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Updated on Dec 12, 2014
Beginner Level Students During a Masterclass Shoot at the Capitol, Hotel Ashok, New Delhi:

Choreographer Kimaaya and her students at DDA

Class Times

Regularly updated schedule for all Amar Colony, Delhi classes is available
at: Delhi Dance Classes Schedule and the schedule for all Gurgaon classes
is available at: Dance Class Schedule in Gurgaon.

1. Schedule: Sundays 12pm to 3pm (3 hours a week, 12 hours a month)
Maximum Students in batch: 12 – ENROLLING
Level: Intermediate (Level B)

2. Schedule: Saturdays and Sundays 4:00pm to 5:30pm (3 hours a week, 12 hours a month)
Maximum Students in batch: 12 – ENROLLING
Level: Beginner (Level A)

3. Schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays 4:30pm to 6:00pm (3 hours a week, 12 hours a month)
Maximum Students in batch: 12 – ENROLLING
Level: Beginner (Level A)

 4. Schedule: Mondays and Wednesdays 3pm to 4:30pm (3 hours a week, 12 hours a month)
Maximum Students in batch: 12 – ENROLLING
Level: Intermediate (Level B)

Fee for all batches:  Rs 2000 per month/ Rs 5400 for 3 months certificate course (10% off) / Rs 9600 for 6 months – 2 certificates (20% off)

Enrollment in the Beginners’ batch is now open. Call Arjun on 9910222770 or Anant on 9953835088 to book your place or for more information. Total 12 spaces.

Areas within 5 kms of the Amar Colon Studio: East of Kailash, Lajpat Nagar, GK1, GK2, Greater Kailash Extension, Kailash Colony, Vikram Vihar, Dayanand Colony, Sant Nagar and South Ex.

DDA Belly Dance Classes in Hindustan Times’ HT City! Best Value in Terms of Price and Hours Per Month.

DDA's Belly Dancing in Hindustan Times' HT City

Learn Belly Dancing from Indu and Leena Vie at Delhi Dance Academy. Belly dance originated in the Middle East and is also known as “Middle Eastern Dance” or “Arabic Dance”. Some however argue that it started in India in the Rajasthani Banjara tribes. Belly Dance moves are about isolating different body parts like hips, stomach, shoulders and chest and learning to move them in a dance like fashion, with special emphasis on the hips. Muscle control is an important aspect of good belly dancing.

Leena’s choreography for AVAJARRED 2 – Delhi Dance Academy’s show (Beginner students):
Kimaaya’s choreography on Masha Allah (2nd month beginner students):

Some key elements and important moves are shiver or shimmy, hip hits and undulations.

Health benefits: Belly dancing increases flexibility of the upper body and strengthens the spine and helps strengthen the back and stomach. Regular belly dance is a proven way for women to reduce stomach fat and stay fit.

Belly Dancing in Delhi: As belly dance grew in popularity around the world with fitness based CDs and exercises, so did its popularity and demand in Delhi. There are some very good institutes for Belly Dancing in Delhi and a growing interest among young girls. Belly dancing at Delhi Dance Academy is focused on performing and is instructed by highly trained choreographers.

Diwali Celebrations by the Belly Batch

Diwali Celebrations by the Belly Batch

Leena Vie:

Meet Leena, Delhi Dance Academy’s Belly and Contact Improvisation Instructor:

Assistant Instructor Indu: From New Delhi, Indu has learnt her Belly Dancing from videos of International artists including Sadie Marquardt, Rachel Brice, Zoe Jakes and Samantha Emanuel. Indu has also trained with Banjara School of Dance and Delhi Dancing from instructors Pallavi Jain, Sakshi Malik and Priyanka Valecha.


Instructors at Delhi Dance Academy: Arezou is of Persian origin, has learnt belly dancing from Turkey turning over various batches of dancers over the last many years and has won various international awards for Belly dancing, Russian Ballet and contemporary dance. Leena is a celebrity when it comes to dance – she has learnt her belly dancing from various parts of the world and is an expert in various dance forms, teaching Belly dance for the last many years. Indu has recently joined the team and is assisting at the Amar Colony. She brings a great style of teaching and has been a favourite among many students from day 1. Come visit DDA for your Belly dance class trial. Call Arjun at 9910222770 to book your trial for Rs 299. If you like the studio and instructor, you can join at the end of the class. The trial fee will be adjusted with your monthly fee if you decide to join.


