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Executive Leadership

MD. Nazir

Md Nazir is taking Delhi Dance Academy places in his new role as the Director of the institute. Known for his punctuality and discipline, Nazir comes from a corporate background and has international experience to understand the value of professionalism and great service. He understands what it takes to make students happier and fitter and under his leadership, DDA has been awarded the “Certificate of Excellence” many years in a row. Nazir joined team DDA as a corporate and communications manager and gradually took over other aspects of running operations for the business. Today Nazir overlooks the entire Operations for Delhi Dance Academy and is the heart of the soul of the organization. With a growing client list and exceptional feedback from our clients, Nazir is constantly exploring more ways to offer professional, innovative services to the Delhi Dance Academy clientele.

Aditya Sharma

Aditya is the creative genius behind Delhi Dance Academy. A proficient dancer and fitness trainer, Aditya brings years of training and expertise with him and is leading this institute from the front. He is trained in Jazz, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Salsa, Bachata and is even a qualified Zumba trainer. After moving to Delhi, Aditya led various dance divisions of DDA like Hip Hop, Bollywood, and corporate workshops before taking charge of the institute as the Director. Under his leadership, the company has grown from a national brand to an international one. DDA has participated in various International dance shows under Aditya’s leadership. He has been very popular on the social dancing scene with a newly launched Salsa night that his team at DDA conduct every week in Delhi.

Arguably one of the Finest

Dance Teams in Delhi


About Anish

Anish started his career in 2006 when he was pursuing his 10th standard. Then did a 6-month teaching course at IWIDMA where he learned western Bollywood & Semi Classical Bharata Natayam. Now he has 10+ years of experience as a choreographer, he is an expert in Popping, Animation, Locking, and Bollywood Dancing.

Anish Kaul

HipHop Certified Instructor from IWIDMA dance academy



About Meraz

Meraz has been trained in a variety of dance forms like Salsa, Bachata, Ballet, Contemporary & Kathak. He has been performing and teaching for the past 12 years, He joined Delhi Dance Academy in 2013, and since then has been heading the Latin Dance Division at DDA. A marathoner, a Half Ironman, a freelance IT Trainer & Consultant.
Meraz Alam

Salsa Certified Instructor from Delhi Dance Academy



About Sabnam

Trained in Bollywood, Assamese Folk-Bihu, Contemporary & Bachata, she has been performing since the age of 4. She has worked with the likes of Late Saroj Khan Ji, Ahmed Khan, Terrence Lewis, Salman Yusuff Khan, Shabina Khan & Cornel to name a few. Sabnam was the first runner up & Best Talent at the Miss Inter-nations 2018-19 Singapore.
Sabnam Lahkar

International Performer/Choreographer. She has worked with Late Saroj Khan, Terrence Lewis,



About Sujeet

Sujeet is a professional dancer & performer for the past 11 years, he has been heading the Bollywood division at Delhi Dance Academy since 2017. He is a very humble and patient teacher loved by his students at Delhi Dance Academy. He is famous for his loving attitude and creative Bollywood performances.

Bollywood Certified Instructor from  Terence Lewis’ dance academy



About Dinesh

Hip hop Dance Instructor at DDA, Before joining DDA in 2019, he was training, performing, and teaching in Kolkata and Andamans. Has a huge fan following In his hometown, Aberdeen, Andaman & Nicobar Islands. He has got the expertise to use different probs to make the performances eye-catching.

Dinesh Chhabra

Bollywood Certified Instructor from Delhi Dance Academy



About Purvi

An alumna of Delhi Dance Academy who after completing her professional dance training with us and started conducting kids dance classes at DDA since 2019, she has been trained in Hip-hop, Salsa, bachata, Belly, Contemporary, Jazz & Bollywood, has been dancing & performing since 2017.

