Aerobics Workout Classes in South Delhi

Updated on Dec 12, 2014

Aerobics fitness classes

Give yourself an hour of aerobics every evening after school/college/work. Benefits of aerobics are well known – it opens your body, gives you flexibility, energises your day and helps you lose weight. Long term benefits of aerobics include good rounded health and weight control. Join Delhi Dance Academy and meet like-minded people in a friendly and healthy environment with some of Delhi’s finest aerobics instructors. All studios are air conditioned, have filtered drinking water, wash rooms and changing rooms. We also provide steps, dumbbells and yoga mats or you can bring your own yoga mats (required for some lie down exercises).

Existing Class Times at E238 and E1 Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar 4 :

(5 days) Monday to Friday from 5pm to 6pm. Space Available, almost full.
(5 days) Monday to Friday from 8pm to 9pm. Space Available.

Regularly updated schedule for all Amar Colony, Delhi classes is available
at: Delhi Dance Classes Schedule and the schedule for all Gurgaon classes
is available at: Dance Class Schedule in Gurgaon.

5 days a week batches – fee Rs 2500 per month/ Rs 6750 for 3 months (10% discount) and Rs 12,000 for 6 months (20% discount)!

3 days a week batches – fee Rs 2000 per month/ Rs 5400 for 3 months (10% discount) and Rs 9,600 for 6 months (20% discount)!

Call 9910222770 (Arjun) or 9953835088 (Anant) for details.  


E-238 & E1, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar. Nearest Metro: Kailash Colony/Moolchand. Opposite Tagore International School and near Lady Sriram College (LSR College).

Aerobics at Delhi Dance Academy:

At Delhi Dance Academy, our Aerobics classes  are taken by Instructor Jai Singh (2nd runner up of Delhi’s toughest obstacle race Devil’s Circuit), an expert in Aerobics, Yoga, Diet and general fitness. He uses dumbbells, dance and floor mats and steppers to give you an overall workout aimed at losing weight, reducing the tummy/thigh and gaining stamina and agility. Come try an aerobics class for Rs 300 which will be adjusted with your fee if you join. We have had excellent reviews from our students for our Aerobics classes in South Delhi.

Aerobics Vs Zumba

Both Aerobics and Zumba are great fitness workouts and which one is best for you depends on your body and on what you want your fitness workout to deliver for you. If you’re looking for rock solid abs, muscle training and fat loss at the same time, then go for Aerobics, whereas if you’re looking for an overall lean, fit body and no particular emphasis on muscle building, then go for Zumba. Aerobics is 5 times and week and Zumba is thrice a week, which means Aerobics will burn more fat during the week and may be a better idea for people who want to lose weight rapidly. Here is a small article that will help you decide which one is best for you – Zumba vs Aerobics.

What we’ve seen generally is that people with good body-music co-ordination, or people who can dance are able to pick up Zumba pretty easily. Aerobics can be taken up by absolutely anyone without any experience in dance.


Aerobics actually means ‘to live in air’. In 1968, an American doctor studied the important role of oxygen in keeping the human body fit. His resultant book was called ‘Aerobics’ and it lead to the creation of a new form of exercise where all elements of a healthy body – muscular strength, flexibility or cardio-vascular fitness were enhanced. Aerobics consists of some important elements which make the learner physically fit and competent. These elements include jumps and leaps, flexibility, kicks, balance, dynamic and static strength. In addition to these elements, aerobics may sometimes also involve stunts like push ups, splits, supports and balances, etc. All these elements help in improving the learner’s creativity and task execution power.

Aerobics in Delhi:

Aerobics is a form of exercise which has a great blend of rhythm, choreography and gymnastics. The art of aerobics has spread across the globe very rapidly since the time of its creation. Today aerobics is a popular form of exercise and it is being practiced in many dance institutes all over the world including Delhi. The main aspects which help in deciding the quality of a dance institute are its approach and objective. At Delhi Dance Academy, the main purpose of aerobics classes is to help you achieve great physical fitness while ensuring that you truly enjoy the process. Our approach is very student friendly and systematic as we truly believe in helping you enjoy and adapt to your workout regime so as to be able to get the most out of it.

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  • Do u have ur classes near R K Puram Sector 3.

    • The closest centre we have is in Lajpat Nagar Suja (close to Lady Sriram College).

  • Do u have aerobics clases for beginners over weekend
    or planning to form a batch. If so, charges ?