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  • Hi Anant/Arjun, at the age of 30, all of a sudden I wanna learn dancing and I have never danced before. Even though I do lots of Yoga and Aerobics, my body is stiff when it comes to dance. Can I start with Belly Dancing (as this is the only time which suits me). Are you going to start a new batch for beginners or do u have a beginners batch where I can join.

    • Hi Shreya :) You should definitely try Belly Dancing, you would not have any problem as you are already doing fitness workouts. In sometime you will get rid of your body stiffness problem as well.We have started a new batch in July first week you can join in, we are starting a fresh batch from 11th Aug as well.
      You can join either of the batches.
      Best Regards,

  • HI,

    I want to learn Dance, But i don’t know how to start and which type of form is best for me,

    Please Suggest me ???

    • Amit, you can start with any dance form as long as you join a beginner’s batch. Check out some videos of different dance forms on youtube and see which one you find most fascinating. We have a lot of stuff that you can start with. However, for a good body-music coordination, Bollywood is a good form to start with and Belly dance at DDA is only for girls. Regards Arjun 9910222770

  • i’m a working girl of age 21…I love belly dancing but i dont know a single move of it…so can i join this dance class…i want to join from you have any batches starting from august?…i want to learn it from basic.i am very passionate about belly dancing..looking forward for your response…thank you.

    • Dear Ragini, not to worry, our teachers are here to teach you from the basics. You can definitely join a belly dancing batch at DDA but you’ll need to join a beginners’ batch if you don’t have dance experience. We will be starting new batches in August, the exact dates for which will become clear to me after the 15th of this month. Please call me on 9910222770 after the 15th to register. Best regards, Arjun

  • Hello,
    I have been dancing for a couple of years and would like to know if I can join your class in August for 1 month (I’ll be at Delhi for this period and I am looking for a good place to practice)?
    Many thanks,

    • Absolutely! Please call me on 9910222770 to book. Belly dance classes will be once a week for 3 hours at a stretch. If you want a more rapid program, then please book a private class @ Rs 1000 per hour. Regards Arjun

  • Hey, I am 16 yrs old and want to know that is there space left for one more student and I am a beginner.

    • Hey Krishka!
      We are starting a new batch for Belly Dancing this Saturday.If you want you can join this batch,this batch is for beginners only.
      Timing is Saturday 4-7pm.


  • Hi!
    I want to learn Belly dancing as I have a month to start my college. Do you have any centres in West Delhi, if not which one will be nearest to my house,I live in Subhash Nagar.

    • Hey Yashi! Unfortunately we do not have a centre in West Delhi but we have our both centres in South Delhi,Lajpat Nagar part 4,Amar Colony.For Belly Dancing we have single class of three hours on weekends. We are starting a new batch 4-7pm this Saturday.I think you should come and take a trial of this class.

  • Hi, what are the beginners class timing options I can join presently for belly dancing?

    • Hi Pooja! Basic batch timing for Belly dancing is 12-3 Sat.
      It is not a fresh batch but still you can join.


  • For foreigner OK?Do you have dance studio near Malviya Nagar?

    • Hey Andy! Unfortunately we don’t have any center in Malviya Nagar but we do provide Private Classes.
      We have our studios in Amar Colony.


  • Hi Nandita, I am from The Fire Dance Troup camp; Academy,from Kota.Your Dance is awesome dear.Have a nice day.Keep it up.

  • Dear Sir

    I am 35 years old lady, I have never danced in my life but this is something i want to learn . Do you think i can start at 35?
    What’s the dance form i should start with? Since i am working full time, i can only come for classes on weekends.Apart from lajpat nagar where else in south delhi you have the dance studio?

    • Hi Payal! There is no age limit to learn dance, you can definitely start learning dance.On weekend we have Salsa,Belly,Bollywood and Contemporary.
      You can join any of these forms.Unfortunately we don’t have any branch other than south Delhi.


  • Any belly dances and Jazz from July?And can both be taken together? or should be taken one at a time. info regarding sundays?

