Marriage, Sangeet & Reception Dance Choreography in Delhi

Updated on Dec 22, 2014

Best Wedding and Marriage Dance Choreography Delhi

Prepare that perfect dance routine for an upcoming Wedding /  Ladies’ Sangeet / Mehendi Ki Raat / Ring Ceremony / Engagement / Cocktail or Reception Party.

  • Bride and groom couple dance
  • Solo dance performance
  • Multiple couples together
  • Girls only group dancing
  • Boys only group dancing
  • Girls and boys mixed dance groups
  • Parents, aunts and uncles combined dance performances
  • Grand parents couple dancing

THE TOP Marriage Dance Choreography Institute in Delhi!

Call 9953835088 (Anant) to plan your perfect marriage dance performance.

Lead by Krishna of 15 years dance experience and Vishnu Swarup of India’s Dancing Superstar fame, the wedding dance and wedding events team at Delhi Dance Academy is known for its choreography, timeliness and for its ability to prepare dance based on the individual. Whether it’s your parents, grand-parents or cousins, we know what will suit who. We have received EXCELLENT reviews for our services. We have back drop dancers, emcees and some of Delhi’s most respected choreographers. Whether it’s classical, Bollywood, western, couple, Latin or folk, we can get you to perform it all. Leave the medley creation to us and we’ll help you with the songs also.

Our Wedding Choreography Related Services:

  1. Lead Couple’s Dance – The bride and groom are the main focus and our choreography is centered around making the couple look elegant.
  2. Uncles, Aunties, Cousins, Friends and Grand-parents – Complete family dance choreography
  3. Professional dance troupe by Delhi Dance Academy to provide dance backdrops or to fill up the stage or assist with your dance performance.
  4. Scripting the event, making a story-line and  preparing performances in order of the bride’s or groom’s story’s progression.
  5. Interviewing family members / recording rehearsal footage to create brilliant filler videos which are played between performances, creating joke scripts and providing anchors to make the show entertaining. Packages starting at Rs 50,000.
The whole family dancing on marriage

How to get started?

  1. If you’re a couple and just want to get a 3-4 minute dance performance prepared with the help of our expert wedding choreographers, call us.
  2. If you want a BIG INDIAN FAMILY DANCE, create a list of all family members – cousins, uncles, aunties, grand parents etc who will be coming to the event – you will need this list for invitations anyway, someone may have already made it.
  3. Put a tick against every person’s name whose dancing on your event would make you really happy.
  4. Call those people and ask if they’d be willing to dance. Do tell them that it is a time commitment and that they will need to spare a minimum of 1 hour on 6 different days to be able to participate.
  5. You can also make a list of your favourite songs and try to think of the groups of people and which songs they’ll be dancing to. Once we meet, we’ll give you some ideas on songs, but it’s good to have thought about it once before we meet.
Couple ChoreographyWedding/Marrige dance for couples

At Delhi Dance Academy we have helped various families perfect their wedding dance. With a growing number of couples performing dance routines at their own weddings, relatives performing family dances and even grand parents pitching in, good wedding choreographers in Delhi can help you create fond memories for decades to come. Here’s an example of what amazing wedding choreography can do for your or your friend’s/family member’s wedding. The following short video shows a family rehearsing at their farm house and then performing at the event.

At Delhi Dance Academy, we know what it takes to make your wedding day special and our Delhi based choreographers offer private lessons to help you perfect moves for your favourite wedding song. From the feedback we get from our clients we know that it means the world to the wedded couple when their loved ones perform a dance routine. You create memories to last a lifetime and what’s more, you can even hire our professional dancers to dance alongside you or in the background just like you see in the movies. So if you want to make that event unforgettable, give us a call today!

A friend’s/relative’s wedding:

If you want to make a friend’s wedding special, you can get a few friends to dance together to make the occasion special. Our dance teachers can train groups and personalise dance moves on your favorite Hindi or English songs. We have trained various families to perform dance numbers at weddings – from 4 people to 50 people groups. With such groups, the challenge is that some people are good dancers and some are not, in which case the dance troupe is divided into people who can and cannot perform difficult dance moves. Our instructors are very well trained to divide the choreography in a way that everyone can participate.


