Salsa Dance Classes at Delhi Dance Academy

Updated on May 28, 2018

We have regular salsa & bachata classes at our Amar Colony Lajpat Nagar studio. Call us and turn up for a trial class and to meet DDA’s multi-award winning Salsa instructor Meraz Alam. The style of Salsa taught at Delhi Dance Academy is LA Style with Afro Cuban movements.

Timetable and locations for existing and NEW batches:

Regularly updated schedule for all Amar Colony, Delhi classes is available
at: Delhi Dance Classes Schedule.


Saturday and Sunday – 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm. IMPROVERS ENROLLING
Saturday and Sunday – 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm. BEGINNERS ENROLLING

Tuesday and Thursday – 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm BEGINNERS ENROLLING

Fee for Salsa & Bachata Classes (2 hours every week)

Monthly – Rs.3000
Quarterly – Rs.9000 Rs.7000 (saving of Rs.2000)
Half Yearly – Rs.18000 Rs.12000 (saving of Rs.6000)
Yearly – Rs.36000 Rs.20000 (saving of Rs.16000)

Salsa class studio location: Amar Colony Delhi 


Salsa is known to have emerged from the Afro-Cuban Rumba and Son dancing styles in the period around 1940. There are various styles of salsa. The characteristics that identify a style include timing, body movement, foot patterns, body rolls, attitude, the way two partners hold each other, etc. The different Salsa styles include Colombian/Cali style, Cuban “Casino” style, Miami style, Rueda de style, Los Angeles style and New York style. A partnership of two people can go on to create amazing experiences and memories with the beautiful art of salsa dancing.

Salsa in Delhi:

Being a very interesting yet challenging form of dance, salsa doesn’t have a very large number of training institutes in Delhi. As a salsa learner, it is important for you to ensure that your trainer is a great salsa dancer himself/herself. Salsa requires a mix of physical synchronization and mental harmony between two partners so as to achieve the desired results of good chemistry and great performance. Hence, in order to enjoy the salsa dance thoroughly, it is advisable to choose a partner with whom you have a good rapport. At Delhi Dance Academy you’re not assigned a particular partner, instead, you’re shuffling between all the members of the class, which is why it is not mandatory to have a partner. The couple holds onto each other, with the follower reading every change in the leader’s position as a signal for the next move. As long as there is a roughly equal number of guys and girls, we won’t refuse admission to single girls and guys. We at Delhi Dance Academy believe in aiming to make you fall in love with the dance form that you’re learning so as to be able to master its technique and use it to perform wonders.

Admission Process at Delhi Dance Academy

If you want to join a Salsa class at DDA, please call us or drop in, at the Amar Colony centre (E238 Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar 4 – details and driving directions). You will need to fill the registration form and pay a trial class fee of Rs 300. Once you do that, a Delhi Dance Academy member will give you a call to let you know when you can come to your trial class. This is done to ensure that we have a proper pairing. Say if you’re a girl, then we’ll give you a call when we have a gentleman, also ready to start, so the pair is ready formed. You will be asked to come for the trial within one and a half weeks. We are one of Delhi’s most renowned Salsa training institutes, so there are very little chances that we won’t be able to pair you. In a rare case that we can’t, we will refund your money. People coming in couples can start straight away without having to wait. Once you come: When you arrive at the centre for your Salsa trial, you will be given a 1-hour salsa class after which you’ll be asked if you want to join. If you decide to join, then you will be required to pay the remaining fee (excluding the Rs 300 that you’ve already paid) and your month will start from the next class onwards making the first trial class FREE.

Benefits of Salsa Dancing:

 1)The touch aspect of dancing with a partner may offer some special perks. Touch is the first sense that emerges during infancy, and as suggested by experts any human-to-human physical contact, especially touching, improves well-being and reduces stress and anxiety.

2)The psychological benefits are also impressive. For decades, some therapists have prescribed dancing as an effective therapy for those who suffer from social anxiety or fear of public speaking. The idea: if you can loosen up enough to boogie in front of strangers, you’re a lot less likely to feel self-conscious when hanging out or speaking in front of an audience.

3)As suggested by a study from the University of Oxford, dancing seems to encourage social bonding. Like many a time it happens while chatting with a stranger we find out that both of us attended the same school or grew up in the same neighbourhood, similarly, moving and grooving in rhythm with others in a group class, lights up the brain pathways that blur the barriers our mind erects between ourselves and a stranger and so helps us feel a sense of connection and sameness.

4) Recent studies that compared the neurological effects of social dancing with those of walking/swimming or any such other physical activities suggests that there may be something unique about learning a social dance. The demand, it places, on the mind and body could make it unusually potent at slowing some of the changes in our skulls that seem otherwise inevitable with ageing. It seems likely that the cognitive demands of the dancing, which require people to learn and master new choreography in the group classes, improve the processing speed and memory of our brain.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I join without a partner? Yes, as long as there is an equal girls/guys ratio, we’ll admit you.

2. Which centres do you have Salsa in? We have Salsa in our Amar Colony centre: E 238, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi.

3. Can I take private Salsa classes? Yes, for approx. Rs 3500 per hour per couple you can. You will need to call us to fix a time as the instructors are usually very busy and we have to book them well in advance.

4. If I’m joining Salsa, how will I catch up with the rest of the students in my batch? Salsa is a couple’s dance form and in one batch you can have 5 different couples learning and practising 5 different moves. You will get the individual attention you need from the instructor and assistant instructor.

5. I am absolutely new to dance and have never done Salsa, can I still join? Yes, our beginner’s batches are designed for absolute beginners and we are here to train you. Don’t worry, everyone started at some point and this is a good time to start. :)

6. Please tell me about the course. Beginner’s Level A is a 3-month certificate course at DDA for beginners. You must maintain a 75% attendance and in 3 months you will learn all basic Salsa steps and a few Salsa dance choreographies. The fee per month is Rs 3000 but if you pay for the 3-month course altogether, then you will pay Rs 7000. The certificate is given on request 2 weeks after the completion of the course and after your final test/audition. Following the LEVEL A course is LEVEL B (Improvers) and LEVEL C (Intermediate) courses.

Any other questions, please fill in the form below:

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  • Any salsa dance workshop in June-July 2019?

    • Hi Abhishek,

      We have regular batches open for enrollment in Jun-Jul 2019 which you can book by calling 8377053325. To get notifications about our workshops, please follow our instagram: @delhidanceacademy

      Best regards,
      Delhi Dance Academy

  • Hello do you guys have any beginners session planned for salsa for weekends evening time..somewhere around 7:30 or so?
    Have been trying to call your numbers but no response

    • Hi Komal,

      Apologies for a late reply.

      We are enrolling beginners in 2 batches at present. One is on Tues-Thurs from 7 to 8 pm and another is Sat-Sun from 2:30 to 3:30 pm. Please call us on +91 8377053325 or +91 11 41012909 to confirm and visit us soon.

      Delhi Dance Academy

  • Hi,

    I am looking for classes, could you please confirm about any session is starting near soon. Also about timing, Dates & fees.

    • Hi Rucha,

      Enrolments are open for our dance classes.
      Feel free to go through fees & timings section on our website to know all about the batches and timings.
      You can call/WhatsApp on 8377053325 as well for any queries.


  • Checking for spots in trial class this Saturday.

    • Hi Ishaan,

      We are coming up with fresh batches for Salsa at our Amar Colony centre, Feel free to call us on 8377053325 to book a trial.


  • I want to inquire about salsa classes

    • Hi Sravan,

      We conduct salsa beginners classes on Sat & Sun 2:30 Pm to 3:30 pm.
      Monthly charges are Rs 3000.
      We have another batch for salsa beginnners on Tue & Thur 7 Pm to 8 pm.
      Monthly charges are Rs 3000 even for these classes.
      Feel free to call us on 8377053325 to confirm us which batch, weekday or weekend, you want to be a part of?
      Enrolments are open in both the batches.
      Both these classes are held at our Amar Colony centre.
      Look forward to hearing from you soon and meeting you up at the academy.


