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New student handout

This document contains some very important tips, rules and ways to get discounts that you must read.  By enrolling at Delhi Dance Academy, you agree to these rules/terms and conditions.

Hey! Welcome to the DDA family! ?

Thank you for enrolling with Delhi Dance Academy. May we take this opportunity to welcome you to the DDA family where we pursue excellence in teaching dance and making our students awesome dancers or seriously fit people. You will be happy to know that you’re associated with a brand that has trained thousands of students who continue to love Delhi Dance Academy with Excellent ratings and reviews on TripAdvisor, Google and Facebook.


We like to keep in touch with our students and to facilitate that, we have a few tools that you can use to interact with us and with fellow students of Delhi Dance Academy:

  1. Facebook page – We have a very active page on Facebook where both our students, ex-students and dance lovers around Delhi and NCR interact with us. Anything you post on our Facebook wall reaches us very quickly, second only to a phone call. Join over 50,000 people and stay in touch with Delhi Dance Academy on Facebook at www.Facebook.com/DelhiDanceAcademy
  2. Twitter – We have a Twitter page as well in case you’re a regular at Twitter. Twitter.com/dancedelhi . Our updates on Facebook are tweeted automatically.
  3. Email us at info@delhidanceacademy.in for any information, to ask us a question or to tell us of any grievances. We’re always here to help.
  4. Call us anytime between 11am and 9pm or SMS your teacher/on our official number on our contact page.


As part of your training at DDA, we request you to approach us with any feedback on the studio, facilities or instructors that you may have from time to time. We understand that different students have different needs and it is our aim to make sure you get the most out of DDA’s choreographers. Also, may we mention that every choreographer has a different teaching style and every choreographer at DDA has his/her own student fan following, but it doesn’t mean you’ll like that particular style, which is absolutely fine and we’re here to take care of that and put you in a batch that you will like. Your feedback will be 100% anonymous and the managers will try their best to make sure that you get the highest quality service.


Running any institute professionally requires discipline. We try to make sure all our classes start and end on time and just in case they don’t once in a blue moon, we make sure you don’t suffer and we offer additional classes or longer sessions. Similarly, we have some ground rules for our students as well, that we urge you to follow.

  • Strict punctuality and attendance make sure our choreographers are able to get the best out of their time with you and train you well. You need to maintain at least 75% attendance and pass an audition by your instructor, failing which DDA won’t provide you a certificate. Simple reason for that is – we want DDA students to go out there and make a mark for themselves and that can only happen when you’ve genuinely trained with us.
  • There are no hidden costs or registration fee. Even the trial class fee gets adjusted in your monthly fee. You are required to pay your fee every month in advance. We may text you or call you once your fee is due.
  • Your belongings are your responsibility while you’re at any of Delhi Dance Academy’s centres – please take good care of them. Although we don’t have many cases of missing belongings and we have CCTV cameras covering every major area of our centers, it’s best to take precaution.
  • Fee adjustments or refunds will not be made under any circumstances. However, if classes are not held due to circumstances that could’ve been avoided by Delhi Dance Academy, we’ll offer free classes in lieu of the classes lost.
  • Damage to DDA’s property due to negligence will be the responsibility of the student. This one guideline is in place so people do not purposely misuse DDA property.
  • Photography and video making of ongoing classes is not allowed for visitors, unless they have permission from the management. For permission to take pictures or to make videos, written permission can be obtained by emailing us at info@delhidanceacademy.in .
  • Outsiders are not allowed at DDA studios unless they’re invited by the management or they’re there for their trial classes. Any other outsiders even if they’re guests of existing members, must use the sitting area to watch the class live on TV, but will not be permitted in the training area.
  • What if I miss a class? Will you give me extra classes/refund me or extend my billing cycle? If you plan to miss a class, please make sure you inform us by phone/email/Facebook/SMS at least 2 days in advance. Upto 3 hours’ of planned absences per month will either be adjusted by extending your fee cycle or by giving you extra classes in other batches or by inviting you for a one-to-one class to cover the bits that you’ve missed. But please note: In case you miss a class because of traffic, work or because of a last minute urgent engagement or any other reason, these classes will not be adjusted and will be chargeable. By informing us 2 days in advance, you can get classes of upto 3 hours in a month adjusted.

What else can you learn at DDA?

Did you know that Delhi Dance Academy has been featured on various Newspapers and TV Channels as one of the best places in Delhi to learn dance? We have some of Delhi’s top instructors teaching various genres of dance. Here is a list of some of the dance forms that you can learn at DDA.

  • Bollywood Dance
  • Contemporary
  • Jazz
  • Salsa
  • Hip Hop, Popping and Locking
  • Belly Dance
  • Kids’ Dance Classes
  • Zumba
  • B Boying
  • Power Yoga
  • Aerobics
  • Gymnastics
  • Kids Freestyle
  • Ladies Only Dance Classes

Why not try one of the above dance classes? You will pay Rs 300 per trial class, but say you take 4 trials and then finally join one, the total money that you spent on the trials will be adjusted in your first month fee! So that turns into 4 100% FREE Trial Classes!

Love Discounts?

We have some cool ways for you to avail additional discounts. Here they are:

Long term discounts

If you pay 3 months or more at once, you get 10% off!  If you pay 6 months or more at once, you get WHOPPING 20% off! If you pay 12 months or more at once, you get AN UNBELIEVABLE 25% off!

Group discounts

If a group of 3 people join together for a month, they get 10% off! If a group of 6 people  join together, they get a WHOPPING 20% off! If a group of 12 or more people join together, they get AN UNBELIEVABLE 25% off!

The above two offers can be combined together, which means if say 2 people join together for 2 months each, then they both get a discount because the total man-months joined is 4, which means they get a 10% discount. Another example – if say 3 people join together for 6 months each, then the total man-months joined is 18 months which means they get a discount of 25% each.


The idea is to make you have fun and train you into an awesome dancer at the same time. If our students feel that Delhi Dance Academy is where they meet interesting people, have fun and learn great dance at the same time, then we feel we’ve fulfilled our objective.

The best tip we can give you to learn how to dance is this: Don’t Give Up. Like any discipline, learning dance requires a lot of patience and a lot of re-dos. The challenge is to go on and on until you achieve perfection.

AVAJARRED – The Delhi Dance Academy Show:

We regularly give our students the platform to perform on stage in front of a packed house of audience. Avajarred is our regular show where we display our in-bred talent and where our students transform from dancers to performers.

After the phenominal success of AVAJARRED 1,2,3,4 (videos can be found on our Youtube Channel www.Youtube.com/DelhiDanceAcademy), we are now doing bigger and better shows where YOU COULD BE PERFORMING. You will be notified about upcoming shows on joining.


Delhi Dance Academy’s Professional Music Videos: To compliment our yearly show AVAJARRED, we now have quarterly masterclasses where we introduce our students to a brand new dance style and take them out for FREE video shoots. We choose a location, prepare a choreography, take cameras and shoot in full public view. This product, pioneered by Delhi Dance Academy has received a better feedback than any other dance product and after having covered the Lotus Temple, Lodhi Gardens, India gate, Cpitol Disco, various Delhi malls and even the TAJ MAHAL, we are looking to create more awesome videos by covering more exotic locations in India.

The final word: There will be times when you won’t be able to do a step perfectly even after multiple tries, those who don’t give up at that point will do that step and go on to become great dancers.

See you at the studio,

Best regards

Team, Delhi Dance Academy

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