Purvi Khanna:

HipHop Certified Instructor from Delhi Dance Academy



About Sonu

Sonu is a very energetic Zumba certified instructor at Delhi Dance Academy since 2014, he has been loved by our clients for his fun Zumba workout classes. He has got multiple appreciations from our corporate client for his excellent Zumba dancing moves and has been re-requested to conduct sessions.


Zumba Certified Instructor from Delhi Dance Academy



About Gurmeet

Heads the Folk & Cultural Division at DDA since 2013, has choreographed & performed for multiple corporate cultural shows of DDA, has a distinctive achievement of choreographing the Republic Day Camp multiple times.
He himself is a professionally trained Odissi dancer.
Gurmeet Singh

Folk Dance Certified Instructor from Delhi Dance Academy



About Akash

Akash is a Bollywood dance Instructor at Delhi Dance Academy who has had formal training in folk dances of India like Garba & Dandiya. He got his dancing skill brushed up in DDA and has been an active member of our corporate events as well for the past 4-5 years. He has performed in various intentional performance.


Bollywood Certified Instructor from Delhi Dance Academy



About Sanju

Has been trained in dance forms like Contemporary & Bollywood as well
Has been performing and teaching since 2013
Since arriving at DDA in 2015, he has been conducting gymnastics and parkour classes at   prestigious institutions in Delhi like American Embassy School, The British School, The Ardee School as a part of DDA’s after school activities with these organisations.

Gymnastics & Parkour Certified Instructor from Delhi Dance Academy.



About Rishabh

Rishabh is a contemporary choreographer with experience in
Mayurbhanj chhau, Flying Low, Passing through, Release technique & Contact Improvisation.
He has worked with the likes of
Mr. Santosh Nair , Mandeep Raikhy , Rahul goswami , Ryan Martyr & Alessia Mallardo. He has also been choreographing for All India Republic camp NCC, (Delhi and J&K directorate).

Contemporary Certified Instructor from Delhi Dance Academy



About Debarati

She is an alumna of Delhi Dance Academy’s professional program Carbon Plus who is now a trained Kid’s Creative Movements Dance teacher. With expertise in kids dance training for forms like Creative Movements, Jazz/Contemporary & Ballet basics. She loves to keep her classes filled with energy and lots of fun for the little ones and has been associated with us for the past 5 years now.


Kid’s Creative Movements Dance teacher



About Noyon

Noyon is the creative genius behind all our amazing dance videos. He directs, edits and conceptualises acts, dances and other informational videos for Delhi Dance Academy.


Cinematographer, Delhi Dance Academy



About Akhilesh

Akhilesh is responsible for studio upkeep and basic admin jobs.

Akhilesh Mandal

Studio Support Staff


Other Associated Artists:

      1. Manish Saini – Bollywood Instructor
      2. Prashant Bhat – Jazz & Contemporary Instructor
      3. Aditi Saxena – Bollywood Instructor
      4. Suren – Zumba Instructor
      5. Vishnu Swarup – Contemporary Instructor
      6. Arman Safa Khan – Gymnastics Instructor
      7. Paau DC – B Boying Instructor
      8. Jai Singh – Aerobics Instructor
      9. Shoban Dhami – Studio Administrator
      10. Sumeet Sourav
      11. Mayank Nakra
      12. Aditya Sarmah
      13. Debarati Majumder
      14. Tara Prasad
      15. Piya Sethi
      16. Michael James Rufus
      17. Neha Sharma
      18. Anwar Hussain
      19. Runvijay Praveen Solanki
      20. Ginni Batra
      21. Gurmeet Singh
      22. Apoorv Raghav
      23. Krishna Chohan
      24. Naina Chandra
      25. Abhay Kumar
      26. Deepak Kumar
      27. Arjun and Anant Sandhu – Anant and Arjun led the institute from 2012 to 2016 before transferring reins to the very talented and highly deserving duo – Aditya and Nazir as directors. They continue to work closely with Aditya and Nazir as external advisers. Anant has now moved to Canada and Arjun to the UK.
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