    • Hi Lovlin! We are just starting new batch for Belly dancing this sat,11th may.
      You can join that batch,timing is 12-3pm.
      For Jazz we just have started lyrical Jazz with contemporary .timing for this batch is 7-8 pm (tuesday-thursday-wednesday).
      These two classes can’t be together as per the updated schedule.

  • I have learnt kathak for 2 years and now willing to join for belly dancing.Please tell me about the batch timing from may itself. My no. is 9717698699.

    • Hi Samita!
      We are starting a new batch for Basic Belly dancing from 11 May Sat 12-3 pm.
      You can come on Saturday and take one trial of this class.

  • Hi, I am a working girl. My working hours are 8 to 5pm(Monday-Friday). Right now, i’m living in uttam nagar. I want to learn Salsa or belly dancing. Please can u tell me where I should to join classes in your branch at janak puri or rajouri.i want learn dance

    • Hi Sanjana!
      Sorry,unfortunately we do not have any center in west Delhi but we have weekend classes for Belly and Salsa Dance.
      You see if you can manage on weekends to come Amar Colony.

  • hi, i’m a working girl. My working hours are 8 to5pm (Monday-Friday). Right now, i’m living in uttam nagar. I want to learn Salsa or belly dancing. Please can u tell me what I should do to join classes in your branch in janak puri or rajouri, ??

    • Sanjana, unfortunately we don’t have a centre in Rajouri or Janak Puri but you can join our weekend batches for Salsa and Belly Dancing.
      For Salsa you can join 3-4:30pm or 4-5:30pm(started last week) on Saturday and Sunday and for Belly dancing we are starting a fresh batch this saturday 4-7 pm.
      You can try both the batches on this weekend.

  • Sir,
    Plz do reply to this mail as I’ve seen that you’ve not replied to any male ques.
    I am a male – 19yrs old and wish to learn belly dancing and know a bit already too.
    I live in Munirka and am free on tuesdays and weekdays.

    • Rajeev, Belly dancing at Delhi Dance Academy is only for girls I’m afraid. We have no intentions of replying to females only. It’s just that we’re receiving all female comments. :) Regards Arjun 9910222770

  • hi,
    I wanna join this Sunday 4 to 7 pm classes . pls give me one seat. unable to come bcoz of office timing . pls .. do that.

    • i think its only for belly dance ! mistake. i want to join a mix Bollywood and you have any weekend classes for this, preferably Sunday.

      • Hi Siddhartha, we don’t mix Bollywood and Contemporary. You can do individual Bollywood and Contemporary classes on Sat and Sun.

    • Dear Siddhartha, we have spaces available in the 4-7pm Belly batch starting this Saturday (13th of July). It’s a girls only batch. Please call 9910222770 to book. Regards Arjun

  • I am a beginner and i never did any kind of dance course before .i am 27 years old and looking to learn salsa .please let me know when is your next batch starting and do we have any segregation age wise ??

    • Dear Naminder,

      We always have new salsa batches coming about. We are starting 2 new batches coming Saturday (6th of July) – one from 3 to 4:30pm and one from 4 to 5:30pm. You can join either, just turn up at the studio at E238 Amar Colony and pay Rs 300 for the trial class which will be adjusted when you pay your fee. Regards
      Arjun – PS: Age no bar

  • Hi,
    I want to learn Belly dance. I have experience in bollywood dance form but not in belly dance. Do you have any classes in the morning or afternoon. Do you have space available in feb batch and how much advance you will take for joining.

    • Hey Manisha!

      Fees for Belly dance is 2000 per month.
      Timings are given below.

      Schedule: Sundays 4:00pm to 7:00pm (3 hours a week, 12 hours a month)
      Students in batch: 8 girls – ENROLLING FOR MONTH 1
      Level: Beginner (Level A)

      Schedule: Saturdays 1:00pm to 4:00pm (3 hours a week, 12 hours a month)
      Students in batch: 12 girls max – REGISTERING
      Level: Beginner (Level A)


  • Hi,

    I want to join dance classes as a
    beginner. Do u have shift timings
    on Saturdays as Sundays would be
    difficult for me .Because I am doing job in Gurgaon.

