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Bedazzled: Surprise With Dance

Proposing with Dance, Surprising with Dance, Winning Hearts with Dance!

When you think about creating historic moments, moments that would create viral videos, make you a superstar, blow the on-lookers’ socks away – think Delhi Dance Academy’s Bedazzled. Bedazzled is a product where we don’t do ordinary stuff. It’s mostly about doing stuff that you wouldn’t see happening every day and we do it with the aim of completely bedazzling someone you like/love/a group of audience.

We did our first Bedazzled project in 2014 when Anshul approached us. He wanted to create a bespoke plan that included dancing to propose to Neha. Thanks to our great relationship with Ambience Mall, Gurgaon, we took their central atrium, set up speakers and got our dance crew to start performing. When Anshul and Neha stopped by to look at what was happening, little did Neha know that Anshul had been practising with the crew at Delhi Dance Academy for over a month. Out of the blue, he joined the dance and led it like a superstar. He paused for a bit and gave her a red rose – petals fell from the sky and confetti flew. With more awesome dancing, Anshul finally proposed and Neha said yes! ? The music was carefully selected to be Neha’s favourite, 4 cameras were set up, a flash mob type setting was created, Anshul practised Bollywood, Bhangra, Hip Hop and the entire family had joined, it was historic and a day Neha would never ever forget.

If you want to bedazzle someone with dance and have a crazy idea, we’ll help you make it happen. Contact Nazir on 8377053325 or leave a text and he’ll call back.

Check out our another successful Bedazzled project below:


  • Malika

    Need a flashmob for birthday surprise

    November 14, 2018
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