  • Hi,

    I would like to arrange a private class for a group. Please get in touch asap.


    • Hi Tanya,

      Please connect with us on 8377053325.


  • Hi guys,
    Would you be able to coordinate salsa classes at our place near India Gate for around 10 to 15 couples …if yes…how do we go about timings , cost etc

    • Hi Micahel,

      We do send our instructors for classes at schools, colleges, corporates or clients residences. For a group of 10-15 couples, we will send 1 expert instructor to conduct the salsa lessons. The charges for 1 expert instructor are Rs.3500 per session( a session is of 1 hour). In a scenario where we do 2 classes every week and there are around 20 people attending, the charges work out to be as little as Rs.1400 per person per month which is much lesser than what we charge even at the Delhi Dance Academy studios.
      Please feel free to connect with us on 8377053325 to discuss this further.


  • Need to enquire about salsa classes


    • Hi Sahil,

      Thank you for contacting Delhi Dance Academy. Apologies for the delay in the reply. We have fresh beginners batches of Salsa starting from 21st April, Sat & Sun 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm.
      Monthly charges are Rs 3000/- per person.
      The session is gonna be at our Delhi Centre.”Delhi Dance Academy”
      Detailed Address: E – 238/239 Lower Ground Floor, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar 4. Near Furniture Market, opposite Tagore International School. On the same lane as the Maruti Showroom.

      Feel free to connect with us on 8377053325 for any further queries.

  • Hi
    We are a couple. We will be in delhi for 5 days.

    We want to learn couple dance in any form..salsa tango etc in this short time.
    Can you please make it possible.
    Also, what will be the charges and schedule

    • Hi Harjot,

      We can arrange private sessions for you both for couple dancing, Please connect with us on 8377053325 for details.


  • Hi
    I want to learn salsa…bt I never dance n know knowledge about dance…Bt I love salsa. I am a working man n my office is off only on Sunday. N in working day I free after 6:30. Do u have any batch for me, n I have no partner also.

    • Hi Arvind,

      We have Salsa beginners batches on Tue/Thur 8 pm to 9 pm & Sat/Sun 3 pm to 4 pm. You can come over and join in any of these batches.
      Please connect with us on 8377053325 for any doubts/queries.


  • Sir
    I want to join salsa dance. How can i do sir?

    • Hey Jimmy,

      Come and be a part of our Salsa classes on Sat & Sun 3 pm to 4 pm.
      Please call us on 8377053325 for any doubts/queries.
      The session is gonna be at our Delhi Centre.”Delhi Dance Academy”
      Detailed Address:E – 238/239 Lower Ground Floor, Amar Colony, Lajpat nagar 4. . Near Furniture Market, opposite Tagore International School. On the same lane as the Maruti Showroom.


  • hey i m v interested in bollywood dance…i never dance i want to learn dance n same time m working gal n dun have weekend off..n my off r not fixed day its keep changing

    • Hi Tenzin,

      Please check out our schedule and let me know if any batches works for you:

      Detailed Address:E – 238/239 Lower Ground Floor, Amar Colony, Lajpat nagar 4. . Near Furniture Market, opposite Tagore International School. On the same lane as the Maruti Showroom.

      Please feel free to call/whatsapp on 8377053325 for further detailed queries, Please ping me before you planning to come down to the center for the class.

  • hey i never dance but m v interested in bollywood dance….n same time m working gal.. n i dun have any weekend off my off r not fixed day.but i want to join dance class..

    • Hi Tenzin,

      Please check out the schedule of our classes and if any batch timings suit you, feel free to enroll for those classes:

      Detailed Address:E – 238/239 Lower Ground Floor, Amar Colony, Lajpat nagar 4. . Near Furniture Market, opposite Tagore International School. On the same lane as the Maruti Showroom.
      Please feel free to call/whatsapp on 8377053325 for further detailed queries, Please ping me before you planning to come down to the center for the class.


  • Hiiii my self Aakash & I m a professional dance instructor so I want to join weekends classes & I don’t have partner so can I join or not & tell me structure & batch timings for me

    • Hi Aakash,

      We have weekend classes for Salsa at our amar colony center, Lajpat Nagar.
      Sat & Sun 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm for Beginners & 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm for Improvers.
      If you want to join in you can come tomorrow and register yourself, Charges are Rs 3000/- per month.
      Please call/whatsapp on +918377053325 for further details.


  • I am growing fat day by day, And not able to give necessary time for my fitness, Looking for some exciting and peaceful way to be fit. Is learning dance be a good idea for me?? P.S. I have never tried any form of dancing before and I do suck at showing some moves :) . Though I always dreamt of dancing. Please suggest.

    • Hi Jayant,

      Dancing is the best way to get fit and its great fun at the same time, so dont hold yourself back anymore, my friend!
      Call us on +91 8377053325 to know all about our dance classes and lets get you started;)


  • interested in learning any batch starting in march 2017 in gurgaon centre..??..
    Do you teach ballroom dance forms..??

    • Hi Monika,
      Sorry but we are no more in Gurgaon, Please let me know if we can help you with dance classes in South Delhi.
      Nazir(011 41012909)

  • Hi,

    I have learnt some salsa stepping and dancing for a few months. I would like to continue that – do you have any batch that I can join? And would it be possible for me to join at the level of dancing I am at currently, instead of a complete beginner’s?


    • Hi Kritika,
      We have a Salsa Improvers level batch at our amar colony center on Sat & Sun 3:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. which should be ideal for you.
      Please call on 011 41012909 to book your trial.

  • Sir
    My daughter is 8 years old. She wants to learn salsa is there any batch for kids.
    We r interested in weekend classes sat sun in Amar Colony and we have no partner also
    She is a gud dancer and learning jazz for 2 years

    • Hi Kanchan,
      We are really sorry but we do not have kids salsa batches and we wont be able to enroll your 8 year old daughter in our adult salsa batches on weekends.
      Please call on 011 41012909 for any other further help.

  • Hi
    We are based out of Vasant Kunj and both your locations are far. Me & wife jointly would be interested however, as we both are working, are there classes only during the weekends and the location/timing? If we both join in, what would be the fees for 3 months to begin with?


    • Hi Mahesh,

      Please go through the schedule of the classes below and chose a particular weekend batch to start with:

      Detailed Address:E – 238/239 Lower Ground Floor, Amar Colony, Lajpat nagar 4. . Near Furniture Market, opposite Tagore International School. On the same lane as the Maruti Showroom.
      Fee structure: Rs 7000/- per person for 3 months

      Please feel free to call/whatsapp on 8377053325 for further detailed queries, Please ping me before you planning to come down to the center for the class.

  • When are you starting with the fresh batches of salsa dance? I can come to gurgaon for classes

    • Hi Richa,

      Sorry but we have closed down our Gurgaon center.


  • Hi! Me and my husband would like to learn salsa. Interested in week end classes. When and how can we enroll? thanks

    • Hi Judit,

      Fresh Batches for salsa commences on 25th Feb, 2017, Sat & Sun 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm.
      The session is gonna be at our Delhi Centre.”Delhi Dance Academy”
      Detailed Address:E – 238/239 Lower Ground Floor, Amar Colony, Lajpat nagar 4. . Near Furniture Market, opposite Tagore International School. On the same lane as the Maruti Showroom.
      Please call on +91 8377053325 to enroll yourselves.


  • Hi,
    I love to learn salsa with my wife.
    Do you have classes in Gurgaon?
    Do you have a package for couples?

    • Hi Ashish,

      We have closed with our center in gurgaon.


  • Hi,

    Are beginners enrollments on? Also, what are the weekend and weekday timings for the Amar Colony class?

    • Hi Arushi,

      Please check out the schedule for our classes at amar colony:

      Detailed Address:E – 238/239 Lower Ground Floor, Amar Colony, Lajpat nagar 4. . Near Amar Colony Police Station, opposite Tagore International School. On the same lane as the Maruti Showroom, Nearest metro station: Kailash Colony.
      Please feel free to call/whatsapp on 8377053325 for further detailed queries, Please ping me before you planning to come down to the center for the class.


