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Updated on Jan 14, 2019

The Award Winning Namaste India Dance Workshop – Now in 2 Central London Locations!

No Longer Taking Enquiries

Due to low demand, we have stopped the London chapter of the Namaste India Dance Workshop. We still run it successfully in Delhi. We apologise for the inconvenience.

After success in Delhi, India with mentions from the GuardianAbout.comTimeout and the 2015 Certificate of Excellence by, this workshop is now a regular London activity. This workshop is an indoor day activity open during the weekends. This addition to things to do in London is a great way to meet new people, do a physical dance activity and get a private video that’s shared only with you.

  • Guardian UK – Reader’s Choice
  • – 11 Incredible Things to do in Delhi
  • – Certificate of Excellence 2015


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 Suitable for Beginners

 No Dance Experience Necessary

 Age Range – 15 to 65

The number one Dance Academy in Delhi – Delhi Dance Academy presents its flagship product with the same experience as Delhi, now available in London. Highly trained Bollywood, Bhangra and Dandiya choreographers coupled with award winning Indian restaurants promise a fun dance experience with carefully selected authentic Indian food! This 2 hour adventurous London activity promises to be the highlight of your London trip.

Brief Summary of the Workshop:

We take our guests through an Indian cultural journey via India’s beautiful dance forms. The guests are welcomed in traditional Indian style with a garland and tilak (a hand painted red lining on the forehead). They then learn basics of 3 Indian dances namely Bollywood (the modern Indian dance that’s taking the world by storm), Bhangra (traditional high energy Punjabi dance form) and Dandiya (Gujarati dance form performed with sticks). They then have the option of putting on Indian costumes and jewelry for a high definition video. Once that’s done, the guests move to the eating area where carefully selected authentic Indian dishes are served to them. During this time, the video is burnt on a CD for the guests to take home. This experience also covers a brief history of each dance form and 2 yoga pranayams or breathing exercises – kapal bhati and anulom vilom that have a number of benefits. While leaving the guests are given a small traditional Indian gift.

Locations and Timings:

  1. Mela Indian Restaurant – 152-156 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC2H 8HL (map)
    Closest Underground: Covent Garden
    • Times Available – 11am till 1pm Monday to Friday
  2. Salt Whishkey Bar and Dining Room – 82 Seymour Street, London W2 2JB (map)
    Closest Underground: Marble Arch
    • Times Available – 12pm to 2pm Saturday and Sunday

Mela restaurant in Shaftesbury Avenue will host this workshop in the basement dining area from 11am to 1pm on all weekdays and Salt Whiskey Bar and Dining room at Seymour Street will host this workshop on the first floor dancing area from 12-2pm on Weekends.

Price GBP 45.00 per person

Priced at GBP 45 per person, this workshop is ideal for groups of tourists or even employees of companies as a day out activity with great food.

Must Read Before Booking!

  1. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the activity. The welcoming ceremony is performed once the whole group has arrived and those who are late will miss it.
  2. We start with the choreography of the first dance style immediately after the welcome drink where we offer a choice of juice or beer. If you are late and miss the welcome drink, you can request that during the first break. There will be short breaks between the 3 dance styles.
  3. Once we complete teaching the three dance styles, we offer our guests to get into costumes and some traditional jewellery for a nice video that we shoot. However, please note that this is voluntary and you can choose not to wear the costumes and jewellery.
  4. The costumes are designed to fit most people. They have strings on the top (choli for females and angrakkha for males) and lower (ghagra for females and dhoti for males) that can be tightened or loosened to fit most sizes from small to large. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee that the costume will fit you, in which case there will be no refunds.
  5. Once the activity is complete, you’re offered a set Indian meal that has been carefully selected by us.  This involves a starter, a main course and a dessert. You will be asked if you would like a Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian meal.
  6. Food and drinks included in this activity are:
    • 1 welcome drink, 1 starter, 1 main course, 1 dessert
    • Please note: Any additional drinks or food will be charged extra by the restaurant.
  7. The video and photos taken on the day of the activity are emailed to you via a private Youtube url (that only the possessor of the email can see). This will take between 2 to 4 weeks to reach you, although we try our best to get these to you as soon as possible. Every guest will be required to leave their correct email address.
  8. The entire activity may stretch over 2 hours depending on the time it takes with the costumes and the food. However, we make sure that the dance training is complete within 90 mins.

No Longer Active. The London chapter is now closed.

Who is this London Activity for?

This London Activity is for those who want to be creative and do things. In terms of dance experience, as long as you can follow the beat, you’ll be fine during this 2 hour dance activity. When looking for things to do, this is one activity that’ll help you explore dancing as you’ve probably never done in Europe. The Indian dances taught are carefully selected not to require any past experience and to comprise of simple steps. With the success in India, this is definitely one of the top things to do in London in 2015. Indian dance forms are very lyrical and often performed to convey the lyrics of the song, although not always.

Bollywood dance in particular is very lyrical and is a mix of Indian folk and classical dances with modern western dance forms like Hip Hop and Latin dance forms.

Bits of Bhangra are so vigorous that it’s a big part of the modern fitness workout called Zumba and you’ve probably also heard of the Masala Bhangra Workout which is great for losing weight and keeping fit.

Dandiya is unique because it’s performed with sticks and has it’s roots in the India of Lord Krishna’s times. The dancing with sticks and using them to interact with each other remains a great way of collaborating and interacting with fellow dancers.

Our dance activity focuses on the following 3 aspects that make our guests know each other better:

  1. Formations – where the group comes together to create dance moves that are beautiful.
  2. Floor/stage covering – you will be moving a few times to change your position from the back to the front, from left to right etc.
  3. Use of Voice – The “heys” and “hos” and “ohos” are an integral part of Bhangra which is a very vocal dance form performed on “bolis” (or rhymes in Punjabi).
Whether you’ve prior dance experience or not, this brand new team building London activity can also be used for hen dos and meetup groups.
Call us if you have any specific questions or feel free to leave a comment.

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Dance Away that Flab

Can't decide between the gym and dancing to lose that extra weight or to stay fit in general? Here's a list of dance forms taught at Delhi Dance Academy with the average calories burnt in 1 hour:

Zumba: 500-1000
Aerobics: 500-800
Jazz Contemporary: 400-600
Bharatnatyam: 400-600
Hip-Hop: 350-550
Belly dance: 250-450
Bollywood: 300
Salsa: 200-300

These numbers vary with your body weight and the amount of effort you put in.

How can I lose weight?
You lose weight when you consume or burn more calories than you take. Burning 3500 calories means you lose 1 lbs or 450 grams (almost half a Kilo) of weight.

In other words, if you cut 500 calories from your diet each day or burn 500 calories working out or dancing, you would lose 0.45 kgs in a week. :)

At Delhi Dance Academy we can also talk to you about your daily diet and recommend changes to help you lose weight.

Delhi Dance Academy has been featured on 24 x 7 News Channel as one of Delhi's best dance institutes. We have made recent appearances on TV Channels like BBC, Aajtak, E TV, NHK World, MTv and NDTV Goodtimes. We are among the top 50 activities to do while in Delhi by TripAdvisor with excellent reviews.

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