    • Hello Vinay,

      How are you?
      You can join Dance classes as beginner,we do have batches for basic level for most of the dance forms.but plaese help me with the dance form you want to learn like Salsa,Bollywood,Hip Hop,Contemporary so that I can tell you the batch timings on Saturday.

      For anymore details please feel free to call us.


  • hi. i am 30 years male, i never danced. hw cn i start dancing? nd do u hav any branch in preet vihar?

    • Dear Akhil, 30 years is as good as any other age to start dancing. You can start with Bollywood for better body-music co-ordination and then move to dance forms like Salsa, Contemporary or Hip Hop. Our branches are in South Delhi only I’m afraid :(

  • Hi,

    I want to join dance classes as a beginner. Do u have shift timings on saturdays as sundays would be difficult for me.

    I want to learn jass, contemporary, salsa etc.

    • Hi Jen, we have some of Delhi’s top dance trainers with us at DDA. We have new batches for Salsa, Jazz Contemporary and Belly. Would you please call me to discuss so I can invite you to come to our center at a convenient time to check the place and book some trials? If you like the trials, you can enroll for the various courses. All trials costs Rs 300 but will be adjusted with your fee in case you join. Best regards Arjun 9910222770

  • Hey, do you have any batch starting in January?

    • Hello Kashish, the next brad new batch will begin in March, but you can join one of the existing batches from Jan if you like. At DDA, every belly dancing month is independent of the previous month, which means you don’t miss anything and joining after a month’s completion is fine. Please call for more information or to book your place. Regards Arjun 9910222770.

  • hello :]

    i would like to know if there’ any new batch starting around january ?

    • Hello Manika, there are 3 batches that you can join – Sat 1-4, Sun 9-12 and Sun 1-4pm. Please call me on 9910222770 to book your trial for the coming weekend. Regards Arjun

  • which is the nearest metro station…and is there any other way to cum from d metro till the studio????i want to join the sunday fresh batch…

    • Hello Neha, the nearest metro stations are Kailash Colony and Moolchand. You can find a rickshaw from Moolchand metro station. Get the rickshaw wallah to take you to furniture market or Radha Krishna Temple. We’re a minute’s walk from there – E-238 Amar Colony. :) Arjun 9910222770

  • hi, i’m a working girl. My working hours are 10-6pm (Monday-Friday). Right now, i’m living in Central Delhi. I want to learn Salsa or belly dancing. Please can u tell me what I should do to join classes in your branch in central Delhi??

    • Hello Simran, thank you for writing to us. We don’t have a branch in Central Delhi yet I’m afraid. You can join our Amar Colony ecnters. We have 2 centers with 4 studios in Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar 4, South Delhi. Arjun

  • Though I am looking forward to join Zumba, Power Yoga or Aerobics Workout due to health issues, i have a yearning for learning belly dance as well…….Is it effective for someone who desperately wants to lose weight.?
    And my office is at East of Kailsh, Community Centre…..Just opposite Daisy Dales School…so how far would be your centre from that area…..??

    • Kanika, you can jog to our center. It’s opposite Tagore International school. There’s a lane going in, we’re 20 meters inside that. Belly is a good form of dance to bring body maneuverability but it’s not as good as Zumba or Aerobics to lose weight in my opinion. You are most welcome to come try our Belly once and see for yourself if it works for your body. Arjun 9910222770

  • hi

    i want to learn belly dance as i love tht form but my prob is tht i am very healthy thr any prob in learning belly dancing or size doesn’t matter in it..

    • Hello Nimmi, if you never start, you’ll never stop being very healthy. Being healthy is not a problem. You will find it hard to do some steps, but that’s okay, you’ll learn and improve.

  • Hi i am intersted in Nov batch, can join only on weekends

    • Naini, the November batch will run every Saturday from 6:30pm to 9:30pm :) I guess that suits you? Please register as soon as possible, we are running out of spaces. Regards, Arjun

  • I just sent in a msg to the number that has been mentioned here.

    Putting the query here also,Is there vacancy in the october batch?
    I have no experience in any form of dancing, will I be able to learn?

    If yes, when should I register for the october batch?

    • Hey Aatraye, this is a beginner’s batch and you need no experience for it. It is being instructed by a very experienced and highly talented lady.