  • Hi. I have taken salsa classes for a few months more than a year back. I think I have forgotten most of it. I am interested in a beginner class but only on Sunday’s. Is that possible? Also I intend to join as a couple. Is there any special couple discount?

    • Hi Tanmay,

      Apologies for the delay in replying back.
      You can join our only Sundays batch for Salsa, 3 pm to 5 pm .
      Please feel free to call/whatsapp on 8377053325 for further detailed queries, Please ping me before you planning to come down to the center for the class.

      Detailed Address:E – 238/239 Lower Ground Floor, Amar Colony, Lajpat nagar 4. . Near Amar Colony Police Station, opposite Tagore International School. On the same lane as the Maruti Showroom, Nearest metro station: Kailash Colony.


  • hii
    I want to know when is the next beginner class starting.I am interested .

    • Hi Jatin!

      The beginners’ classes are on! :) You can start from this Saturday itself. The timing would be 2:30 to 3:30 pm for the Delhi centre. Do give us a call on 9811555359 to book your session. See you there!

  • Hi

    I want to join salsa classes , as you mention here, 3000 per month, i am single, so first I have to pay 300/- for trial then whn you will decide a suitable partner for me, you will call me and then i have to pay rest amount and that is 2700, am I right ?
    Can i come on this week on tuesday or thursday at 6:30 pm ?

    Is it possible,can I change my timings instead of 6 to 7pm ? coz I am working in a office till 6:30 pm. So I can come for 7 to 8:30 pm, is it ok ?
    And unfortunately I cant come on weekends!

    May I knw your phn no plz ?

    • Hi Abha,

      We have salsa classes on Tue & Thur 8 pm to 9 pm.
      Please call us on 011 41012909 for details.


  • Hello!!
    I am interested in joining the beginners class. But I am working 6 days a week. So is there any batch which have classes only on Sunday.

    Thank You

    • Hi Mohit,

      You can be a part of our bollywood classes on sun 5 pm to 6 pm. Monthly cahrges for only sun batch is Rs 1500/-.
      Please call on 011 41012909 for details.


  • i want to know more abbout the personal class of an hour. And how many couples are there at a time, i hope its not crowded.

    • Hey Adarsh,

      Please call us on 011 41012909 to know the details about private/personal class of an hour.


  • Hi,

    I am interested in joining the beginners weekend batch. Is that still open for me to enroll in?

    • Hi Priyanka,

      We have weekend beginners batch on Sat & Sun 5 pm.
      Please call on 011 41012909 to book your slot.


  • hi, i want to learn salsa but i m not having a partner and my office finishes around 7pm.can u please tell about the current batches for salsa n fee structure. i wanna join as soon as possible.

    • Hi Piyush,

      We have weekend batches for salsa on Sat & Sun 3 pm. Monthly charges are Rs 3000/-.
      Please call us on 8377053325 for details.


  • Hi,

    Me & My fiance are looking to take up Salsa (both non-dancers). We both are working professionals and have time on weekends. Can you please help me understand the fees, location, timings etc?

    Thanks! :)

    • Hi Chhavi,

      Come & be a part of our Salsa beginners classes on Sat & Sun 3 pm to 4 pm.
      The session is gonna be at our Delhi Centre.”Delhi Dance Academy”
      Detailed Address:E – 238/239 Lower Ground Floor, Amar Colony, Lajpat nagar 4. . Near Furniture Market, opposite Tagore International School. On the same lane as the Maruti Showroom.


  • Hi,

    Are there any morning timings for weekend classes for beginners?
    I’m interested in the dance classes, however, my other commitments would need my attention in the second half of the day.

    Also, please do let know when is the next batch starting and by when can I enroll?


    • Dear Deepmala,

      In the weekend we have a Jazz batch which is very stylish and high energy level dance form available on Sat – Sun 11 am to 12:30 pm. It is a beginner batch and you can join it any time soon. Fee is Rs. 3000/- per month. You can book your trial by calling on 011-41012909.


  • Hi, is there any age limit or fitness level to learn and enter in salsa classes.

    • Hey Rahul,

      There is no age bar or a fitness level required and we have a fresh salsa batch for beginners starting from 1st of March, 2016. You can call us on 011-41012909 and book your trial.

      Best Regards

  • Hi Ishani,
    I have learned the basic beginner steps of Salsa though not all of them. Do I still have to start with the Beginner course?

    • Hello Pallavi!

      Good to know that you have some awareness about Salsa!! But I will recommend if you can take a trial class in the beginner’s batch and understand how it works for you. Accordingly both the parties (You and Instructor) can decide the appropriate batch for you. Call me on 9811555359 and allow me to understand what you have done so far and further let me make you understand what Delhi Dance Academy can provide you!!

      Keep dancing!! Cheers!!

  • hi
    i m a begginer want to learn salsa and i dont hv partner can i join ur class in weekends

    • Hi Chandan,

      Enrolments are open in our fresh beginners batch for Salsa on Sat & Sun, Feel free to call us on 8377053325 to book a trial at our Amar Colony centre.


  • I am a mother now and i wish to learn salsa for myself. I don’t want take it as a career. I m a non-dancer and not aware of any abc’s of the dance. Plz help…


    • Hi Huma,

      We are coming up with fresh beginners batch for Salsa on Sat & Sun, Feel free to call us on 8377053325 to book a slot.


  • Hi Admin,
    I am 28 years old, and I do not have a partner.
    Will it be possible to join your academy for salsa?

    • Hi Ravi!
      Yes, it is absolutely possible to join our academy to learn salsa even if you don’t have a partner. We do enrollments of our classes at approx equal ratio of boys and girls so that everyone gets a partner to dance with.
      To know more about the available batches please call on 9811555359.


  • I am fat! Can I still join the salsa classes?

    • Sheetal to learn any dance form, it does not really matter whether you are fit or fat. All you need is the zeal to learn. And moreover, most of the happening choreographers in Bollywood are fat and doing wonders… then what is stopping you to learn at least?
      Hi, I am Ishani! Call me at 9811555359 to know more about the salsa beginner’s batches available at Delhi Dance Academy and start as soon as possible!

      Sigue bailando!:D

  • Hi, I am Vastav and I am 22 yrs old. I am interested in learning salsa but I do not have any prior knowledge about this dance form.
    Can I learn this dance form with no prior knowledge? If yes then is it OK if I do not have a partner?
    Can you also tell me the current batches available and the timings of the same?

    • Hello Vastav, you can definitely learn salsa without prior knowledge, as there are beginner’s batches available at our academy! It is not compulsory for you to get a partner but even if you have one we are not stopping you to get the person with you! More the merrier! We have two centers in Delhi NCR, one at South Delhi and another one at Gurgaon. Call on 9811555359 to know more about the batch timings and enrollment procedure.

      Happy dancing!

  • Hi,

    I want to join asap however I cannot join weekday classes.
    I’m working individual and want to join beginner level with my husband.
    Could you please suggest?


    • Hi Neelam,

      Delhi Dance Academy is coming up with fresh beginners batch for Salsa on Sat & Sun 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm.
      Enrolments are open for these batches, feel free to call us on 8377053325 to book a slot.

      Look forward to hearing from you.

  • Hi, I want to learn salsa dance but I don’t have partner.

    • Dear Manohar, please enroll for salsa. If we have more girls than guys, we’ll take you in. If we have more guys than girls, then we’ll put you in a waiting list. Either way, register asap :) Best regards, Arjun

  • Hi! Can you please update me about a new batch?
    I am 42 years old.Can I join salsa now?

    • Hi Juhi, we have recently started a new batch for salsa on weekend and weekday both. On weekday it is 8-9pm TTS and on Sat,Sun 4-5:30pm.You can defintely join Salsa ,no age bar :) you are most welcome to come and learn Salsa.

      Best Regards,

  • Hi, I would like to join the salsa classes, are there any new batches going to start?

    • Hi Santhosh, we are starting a new batch 8-9pm Tues-Thurs-Sat for Salsa this Tues. You can join this batch.
      Nandita :)

  • I want to know about the upcoming salsa weekend batches and the locations where the classes are being held..!! Thanks..!!

