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  • Ananya

    I’m Ananya from Hyderabad. I’m 26 but I have never got exposure on dance. So, I would like to learn Dance from the basics (as a beginner) and get knowledge, certification as well. So, I’m looking for some course on Dance where I can learn Dance from the scratch, gain knowledge about dance and get certified as well so that I will be able to become a professional dancer and spread the knowledge to others. Could you please give me the details regarding the same? Like if there’s any certification courses available and is it possible to do online, is it for beginners and if the course/certification would help me take Dance as my profession in future?

    August 28, 2020
    • naziradityadda

      Hi Ananya,

      you can register and be a part of our online beginner’s classes over the weekends Sat & Sun 5 pm, Once you have completed basic beginners for a minimum of 3 months with us, then you can move to improvers level for another 3 months, post which you can apply for our one-year diploma/professional course in dance and become a certified dancer from our institute. Feel free to connect with us on 8377053325 to know the details for enrollment in these batches.
      Look forward to hearing from you and helping you become a part of Delhi Dance Academy family:)


      September 2, 2020
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