      We have been pre-regustering and I believe we have filled the batch. Still please leave your number or text me/call me at 9910222770 and I will check if there have been any cancellations. :)

      I’m sorry about this late reply. The quickest way to get in touch is to just call. :)

      Our belly dance course is highly coveted and we take our education very seriously. I hope I can get you in this batch somehow.

      Arjun 9910222770

  • i wanted to learn belly dance ….i wanted to know do you have branches. if yes den where…..plzzz telll

    • Khyati, belly dance is only available at our South Delhi Center at Amar Colony.

  • heyyy.. i wana join belly dancing classes now! please tell me clearly about the batch timings and class days

    • Hello Moni, as of 10th Oct, 2012, there are 3 Belly Dancing batches – 1 intermediate, 1 beginners’ and 1 starting in 3 weeks. Check details on this page. Please call me at 9910222770 to register. Arjun

  • Hey even i’m excited about joining belly dancing but want to learn with a reputed institute. Does it happen only 1 day in a week ?

    • Hi Khush, yes, it is only once a week depending on the batch you join :)

  • Hi,
    May i know if there is any center where I can learn belly dance. I live in east delhi !

    • Hi Kanishka, we have Belly dancing only at our South Delhi centers, but because it is only once a week, I guess the travelling is not a very big issue. Please have a look at the schedule above and see if any of the timings suit you :) Best regards, Arjun

  • Hey , I see that the August batch has already started, but are there any more seats left?

  • i want to join belly dance batch starting from 4th august bt i hv timing prblms on saturdays can it be after 2 pm

  • I want to learn belly dance…Me living at Gole Market nearby to Connaught Place. My office is at Punjabi Bagh and my work timings are 10.00-6.30 Mon-Sat. So I want to know is in future you are planning to open any branch nearby to this place.

  • Hello, when is the next batch beginning please, what’s the fee and how many hours per week is it?

    • Dear Jaanashin, the next batch is starting on the 4rd of August and we have very limited places available. To book your place you need to fill the form and pay Rs 299 as the fee for your first trial class. You get 3 hours per week – 12 hours per month – Saturday and Sunday from 10-11:30am. Regards Arjun

  • Hey,
    Is there a batch starting in September?
    Which is the closest center Vasant Vihar?

    • Hello Catharina,

      There is a batch for Belly Dance starting in August and you could join the same in September as well but the classes will be held in our Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar center only. Its not very close to Vasant Vihar but it should not take you more than 30-40 mins to come.

      Please call me to register.

      +91 9953835088

  • I am not a professional dancer..m I eligible?

    • Hi there,

      Yes of course :) We teach various dance forms at Delhi Dance Academy and everyone is welcome :)

      You can call me for more details.

      +91 9953835088

  • Hi. I want to learn belly dancing. Bt the timings is a prblm. Is early morning classes pocible?

    • Hi Annu,

      We’re starting a new batch for Belly Dancing in August. Please let us know your preferred timings and register with us as soon as possible. We have limited seats.

      Ph. +91 9953835088

  • hi i want to learn belly dancing so please tel me when you are going to start the fresh batch as i am out of delhi n will b available in delhi 2nd week of july

    • Hi Neha,

      We are planning to start a new batch for Belly Dancing from August. Please call me and confirm if you’d like to join in. I’ll book your place.

      Thanks and regards,
      Ph. +91 9953835088

  • hi , may i know if there is any other center where I can learn belly dance. I live in west delhi !

    • Hi Parul,

      We’re taking classes only in Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar at the moment. A new batch for Belly Dance will start here in August. Please call us if you’d like to book your seat for the same.

      +91 9953835088

  • i live in west delhi

    • Hi Sarika,

      Please keep checking our website more new centers in the future.

      +91 9953835088

  • my daughter is 6 yrs old. i wish to teach her belly dance….is she eligible

    • Hello Sarika,

      Belly Dance at Delhi Dance Academy is open for girls above the age of 15. We will be happy to enroll your daughter for our children specific batches which generally have kids between 5 and 12 years of age.

      +91 9953835088

  • hey hi..
    actlly m pursuing m graduation from du (north campus).. nd i have my french lang. classes also, but i don’t know about its timings.. but i so want to learn belly and salsa dance.. can u provide me with the best suitable way. because i really want to learn dance.. and please do tell me about fee structure for both..
    will be waiting for your humble reply..