    • Hi Diksha! Salsa batch timing for weekened is 3-4:30pm and 4-5:30pm (Saturday and Sunday), location is E-238 Amar Colony,Lajpat Nagar part 4.


  • Hi! I am Working and never tried any dance, and i also don’t have any partner for dance,but I want to learn salsa now.
    So pls let me know when your next batch is starting.

    • Hi Gaurav! There is no compulsion of having partner for joining our Salsa classes.We keep an equal ratio of girls and boys in order to make them practise in the class.During the class they keep switching partner.Other than salsa we have all western dance forms like Bollywood,Contemporary etc.We are starting a new batch on this sat 4-5:30pm.we have one more batch recently started,timing is 3-4:30pm sat,sun.You can join any of the batch on the weekend and 7-8pm Tues,Thur,Sat.


      • Hi! I want to join this weekend bt I can’t because in September I have a trip and I will miss my four classes.So I will join after Sept.

  • Hi.. I am interested in learning the Salsa form and I have a partner. Is there any concession for a couple or do we have to pay Rs 4000 for a month?

    • Dear Preeti, you will need to pay Rs 4000 as a couple, but we have bulk offers, where if you both pay for 3 months upfront then you can avail a 20% discount making your monthly fee Rs 1600 each (a saving of 800 per month for you both combined). I’m quite sure that we’re amongst the cheaper Salsa training institutes with Delhi’s top-most instructors. You will love DDA, give us a try! Regards, Arjun 9910222770.

  • Hi…I am married to an Air Force Officer and dance is my passion. I’ve been dancing Salsa for many years and choreographed some numbers in Air Force Stations. As I love dancing i just wanted a top notch academy to dance in….not to learn. I have choreographed even when I was in college and whatever I know is self taught…be it jive, cha cha cha, flamenco or salsa….I have been searching for a good option for long ….I just want to get the endorphins going… not to start learning. Would love to hear from you!! Ciao

    • Maria, very interesting. The best place for you would be a Salsa social party which is conducted at various places in Delhi by institutes like the Delhi Salsa Club and Salsa India. They get people together on the day and just dance Salsa in a club setting at Urban Pind, GK / Music cafe in Saket. If you check out online, I’m sure you’ll find their schedules. With Delhi Dance Academy, you can join us thrice a year for our shows where we do Salsa performances on stage. Or you can join us as a dancer where you’ll get to dance for our clients etc. You an also come and see me and we can talk about the kind of stuff we do. Regards, Arjun 9910222770.

  • When you are going to start your new batch of salsa ?

    • Hi Mudit! We are starting a new batch for Salsa (Tues-Thurs-Sat) 8-9pm.If you want you can join this batch.

  • Hi Team,

    This is Meetu and would like to learn Salsa. I am staying on Gurgaon is there any classes in Gurgaon Sohna Road for Salsa by your academy. Since i am a woking professional so it would be great if it is on Weekends.

    Meetu Singh

    • Hi Meetu! We have batch on weekends for salsa,timing is 3-4:30 PM Sat and Sun.But unfortunately we don’t have any classes in Gurgaon.

      Hope to see you soon.

  • hi!…I wanna join salsa classes…and as I m a professional so I need weekend classes after 6.30 or so…n I dnt hav a partner…can I join too?? tell me the fee structure too…

    • Hi Apurva! You can join our Salsa batch even if you don’t have a partner.We try and keep equal number of girls and boys.During the session they keep switching partner for practice.Timings are 7-8pm Tues-Thurs-Sat and on the weekends we have 3-4:30pm Sat,Sun.

      Fee is Rs.2000 per month.


  • Hi! i wish to learn salsa and related dance forms,but I simply do not hv flair for dancing.. or so I fear.. coz I have never danced ever any kind of dance.. somewhere u have said, one will do fine if she had good body-music co-ordination.. I am not sure i have that.. as stated earlier, dancing is’nt my thing.. so, honestly, is salsa for me ? I mean, will I be able to do it? secondly, i can’t come up with partner.

    • HI Deepak! Nice to hear from you, we totally understand your concern and lots of people face the same issue ,not everyone is a great dancer by birth,many of us have to put in that extra effort to learn.The best way for you to start off learning dance is by trying it out.Salsa or any other dance form can be learnt if you start under a good instructor and from the basic.We have the most talented instructor for all our dance forms and we would request you to kindly come over and register for any begginers batch.A new salasa batch is starting on 14 May 7-8 pm,come over and take a trial,even if you don’t have a partner.

  • I want join salsa classes

    • Hi Anup! Surely you can join our salsa batch,we are just starting a new batch soon.
      We will post the timing on our website.


  • Hi

    I am keen on learning salsa from your academy. Can you please let me know about the next batch. I want a weekday batch and since i am a working professional, is there any plan to start a batch after 6:30 PM

    Looking forward for your response


    • Hi Nikky! Fortunately we are starting a new batch for salsa on the weekdays(Tuesday,Thursday,Saturday) timing is 7-8pm.
      You can come and register youself for this batch.


  • Is there any particular age group to learn salsa or any form ?
    I am 13 years old so please suggest me.

    • Hey Chhavi! Unfortunately, in salsa we have all students of agegroup 20+,but you can definitely join our bollywood batches.


  • Hi! I want to join Salsa classes. When does your next batch start? I’d prefer weekend classes. THx. :)

    • Hi Richa!
      You can join our new starting salsa batch on the weekends(Sat,Sun).Timing is 4-5:30pm.
      Kindly visit Academy once and take one trial by registering yourself with Rs.299.


  • Hi there! I am from Bangkok. I really have heard so much about you all! I would love t come down to Delhi, to learn from your dance academy. I would like to pursue a career in dance…perhaps in Delhi.
    I absolutely love Salsa, Bachata, and the Viennese Waltz.

    Hope to see you guys later this year!



    • Hi Angela, it’s very good to hear from you and we’re overjoyed that you’ve heard about us in your country! :) We look forward to meeting and welcoming you when you visit India :) Yay! Best regards Nandita, DDA

      • Hey Nandita,

        So kind of you to reply so quick!

        Thanks a lot!

        Will get in touch when I’m there!


        • You’re welcome :) Arjun 9910222770

  • Wana 2 learn salsa from 24 april.


    • We missed your date Sonika, I hope you called and got the information. If you’re still interested, then we have a few recent batches that have just begun like 4-5:30pm Sat and Sun or 8-9pm on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Give me a call book please. Regards Arjun 9910222770

  • Hi, m new to dance. Also i would like to join week days batch that too late in the evening. Are seats available? I dont have partner..

    • Amit you don’t need a partner and we’re starting an 8-9 pm TTS batch next week. Please call 9910222770 to register. :) Arjun

  • When does your next batch start?

    • Hi Somesh, the next batch starts tomorrow on Saturday the 6th from 5 to 6:30pm. Regards Arjun

  • Hi, looking forward to learning Salsa at DDA in April. Kindly let me know when are the fresh batches starting for next month. I am working, so can join after 4pm but as mentioned by you , can’t join the class at 7pm (would be too late for me ). is there any class from 5-6 or 6:30 pm ?

    • Kanika, maybe a little late, but we have a 4 to 5:30 Sat and Sun Salsa batch that has started in July. Are you interested in joining that? Regards Arjun 9910222770

  • Hi,

    I am working person and so also my female friend.We want to join salsa classes in there any discount for couples?We can join in June due to some financial reason?

    • Hi Abhishek, if you both join for 3 months each, you will both get a 20% discount, which means your fee per month will be Rs 1600 in stead of Rs 2000. Please call me when you’re ready to join and I’ll tell you which batches you can join. Regards Arjun 9910222770

  • hi.. i am a total beginner and certainly got 2 left feet…. you think i will be able to grasp and do well in salsa
    Also, is it mandatory to have your partner or that can be arranged for ??