Couples, Solo Performances and Groups:

  1. Rs 6000 per performance – In this package, we create a medley of 3-4 minutes by mixing 2-3 songs together. Then we train you for 6 hours at our studio. 2 sessions are of 2 hours and 2 sessions of 1 hour. The group can be upto 10 people as our studios can’t accommodate bigger groups.
  2. Rs 12,000 per performance – In this package, we visit your place and teach a 3-4 minute routine. Each session is 3 hours long (you get 2 sessions). Your place must be within 5 kms from one of centres in Delhi or Gurgaon. This includes almost all areas in South Delhi, East Delhi, Gurgaon (5 kms from HUDA City Centre or Vyapar Kendra).
  3. Rs 18,000 per performance – same as point 2 above, but if your place is more than 5 kms from our centre – applicable for places in Noida, Ghaziabad, north Delhi and west Delhi.

Very Big Family Packages: If you have an event where more than 50 members will be dancing, please call us to discuss your requirements and we’ll be happy to quote. Prices are different because we appoint multiple choreographers.

Choreographer Hire and Outstation Visits: If you want to hire a choreographer for a number of days out of Delhi, our charges are Rs 15,000 per day + travel + accommodation + food. The choreographer will have an 8 hour day including a 1 hour lunch break.

Prices for Scripts, Concept, Themes etc. available on demand.

We don’t overcharge or change pricing for different people. We therefore are not able to do any discounts either. We are one of the most reasonably priced wedding choreography institutes in Delhi and NCR. We manage the process professionally and design dance moves based on the individual’s/group’s dancing skills. We understand that the one size fits all approach doesn’t work with dancing.

Solo Dance Performance by Girls and Guys

Dancing Solo at a Wedding Function

Want to book or have questions?

To contact us for wedding choreography, please visit our studio or call 9953835088 (Anant) – please sms or whatsapp if unavailable and he’ll call back asap. Driving instructions can be found on our contact page. Please get in touch for details on a custom package.

Professional Dance Troupes


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  • Hi Dear,
    Jan 30th is my younger sister’s wedding and I’m a bit tensed due to lack of good concept/theme. Please help me by suggesting some good themes (non-visual). We are Marwadis and our family would only like some family based concepts. Please do help me.

    • Dear Suman, we have some very popular themes that we can speak with you about. We have done these for various marwari families. Please call us on 9910222770 and I’ll get you in touch with our wedding choreography division. Thanks, Arjun

  • Hey I want a performance on my wedding for 5 to 7 minutes but I want dancers to perform that just like a flash mob (if you know the concept). Please revert to me with the fee amount and all the other details.

    • Dear Moneet, we do this all the time. We charge Rs 5000 per dancer for the flash mob. We can also get dancers to dance alongside your family to make the dances look more attractive. Costumes, themes, ideas, songs etc – we do it all. Best would be to call us on 9953835088 and speak with Anant.

  • hi ,its our 25th wedding anniversary in december and we want to perform as a couple on one song and another one with our two sons as a family .we are putting up in south delhi so do u have a coaching place here and how much approx will be the charges please mail me with all the details

    • Dear Poonam, yes we are based in South Delhi at Amar Colony (close to Lady Sriram College), opposite Tagore International School at E238 Amar Colony. We can choreography and ready both the songs for you for Rs 12000. Please give me a call to discuss in detail. Arjun 9910222770.

  • It is my sister’s engagement and me and my cousin brother want to prepare a dance on one song for 3-4 minutes.How much will you charge?

    • Hey Neha,Congrats for sister’s engagement:)
      To prepare a 3-4 mins of performance will cost you around 5-6 thousand.We charge Rs.1000 per hour if you take the classes in our studio and Rs.1700 per hr if you want choreographer at your place.


