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Online Dance Classes

First time ever! Learn Bollywood dance with Delhi Dance Academy from anywhere in the world!

Learn Bollywood Dancing Online From India’s Best Instructors

With our studios shut for students because of COVID 19, we have transformed them into live online dance classrooms. Now, for the first time ever, you can learn Bollywood dancing with Delhi Dance Academy’s famous instructors from the comfort of your home!

Join a fun environment with lessons live from our New Delhi studios. Learn dance moves in small chunks and join them together to make Bollywood dance choreography you can perform anywhere. All in an active, calorie burning, creative atmosphere.

Step by step lessons with focus on a small group!

With a maximum class size of 15, and with assistants observing your progress, you will get the individual attention just like a normal class.

Latest Bollywood Songs

Easy to learn steps taught in a methodological manner that helps improve retention and maximises fun!

India’s Best Instructors

Instructors who have worked with the big names of Bollywood and who have industry experience.

Twice or Thrice a Week Lessons

Choose if you want lesson twice or thrice a week, change times and schedules to meet your needs.

Get a Delhi Dance Academy Certificate

Get a downloadable certificate for completion of Beginners’ 3 months programme.

We have dozens of existing students from the US, Canada, UK, Europe and Middle East. Please check your local time against the times mentioned to make sure the times work for you.

Here’s how it works, you pick a time slot, sign up for a paid trial class and download the Zoom app on your laptop or mobile phone. Laptops are preferred because you have a wider view of the class and also of other students should you wish to interact.

Payments are made by Paypal/Visa/Mastercard if you wish to pay in International Currency or by Visa/Mastercard/Google Pay/Paytm/PhonePay if you wish to pay in INR and should you decide to enroll, the trial class fee is adjusted in your monthly fees.





We know that you dance lovers are accustomed to challenges where you are learning a new step, a new choreography, a new dance concept, and a new way to express yourself almost every other day. But how do you continue taking your dance lessons while you can’t visit your dance studio and are made to stay home in isolation? Well, all you have to do is download the ZOOM app, the platform where we have started online dance classes to bring together the dance fraternity and break geographical barriers. Thank you Zoom!


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The amount of positive feedback we received from our clients is extremely overwhelming. The feedback has motivated us to take this to the next level and reach out to more people so that nobody and no dancer loses touch with their love for dance even in these stay-home days.


Book Your Online Class in INR

Book Your Online Class in USD


Is it Possible to Learn Bollywood Dancing Online?

You might think to yourself, “Is it possible to learn dance online?”. Though online, our sessions are interactive and allow one-on-one questioning between students and dance teachers. What makes Delhi Dance Academy’s online dance classes different from other online dance classes is that we ensure that by the end of every session, each and every student has their queries clarified by the instructors, gaining maximum benefits from the classes.

Dance Styles:

Currently, we provide online dance classes for a range of styles, including Bollywood, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Salsa, etc., and also for Zumba. If you’re not sure which dance style you should learn, we have a web page for each dance form on our website. You may visit them to get into details and lay your confusion to rest.


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Online Dance Classes for Kids:

In addition to these, our online dance classes for kids are also in much demand. Over the course of our existence, we have worked with prestigious schools like the American Embassy School (AES), The Japanese School, The French School, The British School, The Ardee School among many others. During the lockdown, we conducted amazing dance classes for around 300 students of Apeejay Schools Delhi & Mumbai (Khargar & Nerul Branch) in the past two months and have been offering online Bollywood Dance Classes to kids of The Japanese School, New Delhi since April 2020. Together with these schools, we are breaking all the barriers by offering virtual dance classes for kids. We have been receiving an overwhelming response as our little dancers continue dancing with our lessons.

We have categorized our online dance classes for kids into two, where one is the 4 to 7 years age group and the other is the 7+ to 13 year age group.

For the 4 to 7 year age group, we conduct Creative Movements dance classes – an international dance program where we use Jazz vocabulary to teach dance on Western and Bollywood music. You can book your first trial class in the batch by making a nominal payment of Rs 300 which will be ultimately adjusted in your first month’s fees when your kid decides to join in after the first class. Upon enrolment, your child will enjoy 60 minutes of one dance session thrice a week/twice a week depending on the batch he/she signs up for, each packed with incredible energy. All our dance choreographies for kids are creatively instructed and implemented, such that they encourage movement and exercise. We start with a fun warm-up bout to ensure that all the students are fully charged up for the class and conclude with a gentle cool down that helps the little ones recover their respective resting states. In the middle of the classes, the faculty also introduces virtual-friendly interactive games that aid the development of positive connections between healthy habits, learning, and dancing among kids. The dance teacher also volunteers to provide individual attention by tirelessly motivating the kids to make their dance videos after every class and share it with us. On any one day of the week, the dance teacher would connect with the students individually on a 10-15 minute private video session to help rectify mistakes and enhance learning for them. All in all, the child will receive a holistic exposure for overall skill development at this crucial age of growing.