    • If you have an okay music body co-ordination, then we can teach you Salsa, but if you can’t follow the beat at all, then it may be a difficult task and perhaps you should start with Bollywood in stead of Salsa. Regards Arjun

  • Hi, I just wanted to ask can I be provided a partner if I’m not having any partner with me? And I’m looking forward to join it for a week.. As from 26 th ill be starting to work in I’ve gotta job.. So is that possible.. Please lemmi noe … Thanks aton

    • Dear Karishma, in one week you will be able to attend only a few classes and won’t be able to cover much ground. How do you plan to continue after this week? Congrats on the job :)

  • Hey, I would like to join for salsa classes. Just wanted to know that whether slots are available for the upcoming weekend classes?

    • Hey Ankit,

      You are most welcome to join Salsa Classes.
      Timing is given below.

      Saturday and Sunday – 5 pm to 6:30 pm. REGISTERING
      Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 7pm to 8pm. ENROLLING


  • Hi there,
    Do you have drop -in salsa classes? I am from Chennai and I will be in Delhi for 2-3 weeks on an official trip. I was just wondering if you have a drop in class for 3 weeks. I have learnt the basics in Chennai. I do not mind learning the basics from Delhi (I understand, every instructor has his/her own style). Please let me know!


    • Hey!

      Yes ,we do have Drop-in Salsa classes.Surely You can join Salsa classes for 2 or 3 weeks.

      Fees for one class is 299.
      Salsa batch timings are given below.

      Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 7pm to 8pm. ENROLLING
      Saturday and Sunday – 5 pm to 6:30 pm. REGISTERING


  • Is there any age bar for learning this dance form. I am 36yrs, can I join your classes?

    • Ruchi, there’s no age bar. 36 is perfect, come take a trial class. Regards Arjun

  • hey guyz this is zahoor actually i wanted to learn salsa but i cant dance i actually once in 2008 u suggested me to learn but i couldn’t gather the courage to start as i have a fear that i will make fool of my self …. can you guyz help me out
    { if i am right you started your academy in 2008 at E1 amar colony i was living on the ground floor when u guyz started the academy )

    • Hi Zahoor, it is so good to hear from you. Although the management has changed, but it’s nice to hear from someone who has seen the academy grow from scratch. Zahoor, you must come for one of our foundation classes that take place on Saturday and Sunday from 2-3pm. These classes are an introduction to Salsa and are designed for people who have never done Salsa before. Salsa, Bachata and Meringue are beautiful dance forms that we teach as a part of our Salsa classes. When you come you will see that most people are apprehensive just like you before starting but as long as you have an okay body-music co-ordination, you will be able to learn and master this dance form. The Salsa classes take place a short walk away from our E1 studio where you used to live, at E 238/239, Amar Colony. Please feel free to call me on 9910222770 and to come over asap. Best regards, Arjun

  • Wanted to know whether would you be starting with any beginner Salsa dance course anytime soon,incase yes would be more than happy to join!!

    • Hi Ankit, have you enrolled? Did we speak on phone? We have started 2 new weekend Salsa batches a couple of weeks ago. Regards Arjun 9910222770

  • Hi ,

    I had really like to learn Salsa, I have had some novice level experience in doing Hip Hop dance in college. Right I am situated and work in Noida,so can you please let me know if you have any of your studios here in Noida (if not then nearest to Noida) and also batch plans for weekend Salsa classes along with timings please.

    Also I am 25 , so is it possible for me get into batches for my same age group, so as to avoid embarrasment if I fail :P

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Hi Ashu, we are based in Amar Colony, which is about 10 minutes from Ashram (after the DND flyway) and we have 2 new weekend Salsa batches. Most people range from 22 to 35 in age and even otherwise, the atmosphere in the class rooms is nice and chilled out. You should come for a trial class once for you to see for yourself. And with your hip-hop experience and our beginners’ batch, I’m quite certain that you will feel comfortable :) Regards Arjun 9910222770

  • actually,i want to know about the salsa workshops starting this week…….

    • Hello Nishtha, I believe we spoke on phone right? Did you come for Salsa? You can come on Sat Sun 12:30 – 2:00pm and 3:00 – 4:30pm – you will need to pre-book on phone by calling 9910222770 (Arjun) :)

  • Hi I have read many comments enquiring salsa classes in Gurgaon. If possible can the team make efforts to start classes in gurgaon. If not I leave office by 6 30pm will I be able to join any of the classes in amar colony?

    • Dear Bhupinder, we are definitely trying to reinstate our Gurgaon center. Thank you for writing to us. Are you free on weekends? (Sat and Sun?) If yes, how about visiting us on Saturday and seeing for yourself how long it takes, plus a two day commitment per week is still doable, in stead of leaving at 6:30pm from office, right? Let me know what you think please. Regards Arjun 9910222770

      • Hi Arjun

        Yes i am free on weekends. I can visit for the trial class this sunday. if possible let me know.
        I ll give you a call once i am free.



        • Hi Bhupinder, I look forward to seeing you on Sunday then :) take care. The address is E 238 Amar Colony, near Moolchand metro station. Regards, Arjun

  • Hi,
    I am Asmita,
    I want to learn Salsa with my partner.
    But I stay in East Delhi and as i can see, you hold salsa classes only in lajpat nagar.
    Is there any other center for salsa classes?
    Also, are there any weekend batches for Salsa?
    If yes, then if we join the weekend classes, how much time will it take to complete the basic Salsa course?


    • Hello Asmita, we have some of Delhi’s finest instructors and same is the case with our Salsa instructor. We have weekend batches for Salsa from 12:30 – 2:00 pm and from 3:00 to 4:30 pm. If you have a partner already, I think it is absolutely worth coming all the way to Lajpat Nagar twice a week. We have a Salsa level A course after which you as a couple will be able to dance salsa in parties and socials. There are other levels B and C also of 3 months each in case you want to pursue them after completing level A. Regards Arjun 9910222770. Call me to book your trial for the coming weekend.

      • Hi,

        Thanks for your reply.

        We want to start the classes from somewhere around february.
        So do you have any weekend batch starting during that time?
        Please let me know.
        Also, I will surely make plan to come for a trial class this or next weekend.


        • Hello Asmita, yes we will have batches starting in February. I look forward to seeing you this weekend. Please call me on 9910222770 to book your slot. :) regards, Arjun

  • Hi everyone, I am having passion for dancing in my whole life. I had already taken some basic lessons for bollywod & hiphop dancing 4 years ago in SDIPA’S. I am suffering from morbid obesity & want to learn Salsa & Tango dace forms. I stay in Preet Vihar just curious about will you able to teach me & arrange a partner for me .

    • Hi Yash, we have partner rotation at DDA, which means we start a class with equal or almost equal number of guys and girls and we learn. We’ll be very happy to welcome, but all our centers are in South Delhi only. Please call me on 9910222770 to discuss. Regards Arjun

  • hi my name is varun . i am 27 year old . i want to know that am i eligilble to join salsa classes .

    • Hi Varun, yes you are, why wouldn’t you be?

  • Hi,

    I am interested in learning salsa and am looking for Sat/Sun batches.Is there any batch starting soon?Also don’t have a partner,so you shall need to pair up.


    • Hi Ritesh, have you joined us already? It not, please call me on 9910222770 as we’ve started 2 new weekend Salsa batches where you can begin immediately. Regards Arjun

  • are these classes only for adults i mean m in 10th standard n wanna learn salsa !!!! so can i join ??

    • Hi Anamika, all people above the age of 14 can join Salsa at Delhi Dance Academy. :) Come to the center or call us to book your place for Salsa. We have 3 new batches. Regards, Arjun

      • can u give me the contact no. ??? n plz tell me about the fee structure ??? n timings !! when these new batches are gonna start ??

        • Hello Anamika, you can call me (Arjun) on 9910222770 or call Anant on 9953835088. Fee is Rs 2000 per month or 5400 for 3 months for Salsa and a new batch has just started from 5:30pm to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday :) Regards Arjun

  • Dear Anant,

    It would be kind if you let me know when the new batch starts for Salsa. I would love to join it asap!