    • Hi Shubhi,

      Salsa classes are going on and Belly Dance is starting in August. You can register for both by calling and coming to the academy once.

      The fees for either batch is Rs. 2000 per month.

      +91 9953835088

  • hey hi..
    actlly m pursuing m graduation from du (north campus).. nd i have my french lang. classes also, but i don’t know about its timings.. but i so want to learn belly and salsa dance.. can u provide me with the best suitable way. because i really want to learn dance.. and please do tell me about fee structure for both..
    will be waiting for your humble reply.. :)

    • Hi Shubhi,

      A new Belly Dance batch is starting in August. You can come to the academy and register for the same. There are limited seats.

      Salsa batches are also goin on. Tue-Thur-Sat 7 to 8 pm and Sat-Sun 3 to 4:30 pm.

      Fee for any batch is Rs.2000 per month.

      Please call in and let me know what you’re interested in.

      +91 9953835088

  • Hi, Do you guys have anything in Gurgaon?

    • Hello Divya,

      Our Gurgaon center is undergoing refurbishment at the moment so we’re not having classes there. We will update our website as soon as it gets done.

      Meanwhile, all our classes are taking place in Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar.

      +91 9953835088

  • any branch in north delhi preferably rohini and pitampura area?????

    • Hi Sakshi,

      We have classes only in Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar at the moment. We are looking to open more centers in the near future. Please keep checking our website for updates.

      +91 9953835088

  • Hey do you also have weekday the morning..

  • Hello i am a guy and thinking to learn belly dance……do you suggest belly dance for males as well….

  • Hi
    I am interested in learning belly dancing at your academy. I must say perfect days and timings for me. I also want to book a free trial on any weekend. Lemme know asap.

    • Hi Swati,

      A new batch for Belly Dance is starting in August. Please call asap to book your seat. We also have a new trial class policy. Please check our Time Table & Fees page for details.

      +91 9953835088

  • Hey i am intrested in learning belly dance and would like to know if there is any nearest centre of yours anywhere around pitampura and what are the timings for weekdays evening classes?

  • Can I apply for weekdays classes in the afternoon?
    Please convey me the exact fee. Also will it be a certified course? And what is exactly the time span?

    I can only join in from June since my Exams are there till may end.

  • i want to join those classes but i only have Sunday off, can i take both classes on Sunday together.

  • Dear Sir/Ma’am, I’m free only and only on Sundays.Is it possible for me to learn Belly dancing only on Sundays?

  • is the batch still open? till when?

  • I can manage on 2nd and 4th saturdays….as those are offs for me…!! please suggest…

    • Saumya, that’ll be difficult to manage. Can you do week days, late evenings?

  • I want to learn belly dance…and i can manage with Sunday classes but i am working on Fridays….which wont suit me…!!! my work timings are 9.30-6.30 Mon-Sat,2012.

    • Hello Saumya, although we have removed Friday and changed that to Saturday from 10am to 11:30am, it looks like these timings won’t suit you I’m afraid. You can still have a word with the instructor Divyanshi at 9999988843. She might be able to help you. Best regards, Arjun

  • hey! I’ve been learning belly dance for almost a year and half but my skills have become rusty for a while. I do wish to join your classes but i want to know something first. If I’m able to learn quickly then would you accelerate the course for me? Thanks. please do let me know asap. cheers!!

    • Dear Ashwasti, we have only Level A belly dancing at DDA and therefore if you’re an advanced belly dancer, then may I recommend you join another institute as we do only preliminary belly dancing as of now. Regards, Arjun

  • It’s a dance form for all age groups, not just young girls :) :) .

    It lets a woman be: As bright as the big dazzling sun, as deep as the round red bindi, Or as cheerful as the white water spring. Dive in the expanse of the azure-ness, Fly in the vast-ness.

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Zumba: 500-1000
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Jazz Contemporary: 400-600
Bharatnatyam: 400-600
Hip-Hop: 350-550
Belly dance: 250-450
Bollywood: 300
Salsa: 200-300

These numbers vary with your body weight and the amount of effort you put in.

How can I lose weight?
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