  • hey! i want to know how much would you charge to prepare a 5-10 mins of performance, like a remix where maybe 4-5 songs can be performed by 3-4 sets of people, one after the other…
    This is for my cocktail function on 29th July.
    Please quote prices for practise sessions at home and also mention the number of days and duration per session you take classes.

    • Hi Geetika, it takes roughly 6 hours of preparation to perfectly choreograph a 3 minute sequence. For a 10 minute sequence (irrespective of the songs), we would require 10 sessions of 2 hours each. This can be lesser (or more) depending on the dancing skills of the people involved, but please take this as a rough estimate. If you come to DDA’s studios in Amar Colony, then we’d charge you Rs 20,000 for this. If we come to your location in Delhi, then our charges will be Rs 34,000. It would be best to discuss details on phone and fix timings and make groups. Best regards, Arjun (9910222770).

  • hi,
    I am planning to prepare a parody on my engagement,so what do u charge for 15 to 20 songs (3 to 4 mins each )
    and pls also tell me the charges if i’ll go only for couple dances i.e 1 bride song..1 groom song and 1 couple song.

    thank you :-)

    • Hi Megha,
      Congrats for your engagement firstly!
      We will definitely help you to prepare the performances.

      According to your requirements, the total duration of all performances will be between 45 minutes to 1 hour and 20 mins. Our charges will be between Rs 90,000 and Rs 1,60,000. There would be discounts if you book the entire package, which we can only discuss on phone. We will include all medley edits (or parody edits), burn them on a CD for you, record various videos in order for you not to miss any steps etc. Plus we can also provide an anchor who’s proficient in Hindi/English and can really keep the audience together. So much more to discuss, please do call us to set up a meeting.

      For say 3 performances, we can get them prepared for around Rs 18,000.

      For quotes and other details either share your number with us or call me on 83760955792.


  • hello,
    i jst wanna knw…whether you have centre in rajouri garden…as once i got a mail from your side that you opened there. please confirm me. i put up in west delhi

    • Hi Isha, that was a long time ago, we sent mails to many people and tried marketing our center at Surya Continental hotel, but it didn’t quite work out. We will be back at some point hopefully, but at present we don’t have a center in West Delhi I’m afraid. Regards Arjun

  • hi its my brother wedding reception so i want 2 book. plz contact

    • Dear Himanshu, please call me on 9910222770 to book. Regards Arjun

  • hello,

    i will be learning salsa dance, so what is your process and how many classes in one month and how many hours, how much total amount i will be paying please?

    • Hello Rajni,

      12 hours per month, Rs 2000 per month. Please call 9910222770 to book your place. Regards Arjun

  • We would like to prepare for a sangeet but don’t have more than 5 classes to spare time for. The event is in 8 days Please help us.

    • Neeraj, please call us at 9910222770. We have done over 20 couple’s choreos in the last couple of weeks. You still have time, fix a time today. Arjun

  • hi,

    I want to learn dance from your academy because i know i have talent in me but i need to polish my talent and need a good trainer to train me. i want to make my future in dance… so can you please tell me how can i reach to your academy and please tell me the schedule of classes/timing….

    With Thanx & Regards
    Aditi Sharma

    • Hi Aditi, if you want to prepare a choreography for a wedding, reception or sangeet ceremony, then we can definitely provide you an experienced choreographer who will help you improve your steps and give you private tuition to make that dance routine perfect for you. What you need to perform impressively at events like these is selection of the right song, choreography that looks elegant and lots of practice. I hope we can help make your marriage function excellent. Regards, Arjun 9910222770

  • Hi
    Its my mom and dads 25th wedding anniversary and we wanted to put up a show!! so could u please email how we plan this out…
    i mean if u have any brochure or nythn abt how we can go abt this!!!
    and also a quotation would do!!

    Atika Sethi

    • Dear Atika,

      Sorry for this delayed reply.

      However, if you’re still looking for this information, yes, we do provide lessons for private functions like weddings, anniversaries etc. The number of classes depend on what you want to perform. Please call me and let me know your exact requirements and I will be happy to prepare a quotation for the same.

      +91 9953835088

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