    • Hi Prateek, call me on 9910222770 or Anant on 953835088 immediately. We have recently started 3 new Salsa batches with a very good instructor and this is a good time to join. :) Regards, Arjun

  • HI,

    I am interested in learning dancing, I currently in West patel nagar, do u have any centres nearby.



    • Babu, all our centers are in South Delhi only as of now.

  • Hi ,
    I am based in Gurgaon and wish to go for dance classes.
    I don’t know even a single step of dance, But I am curious to learn it , May be Bollywood and contemporary.

    Could you help me regarding this


    • Hello Shashi, we don’t have an active center in Gurgaon. All dance classes mentioned on this website are for our South Delhi centers. We will have a center ready there in the months to come and we’ll keep you posted. Regards, Arjun 9910222770

  • I want to learn salsa on weekend but i don’t have partner and i’m staying in safdarjung enclave so please tell me how much time it’ll take to reach your institute.

    • Abhilash, thanks for getting in touch. It will take you 20 mins in an auto-rickshaw. You don’t need a partner. Please come to the academy to register and we’ll get you started asap. Arjun 9910222770

  • I want to learn salsa. I havent dance till now. I have my partner. But the problem is that we want to join on weekend and near gurgaon. So could you tell me is any of the class is available for us????

    • Hello Rajesh, we have Salsa only in South Delhi I’m afraid. Do check JustDial for instts in your area.

  • hello!!
    i am very much interested in learning salsa in your please can u tell me if there are any batches starting in November..and its timings and cost..will be a great help..thanks!!
    i do not have a partner to come along with me..

    • Hello A, you don’t need a partner for Salsa at Delhi Dance Academy. We get an equal number of guys and girls and we do partner rotation. It’s a lot of fun, some batches have just begun and there’s never been a better time to do Salsa at DDA. Regards, Arjun 9910222770

  • Hi Team

    I want to know if I can join weekend Salsa classes in West Delhi??


    • Hi Parkhi, we have centers only in South Delhi. 4 studios in Amar Colony, Lajat Nagar 4 and a few others in affiliation with other instts. Having said that, our Salsa is just outstanding and I guess travelling twice a week is not that bad? ;)

  • Hi ! Is your Gurgaon branch operational and do you have Salsa over there too ???

    • Dear Sugandha, the Gurgaon branch is active and is managed by Miss Shefali who can be contacted at 8447097522. At the Gurgaon center, we have only freestyle dancing, which is a mix of contemporary and Bollywood and no other batches as of now. Salsa batches are available in our South Delhi Amar Colony branch only as of now. I’m sorry for this inconvenience. Regards, Arjun

  • Looking for weekend classes in evening only for couple. any details along with cost pls

    • Hello Isha, you can join Sat Sun Salsa 3-4:30pm or 4:40 – 7pm Latin American crash course where we teach basics of Salsa, Swing, Ballroom and other western couples’ dances. Call me for more information. :) Arjun 9910222770

  • hi
    im really interested in joining salsa classes.. got to know gurgaon right now is not holding any salsa classes.pls could you advise on malviya nagar branch?? do u have salsa clases there as well or its only in amar colony. i will prefer malviya nagar as it is closer to gurgaon . is it possible for me to join without a partner .
    also what is the age group ? looking forward to your reply!

    • Hello Niti, thank you for writing to us. We don’t have Salsa at our Malviya Nagar center I’m afraid. At Malviya Nagar we have Bollywood, Dance Aerobics and Power Yoga only, as the center is inside the Elite Fitness Gym. Salsa is only available at the Amar Colony center. The fee is Rs 2000 per month, or Rs 5500 for 3 months and the age group presently learning is roughly between 20 and 55. Regards, Arjun

  • Hi Team,

    I am new to Delhi, just saw this site.
    Let me know any batch in this Oct,2012 and what traveling time it will take from Saket to your acadamy.


    • Hi Raghu, it will take roughly 20-30 mins in an auto rickshaw. For metro, the closest station is Moolchand and a cycle rickshaw from there takes 5-10 mins.

      We have a 10% salsa discount for males for a short period. :)

      Take care
      Arjun 9910222770

  • Hi team,

    Are there any batchs this Oct,2012.
    Thanks for your info.


    • Hi Raghu, yes lots of batches. Please call us for details :) there is a lot of information. :)

  • Hi Guys,

    I have never danced in my life time till now, but i have a dream of learning salsa. Are you guys providing service anywhere in south delhi. Please let me know if its ok for me to start now and kindly mail your timings and place.

    • Hello Anu, you can learn now and knowing Salsa is a great skill in modern times. You can do TTS 7-8pm or Sat,Sun 3-4.30pm. Fee is 2000 and both are beginners batches. Call us to register. You can take a trial class for Rs 300. Closing in a couple of days. Arjun 9910222770

  • Hi Anant,

    I want to learn Salsa. What is the duration of the course? I could not find it anywhere in the site… Please let me know, thanks.

    • Hello Anandita, the “basic level A” course is for 3 months. It’s a certificate course but requires min. 75% attendance.

  • Is it important to have a partner for Salsa?

    • Tanisha, yes it is important to have a partner for Salsa. We usually create batches where we take equal number of boys and girls but sometimes there are more people enrolling of one gender. To find out if we can take you in one of the batches, please call us. One thing we can assure is, if you’re starting up, we’ll train you well as a beginner. Best regards Arjun

  • Hi,
    I want to join Salsa classes but I don’t have a partner. Is it compulsory to bring a partner?
    I also wanted to know the fee details please.

    • Dear Satish, it is important to have a partner for Salsa as it is a couples’ dance form. We usually create batches where we take equal number of boys and girls but sometimes there are more people enrolling of one gender.

      As of the 4th of October 2012, we are short of 6 boys, so you’re welcome to join. Please call me. Best regards, Arjun

  • Hi,
    1. Me and my partner wish to learn the basic Salsa dance form as we both are naive, and particularly me who is very stiff and have not danced ever. Is that going to be a problem?
    2. We wish to join the classes in west delhi as soon as possible, so kindly confirm the earliest possible batch that is starting?
    3. Also, we are both of the age 28, i hope we are going to find the environment comfortable without any embarrassments. :-)

    Shall look forward to your answers on all of the above.

    • Dear Sidharth, you can join a beginners’ batch, which is meant for people who haven’t danced before and you don’t need any previous training for the beginner’s Salsa batches at DDA. At this point, we don’t have Salsa in West Delhi I’m afraid and with the closing of our Rajouri center, there are no plans of starting in the next few weeks. 28 is the best age to learn Salsa :) :)

  • hey..i already have a partner, so is that ok? also, is it 2000 per person, or is it for the couple? and can u plz tell me wen r ur enrollments starting next? thanks!

    • Hey D, yes that’s brilliant if you already have a partner. Rs 2000 is for an individual and Rs 4000 for the couple. We have TTS 7-8pm and Sat, Sun 3-4:30pm where enrollments are on. :)

  • what are the charges of the salsa program and what is the time duration…?


    • Hey Gaurang, charges for Salsa are Rs 2000 per month or Rs 5500 for the 3 month Level A course. You will get 12 hours of training a month. Regards Arjun

  • Hey I am very thin and don’t know even a single step of Salsa. Can I still learn Salsa? if yes then please let me know the fee structure.

    • Prashant, that’s a blessing (that you’re thin) :) . At advanced stages of Salsa, you will need to do some lifts with your partner and you will need muscle power for that, but for level A there’s no problem. The fee is Rs 2000 per month or Rs 5500 for the 3 month Salsa Level A course. Arjun 9910222770

  • hi DDA!

    i want to join salsa classes, preferably before 7 pm classes during weekdays or anytime at weekends. . So please can you tell me the details if you are enrolling at present.

    Aditi J

    • Hey Aditi – How’s 3 to 4:30pm on Saturday and Sunday? Will that work for you? Call me on 9910222770 if interested. Arjun

  • hii there,
    i wanna learn both salsa & hip hop form of dance. also i am a novice in these fields,so i wanted your review that which of these is the best for me to join??

