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About Delhi Dance Academy

Directors Aditya Sarmah (left) and Md Nazir (right) during an interview at Radio One


elhi Dance Academy was founded on the 19th of June 2008 by Shri Bhupinder Singh with a vision of providing quality dance education with high class professional infrastructure at affordable prices in Delhi. Today, Delhi Dance Academy is one of the better known names for high quality dance education, has been featured on various national and international TV channels and newspapers as the best in its field. DDA has been awarded “The Best Dance Academy in Delhi” and the “Certificate of Excellence” various times. More than academic accolades,  DDA prides itself for being featured on international media such as BBC 2, The Guardian and World Travel Guide.

It stands as one of the country’s most visible dance institutes on the Internet with 2,00,000 visits in all of 2020.

The academy provides opportunities like free masterclasses, paid international and national artist workshops and the annual stage show AVAJARRED to students.


Delhi Dance Academy is also the preferred destination for foreigners visiting India. Delhi Dance Academy’s 2 hour “in-costume” dance session on Bollywood, Bhangra and Garbha/Dandiya is called “Namaste India Dance Workshop” and has been made popular by various travel websites. DDA works with various inbound tour operators to make these workshops available to travelers visiting Delhi. The Namaste India Workshop has been rated “Excellent” on TripAdvisor.com and now stands as the #1 Fun Activity in Delhi.

Other services offered include conducting fitness and dance classes at various organisations in and around Delhi. Our corporate classes have received excellent reviews from our corporate clients. Our dance troupe has performed at various events around the country and is reputed for being professional and coordinated. With many hundreds of families serviced for wedding dancing, our wedding choreography division is a one stop shop starting from song selection, making high quality medleys to shooting periodic videos to help families remember the steps (shared privately on Youtube). From couple choreographic sequences to full family performances, we have received fantastic reviews for our work at marriage and sangeet functions.

The emphasis at Delhi Dance Academy has always been on providing education that matters, on managing the centers professionally – starting and ending classes on time, providing a comfortable environment to students, choosing well trained, professional instructors and so on. DDA has done very well in standardizing the process, using technology for managing the institutes.



The management section has shifted to the Team page. There you can read all about the people behind Delhi Dance Academy.


Delhi Dance Academy is dedicated to teaching ‘authentic’ western and modern Indian dances at reasonable fees including the newly introduced Carbon Plus and various fitness workouts. Of the total studios, some are fully self-managed and some are in partnerships with other institutes. DDA employs dedicated professional dance choreographers who conduct more than 100 classes per week at its various studios and online.


“ Hand in hand, on the edge of the sand, they danced by the light of the moon. ”


There are 4 popular schedule variations for regular students. 5 days a week, 3 days a week, twice a week on the weekends and Sunday only depending on dance forms and the level of course. We also do private classes and  in-office workshops.


The centres are open every day, 7 days a week. Delhi Dance Academy also conducts special classes for working personnel (office goers), kids and ladies in different batches during the day and in the evenings. Some of the dance forms and fitness workouts taught are Salsa, Jazz, Modern Contemporary, BollywoodBelly DancingHip Hop, B Boying, Zumba, AerobicsGymnastics and sometimes Indian classical dance forms (during some months of the year). Apart from teaching dance, DDA also provides studio hire services during the morning/afternoon hours when the studios are free.


Please call us for Press related enquiries or for more information. Visit us for a trial class (phone-booking necessary).

Whether you’re looking to become a great dancer or get fitter, come, become a part of Delhi’s most enthusiastic dance company!

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