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Let us start by saying that going to the gym regularly or dancing regularly are both very good habits and very good for your health. You must exercise your body regularly. Regular exercise has proven without doubt that it means having a healthier body, lesser ailments and a longer life-span. This article is for those people who are confused between joining a dance class or a fitness workout and a gym. It’s a fun article and we’ve tried to convince you to dance. This doesn’t in any way mean that you shouldn’t go to the gym ?


Dance not only gives you pleasure but also tones your body and keeps you physically fit. It is an expression, a social interaction, through which a dancer tries to express complex emotions and feelings. At the same time, dance goes beyond our cultural and aesthetic dissections and represents an entertainment discipline that is not only enjoyed by the dancers but also by people who watch such performances.


Dance, sports and weight exercises and cardiovascular exercises have many resemblances, and if you are in a fix as whether to join a dance academy or a gymnasium, you must consider the many advantages of dance over physical exercises. Some prominent advantages of dance over a health club or gym are described as follows:

  1. Physical exercises are meant to tone up only specific muscles at a time, whereas dance works on the entire body and on a wider group of muscles.
  2. Workouts in a gymnasium make your body and muscles stiff. Dance makes your body flexible and makes you agile. In this way, Dance eases locomotion so that you can walk better, run faster and do any kind of work without putting too much strain on your muscles.
  3. Workouts in gymnasium are pure physical exercises. They require labour and strength and there is no connection whatsoever with the mental, spiritual and creative faculties. Dance is more holistic and involves your body as well as your emotional faculties.
  4. While dancing your body and mind work in tandem. Mind gives directions and the body follows the instructions at high speed. This enhances your mind’s control on the movements of the body and reflexes. All this is missing in gym based exercises, where body follows the mind’s instructions at a very slow speed and that too without any innovation.
  5. Physical Exercises and workouts can be taxing and painful, especially when you have limited time to devote for them. Dance on the other hand is relaxing, a soothing experience that does not wear you out much.
  6. Though modern gymnasiums have music facilities, which keep playing in the background (not in tune with exercises you are doing), the effect however is magnified and positive in case of dance. Music and dance go well in harmony with each other and are inseparable. The overall exercise or dancing to the music is pleasurable.
  7. Dance as a discipline has more prospects than body-building. Dance is well accepted and an approved discipline in art schools and institutions. As a career option, the avenues are more and as a professional dancer you can earn much more than as a gym instructor.
  8. Dance makes you more active and noticeable in social circles. There are many occasions, like parties and marriages, when it is time to hit the floor. To make it an unforgettable moment you have to create an impression. That is one moment when you realize that your muscles and body are not just enough. You need to move it in rhythm for which you need to know dancing.
  9. Workouts in gymnasium, swimming and dance are some of the best ways to reduce your weight. However, dance proves to be a better option because of the burning of that extra fat from your entire body especially with fitness workouts like Zumba, which are proven to burn more calories than a treadmill or rowing machine – in fact way more.
  10. Lastly, when you learn dance, you not only acquire a new skill to impress others, but entertain all the near and dear ones. When you are fully trained your loved ones enjoy the performance as much as you do.

If you will apply your reasoning, there is no doubt that you will rush for a dancing institute rather than a gymnasium. The best part is that the feeling on the dance floor is something divine, something you can experience only and not describe. Join today and make the difference.

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