    • Ashish, the quickest answer to this would be – both are great dance forms. Join salsa if you have a dance partner and join hip-hop if you are alone. :)

      We have various hip-hop batches that you can join. Contact us for latest batch details.


  • hi, do you have any batch for sunday’s only..?

    • Ashish, there are 2 batches that run on Sundays only. One is Belly dancing which is only for girls, but the one that you can join is our Latin American crash course – this is a 3 month course where you will be taught basic Salsa, Swing and Ballroom dance along with basics of Meringue, Chachacha, Bachata and other western dance forms. Call me to book – Arjun 9910222770

  • I wanna join salsa classes and I’m living in west Patel Nagar. May I ask why there’s a fee difference between classes at Lajpat Nagar and that at Rajouri Garden?

    • Hey Rahul, it’s because the Rajouri classes are held in a 4 star hotel which is more expensive to hire than the property in Lajpat Nagar. :) But it’s worth the extra cost because the place is massive and very beautifully designed. Arjun

  • hello sir my name is yashee. i love to dance but i want it to be technically sound to.
    But i am doing Job to so it is not feasible ti join regular classes of dance .Do you have any weeakend lengthy class for same. kindly please tell about fee of same basically i m interested in salsa ,Contemporary type of dance form.
    i am waiting for your response.

    • Dear Yashee, we have a Latin American crash course starting soon which will be Sundays only from 4:30pm to 7:00pm – Rs 5500 for the course (3 months duration). We will be teaching Salsa, contemporary, Swing, Ballet, Ballroom and basics of other Latin American dance forms. Please call me on 9910222770 to register or for more information. Best regards Arjun

  • Hi DDA!!

    Do you have a branch or training center for salsa in faridabad?

  • Hi,
    I wanted to join your salsa class.
    Please clarify some of my below mentioned concerns:
    Being a novice player in this field ,should I start from something simpler than salsa?
    My age is 24 ,just wanted to check whether you guys have students of this age group.
    Is it mandatory to bring a partner?
    P.S.although you people already answered all the queries in the above mentioned follow up queries but wanted to hear from your side once again.


  • hi
    i want to join d salsa classes but i’ll have time only on sundays. Will it be possible that i join only for the sunday classes?

  • hi, I would like to perform 1/2 salsa dance performances along with my partner at one of our family functions. Is this sort of classes available at your centre ?

    • Hello Aabhi,

      We do have regular Salsa classes at Delhi Dance Academy. Would be appropriate if you speak to our expert instructor Sam for more details. His number is 9999732599.

      Ph. +91 9953835088

  • I’ve never ever danced.. not even in my dreams..:| As a beginner, can I learn Salsa??? or what else do you prefer???

    • Hi Tanya,

      Lots of the students at Delhi Dance Academy start off afresh. If you’re interested in Salsa, you should definitely give it a shot. You’re welcome to come to our studios in Amar Colony and have a look the classes. We also have Bollywood, Hip Hop, Contemporary if you change you mind. Please call us for information on batch timings etc.

      Ph. +91 9953835088

  • hiii
    i am sarika,
    want to learn all dance forms but specially salsa. Just want to participate in DID its my dream. so i jus i wanted to know the fee structure.??????

    • Hi Sarika,

      Please call me once and I’ll tell you the exact schedules of the present batches. The fee any batch is Rs.2000.

      Ph. +91 9953835088

      • Hi DDA
        I wanna join the salsa class but i dont have a partner.Plz suggest.Can i join ?

        • Hello Rohan, yes you can! In fact we are rewarding boys with a 10% additional discount for a limited time. Join in and you’ll likely find a partner here at Delhi Dance Academy.

  • hello
    I want to know that even if i don’t know a single step of dance and my body is stiff too then also i would be able to learn dance. I want to learn Bollywood and Salsa dance.

    • Hi Arun,

      Lots of beginners join Delhi Dance Academy and its our job to make them better dancers. So don’t worry and enroll yourself. I am sure you’ll do well. Please contact me for the exact schedules for Bollywood and Salsa.

      Ph. +91 9953835088

  • hey.. I want to learn salsa dance form. I want to know whether you teach dancing according to the capability and performance of every student or commonly. Do you have any centre in West Delhi and approximately to how many students do you teach in a batch?

    • Hi Prachi,

      The classes for Salsa happen in a group but we make sure that each student gets individual attention. That’s why we generally never have more than 8 students in a batch.

      We have a center is West Delhi, at Rajouri Garden. Classes for Salsa are going on at Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar.

      +91 9953835088

  • Hi I’m interested to join the salsa dance classes probably in the month of October.. Please advice me regarding the fees and all other requirements and enrollment dates. Thanks

    • Hi Anita,

      We would be happy to have you at Delhi Dance Academy. Please call me once a few days before you want to join and I’ll give you the details of all Salsa batches. The fee is Rs.2000 per month.

      +91 9953835088

  • hi, i wanted to know if u take up classes anywhere in west delhi.

    • Hi Ashima,

      Not at the moment. We’re looking for more centers and will post details online as soon as something gets finalized.

      +91 9953835088

  • Do you give salsa training to a gay couples? Me and my boyfriend want to learn it. Will it be possible?

    • Hello there,

      Are you looking for private lessons? Otherwise, you are welcome to join the regular batches anyway :)

      Please call me if you need more information on batch timings etc.

      +91 9953835088

  • Is it necessary to have a dance partner of the opposite sex to learn Salsa?

    • Hi there,

      It is not mandatory to have a partner. There’s lots of stuff to be learnt individually and for couple activities, we try and form partners within the batch itself.

      You can call me and drop in to our studio once to see how it works.

      +91 9953835088

  • it may sound little weird but are there any female salsa instructors in lajpat nagar branch

    • Hi Neha,

      We don’t have a female instructor for Salsa as of now but I would suggest you come down to one of our Salsa classes and have a look. We have an expert Salsa instructor called Sam who is one of the best in Delhi and you will really like his way of teaching.

      Please call me whenever you want to come.

      +91 9953835088

  • Hey, can you give me an approximate fee for the weekend batch? Also, when can I attend a trial class for the weekend 5-6.30pm batch in Lajpat Nagar?
    Thanks! :)

    • Hi Akanksha,

      The fee for any batch of Salsa is Rs. 2000 per month.

      The 5 to 6:30 batch is not happening at the moment. You can either try 3 to 4:30 pm Saturday-Sunday or 7 to 8 pm Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Please give me a call and come is.

      +91 9953835088

  • hey, i would like to join Contemporary dance class on weekends. can i please get the various time options available with you. Thanks

    • Hi Amit,

      We have 1 weekend batch for Jazz Contemporary. The classes take place every Saturday and Sunday from 1 to 2:30 pm. Please call me once and come to have a look.

      +91 9953835088

  • Hi admin ! I am looking for a advanced course in salsa as i have already completed the beginner level. could you please tell me something regarding this and do you have any shows in this summer where i can participate ? Moreover i reside in NCR (sahibabad) which of your studio will do good for me!

  • hi guys…..I want to learn dance (salsa and contemporary), but i’ve never danced in my life…..can I still join your classes….? Kindly suggest

  • I want to join salsa classes. I will be in Delhi from mid May till July end.
    I am beginner and have no previous knowledge of the dance form. Is it necessary to bring a partner along?
    any classes between 11-7 will be fine
    I would like to join from 15th may or so.
    Can you please send me all the details on my email id. Thanks :)

  • Hi !
    Could to tell me as to when the next batch is starting ?
    I’d like to enroll for the very next Batch (Salsa, Package1).
    Also, Kindly tell me the dates available for a Trial class.


  • Sir,when is he next batch starting for salsa?And I don’t have a partner with me.Would that be a problem?

  • Hi,
    I have off on sundays only,do you have any sessions which are held on just sundays.plz do tell me the fee for it too.

  • Hey! I really wanna learn salsa. I love this form of dance too much..but ever since my marriage i hvn’t got chance to learn it. I am located in Rohini , jus wanted to knw whthr u guys hv ur centre somewhr in or near rohini also. than only i can join u guys…u can revert me on my mail id..
    thanx n regards

  • Do you offer private salsa lessons in Gurgaon? Is so, what is the rate and what days and times is the instructor available?