For the 7+ to 13 age group, the Preteens Dance Program, we run Beginners/Improvers/Intermediate Level Bollywood Course. Bollywood Dance Style is unique because it is perhaps the only dance form that is a fusion of numerous dance styles like Indian Classical, Folk, Belly Dance, and even Hip hop & Jazz at times. Bollywood Dance is entertaining, fun, and magical and gives you a real feel of what Indian culture is all about. The students will be taught dance moves which will be easy to pick up but also enjoyable. The students will also be taught the basics of Hip hop dance style where they will learn different skills and techniques of Hip hop and implement them in the choreographies later using various combinations of these techniques, the choreographies will be performed to Rap or Old School music. These classes are held on weekdays & weekends at 6 pm & 7 pm IST. We also have Jazz and Contemporary dance classes for this age group on weekends, Saturday & Sunday 4-5 p.m. This batch is inclusive of basic Ballet/Jazz techniques that would help the students evolve with a better body posture and body language, musts for any dancer. In this dance program, we mostly do lyrical-contemporary choreographies on Western music along with some Bollywood numbers occasionally.


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Once enrolled in our online dance classes, you will also get 24/7 access to all the class videos and tutorials on our YouTube channel. Neither you need YouTube membership nor you’d have to pay anything extra for accessing our best free online dance classes for kids on YouTube.


How Do Virtual Dance Classes Differ From Live Classes?

Ever found yourself getting swayed by how others are performing in a live dance studio class? Well, it happens many times that students look at others in the mirror while learning or revising a choreography only to find themselves getting distracted from giving their best shot. The odds of this can be highly reduced during online dance classes. As you can pin the video of a particular person in a meeting during a dance lesson conducted online, you get to focus only on what your choreographer is teaching and on your own dance moves, without getting distracted by others’ performances. What else? You can also privately send messages to an individual in a meeting. Hence, you do not have to shy away anymore in bringing up your queries. You can simply drop a private message to your dance teacher and they will answer it while keeping you anonymous. It is no doubt a great feature but we recommend you to be outspoken about your issues within any given meeting, as our instructors are always ready to happily assist you.

Online Dance Competition:

In addition to our dance programs online, we are also conducting online dance competitions and you can learn more about that on our social media pages.

Why Are We The Best Dance Classes Online?

Various other social media and educational platforms are also providing online dance courses and classes but with these, you might not get a chance to clarify your doubts or gain more knowledge. For example, you may find pre-recorded dance video lessons or online dance classes on YouTube, but both could be hard to follow as the instructor would not be able to resolve all your queries during the lesson. With DDA’s online classes, you get the best of both worlds. On one hand, you get to learn amazing dance moves and also chill out virtually with one another, leaving no room for not feeling the vigor of a studio class. On the other hand, while enjoying live, interactive dance classes online, you also avail yourself of tutorial dance videos following every class so that you can practice as and when you want to.

Ever since we took to the virtual platform, we have had students enrolled for online dance classes from India and overseas. If you are still searching “online dance classes near me”, we are just a login away.  If you’re still not sure, we invite you to attend our first online dance class as a trial by paying a fraction and not the entire month. Bollywood, Salsa, Hip-Hop, Contemporary, Zumba, whatsoever it is, we would love to know what’s your calling.


Book Your Online Class in INR

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Trust us, staying home is a privilege we have right now. While we are all together in this fight against the Corona pandemic, let’s use this time wisely by becoming a better, stronger version of ourselves with every passing day. “Home is not a place, it’s a feeling”. Keeping that in mind, we promise you best-in-class services at the comfort of your home. We encourage you to continue dancing, and welcome you to join us with your friends and family members in our initiative of online dance lessons and online dance fitness classes, and help us spread the dance culture all over the world.

Eagerly looking forward to enjoying the online dance with you and hoping to connect with you as a family for eternity.

Delhi Dance Academy At Home: Call us at 8377053325 for schedule & fee packages

Dance Instructors:

The Team at Delhi Dance Academy



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    I am an adult male, I cannot dance at all, and I would like to learn with online lessons. I would like to pay with paypal if possible…I do not have any Indian bank applications.

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