classes? Yes, for approx. Rs 3500 per hour per couple you can. You will need to call us to fix a time as the instructors are usually very busy and we have to book them well in advance.

4. If I’m joining Salsa, how will I catch up with the rest of the students in my batch? Salsa is a couple’s dance form and in one batch you can have 5 different couples learning and practising 5 different moves. You will get the individual attention you need from the instructor and assistant instructor.

5. I am absolutely new to dance and have never done Salsa, can I still join? Yes, our beginner’s batches are designed for absolute beginners and we are here to train you. Don’t worry, everyone started at some point and this is a good time to start. ?

6. Please tell me about the course. Beginner’s Level A is a 3-month certificate course at DDA for beginners. You must maintain a 75% attendance and in 3 months you will learn all basic Salsa steps and a few Salsa dance choreographies. The fee per month is Rs 3000 but if you pay for the 3-month course altogether, then you will pay Rs 7000. The certificate is given on request 2 weeks after the completion of the course and after your final test/audition. Following the LEVEL A course is LEVEL B (Improvers) and LEVEL C (Intermediate) courses.

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