    • Hello Mann, yes we do, please contact Shefali at 8447097522. She’s our Gurgaon centre head.

  • Is it necessary to have a dance partner for salsa lessons.
    I’d be shifting to Delhi by June mid, so would love to start salsa lessons by then.
    Do u have some schedule for June ?

    • Dear Bhumika, You don’t necessarily need a dance partner in Salsa. Please call us for your preferred time and we’ll be able to tell you whether you will need a partner of not. That will depend on the class strength etc. When you move to Delhi and once you’re settled, give me a call at 9910222770 and I’ll update you with the latest Salsa enrollments. Thanks,

  • Hi Arjun,

    I want to learn a little bot if every western dance form. When can I come for a trial class on sat. I am planning to visit your Lajpat Nagar centre tomorrow i.e Apr 07,2012. Please confirm the timings.

    • Hi Arjun,

      I want to learn a little bit of every western dance form as a hobby only. When can I come for a trial class on sat. I am planning to visit your Lajpat Nagar centre tomorrow i.e Apr 07,2012. Please confirm the timings. Thanks!

  • I want to learn dance can you please contact me at 8860906838 so that we can discuss in detail. Thanks

  • hi my self kapil parchha i want to teach dance to my child who is 5 years old but i don’t know about any dance school in delhi. Please tell me what i have to do. thanks

  • Hi,
    Before I start, I must say I have never ever taken a single lesson of dancing.But I really want to learn it ,specially salsa(weekend class 5-6:30).i want to join it from the month of u have any vacancy for the same?
    I am very passionate about dancing but never ever tried my passion outside of school or college functions.I am a little bit confused whether being a novice i can cope up with such kind of professional dancing or not.Please suggest.If possible I would like to join a trial class this Sunday.

  • hello sir,
    i’m from punjab and i wanna learn dance but i can’t do a single step. is there any course for basics and what’s the fee? i am very much of a western form of dance and i wanna learn plz suggest me.
    i can stay in delhi with my friends.plz suggest me and mail me.

    Manjit singh

  • Hi.. i just wan to join classes ASAP but m working so i can only join after 7 pm. Could you please tell me that when are you going to start new batches for Salsa Dance Form for weekends or after 7pm. & want to know about the levels of this course ???


  • Hey Arjun,

    I want to join the dance classes but confused . What type of dance should i prefer. I need to loose some weight. I thought Aerobics is finew but it’s in the morning. I need dance class after 2000 hrs. Please contact me at.


  • Hey Hi Arjun, Me n my friend want to join Salsa classes..preferably on weekdays and that too after office..i,e. 6 pm..Plz let us know the schedule and monthly charges…Thanks

  • Hi Team

    I am looking for Salsa classes, I and my fiance both would be interested for same, looking for weekend batch.. can you help me with that.. what would be timings and fee for both of us.. as today is 13th march…I would be interested from starting 24th march weekend… my number is 9999085083..

    Please let me know if there is a fresh batch.. I would be keenly interested for it.

    Ashish Sharma

  • hey, Is it mandatory to join along with a partner? or you guys take care of that?

    • Arushi, for Level A (beginners), you don’t have to bring your salsa partner, we usually have a healthy mix of boys and girls and can usually take care of that. However, you are recommended to do a trial class, meet the instructor and plan a schedule. :) Arjun

  • I stay in New friends colony and interested in joining classes you can contact me on my phone number.

    • Hey, I’ve just sent you an email :)

  • hi my self sonia raj. i want to teach dance to my child who is 9 years old but i don’t know about any dance school in delhi. Please tell me what i have to do. thanks

    • Hello Sonia, you’re welcome to enroll your kid for the 5-6pm children’s batch from Monday to Friday. Fee is Rs 1500 per month.

  • Hii, Could you please tell me that when are you going to start new batches for Salsa Dance Form ???


    • Hello Sahil, at the time of writing this reply, we have 2 new weekend batches (3 to 4:30 and 5 to 6:30pm on Sat, Sun) and one new Tue, Thursday and Saturday (8 to 9 pm) Salsa batch. You can join now. Drop in on Saturday between 1 and 6 to enroll and for your free trial class.

  • Hello,
    i want to take trial classes before join the course. pls suggest how to go for it.

    Thank you

    • Hi Pooja, trial classes are free. Just call me on 9910222770 and I’ll arrange one for you at a convenient time. If you like the studio, the instructor then join – no obligation. :) Arjun

    • i want to start dance class in south ex area, Please reply me for the fee of classes

  • Is there any age restriction for starting to learn dance specially for salsa

    • Dear Rachna, there’s no age restriction whatsoever. You’re very welcome to join us. We’ve trained people from the age of 3 to 70. :)

  • hi, do you have any branch or any reference for east Delhi.

    • Hello Ravi, we’re on it, trying to open other branches, but for now I’d just Google “dance classes in east delhi” I guess. Thanks for writing to us.

  • Hi, I want to join DDA for Salsa weekend classes. I stay in Gr. Noida. Can u pls suggest how much time it will take to reach there?

    • Dear Nil, reaching the Delhi Dance Academy at Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar takes about 15 mins in a car from the DND flyover. We have some great weekend classes. If the commuting time is suitable, then please call me and I’ll arrange for you to meet the instructor and other students of the weekend salsa class.

      Best regards

  • hey…..i also wish to join DDA….as i love dancing but i don know m i a good dancer or nt…..coz watever i dance , dance in a locked room only…..i try to replicate some steps and i guess m quite okay type dancer… plz tell wat sud i do
    plz suggest me

    • Kaushal, you are welcome for a trial class at DDA. That will give you a good idea of how dance is taught with us. It is interesting as you meet new people and learn from others’ style as well. Please call us and we’ll arrange for you to come in for a trial dance class.

  • hi my name is dilailo.. and i use to dance for a professional dance group in goa.. well i want to learn more in ballroom.. but the times which ull have is not suitable and i dont have a partner too…

    would like you to send me the quotes

    • Dear Dilailo, in our salsa classes, you don’t need a dance partner as you usually find a partner at our academy. The prices are listed on our prices page and time table page. At present we don’t have dedicated ballroom classes, but Mr Sam, our instructor is well versed with Ballroom dance.

  • I want to join dance class .
    inform me of the required fee and minimum time slot required to learn the dance every weekend …

    do call me …………

    • Hi Bikash,

      We would love to have you at Delhi Dance Academy :)

      We conduct classes for many dance forms such as Bollywood, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Jazz, Salsa etc. Each class is for 1 Hour. Generally, a beginner should start dancing well after 2-3 months of training.

      Please check our time table and fee structure on and let me know which dance form and class you would like to join. My number is 9953835088.


      • Anant,
        my husband is a salsa dancer and wants to check out your place when he comes to delhi in March…do you have shows or is it strictly classes… what is the cost ??? please give some info
        Anita B

        • Hey Anita, you and your husband are most welcome to come and have a look at our centre. At DDA, we train (classes) and do lots of shows, but we don’t organise a salsa open house party yet. Something that we’ve been contemplating and hopefully we’ll conduct soon. Best regards, Arjun

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Can't decide between the gym and dancing to lose that extra weight or to stay fit in general? Here's a list of dance forms taught at Delhi Dance Academy with the average calories burnt in 1 hour:

Zumba: 500-1000
Aerobics: 500-800
Jazz Contemporary: 400-600
Bharatnatyam: 400-600
Hip-Hop: 350-550
Belly dance: 250-450
Bollywood: 300
Salsa: 200-300

These numbers vary with your body weight and the amount of effort you put in.

How can I lose weight?
You lose weight when you consume or burn more calories than you take. Burning 3500 calories means you lose 1 lbs or 450 grams (almost half a Kilo) of weight.

In other words, if you cut 500 calories from your diet each day or burn 500 calories working out or dancing, you would lose 0.45 kgs in a week. :)

At Delhi Dance Academy we can also talk to you about your daily diet and recommend changes to help you lose weight.

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