    • Dear Diksha, fitness forms need regularity and that’s why we don’t do weekend only classes. Classes are either Monday, Wednesday, Friday or 5 days a week. :) 3 days a week classes are Rs 2000 and 5 days for Rs 2500 per month. Arjun 9910222770

  • Hi,

    I am very keen to learn salsa dance. But since I am new in city, I do not have a partner to learn salsa along with me.
    Call I being a single join a salsa class ?

    Looking forward for your response.

    Best Regards

    • Hey Deepak! You can join our salsa classes even if you don’t have a partner,we simply maintain an equal ratio of girls and boys in the batch so that everyone can practise by keep switching partners.


  • Hi, I want to join Aerobics/any dance form on weekends as I am a working woman. Not possible to come on weekdays. Please let me know if that’s possible. Will appreciate it. Thanks

    • Hi Atiya! On the weekends we have Salsa,Belly Dancing,Contemporary,Hip-Hop,Bollywood and Funk Jazz,unfortunately we do not have any fitness workout on weekends.You can join any of the dance form on the weekend.But for fitness you can join Contemporary(2:00-3:30pm) or Hip-Hop(2:30-4:00pm) Sat,Sun.
      For any furthur details please call on 011-41012909.


      • Thank you so much Nandita, will get back to you… will appreciate if you can let me know the charges for cotemporary dance,also from when the new batch is commencing?

        • Dear Atiya, the contemporary batch has just begun and this is a good time to start either 7-8 Mon, Wed and Friday or 2 to 3:30 Saturday and Sunday – both by Vishnu Swarup, fee for which is Rs 2000 per month (for either batch). Regards Arjun 9910222770

  • I would like to know if you have somethg in north delhi or cp as i am based in North delhi.

    • I’m sorry Geet, we’re only in South Delhi :( Regards Arjun

  • hi, I want to gain weight as I’ve become very weak after bed rest for a month. Please suggest which class should join.

    • Sneha, I’m not sure, I guess a good diet will help you gain weight. We don’t have weight gain programs. Joining a dance class will make you tired and lose weight. Doing Power Yoga may be good as it will work on your muscles. Please consult your physician. Regards, Arjun 9910222770.

  • hi,
    I want to loose some weight and also need some weight. Is there some class in morning 6-7 ?

    • Hi Manmohan! We do have different kind of fitness workouts like Zumba,Power yoga and Aerobics.But unfortunately we have the class of any one of these start at 7 am.First batch is 7-8 am.
      See if you can manage.

      • hi,
        Yes I will look if I can manage at these timing, Could you pls let me know fee structure for mentioned classes.

  • Hey! I want to join zumba or aerobics classes. I want to loose some weight and I enjoy dancing. My problem is the timing. I can join a 7-8 am batch only. Please advice.


    • Hi Sonal! We do have batch at your preferred timing but the only problem is the space availabilty that is why we are registering people and calling them up as soon as we get the space,it will take 10 to 15 days to accomodate you.


  • Hey,
    I need some sort of physical activity, and something that is interesting too,also I need to lose a few kilos,will aerobics do me any good?

  • hi,
    do you have any branch in west delhi????

    • Geetika, we are only in South Delhi :(

  • Hi, i would like to know if you have any option for working people in the evening (say by or after 6 pm)..

    • Komal, we have lots of classes after 6pm in various genres of dance and for Aerobics, we have an 8-9pm batch. Mon-Friday Rs 2000 per month. Regards Arjun 9910222770. Call me to book a trial class.

  • Hi, Actually i want to reduce my weight specially for tummy fat should i use the areobics dance class and i want to do on regualr basis so it is posible

    • Hi Harsheeta, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 7-8am and 8-9am. You can join either of the two batches. Aerobics is absolutely perfect for losing that tummy fat! :) Regards Arjun 9910222770

  • Hi,
    I am interested in joining the early morning aerobics or zumba class? Preferably 7am-8am batch? When can I join and where are you guys exactly located? Please respond.

    • Ashmita, we are in Amar Colony, opposite Tagore International School and we have 7-8am Zumba on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. You can join immediately, please call me on 9910222770 to book your trial class for Rs 300 which will be adjusted with your monthly fee. Regards Arjun

  • Hi..
    I would like to join Aerobics classes. My main motive is to lose weight from belly region plus i want to learn some basic dance steps..can you please suggest me what should I join to loose weight plus to learn dance.

    • Hi Shalini!

      As you mentioned, your motive of joining dance classes is to lose weight. I would suggest you to join Zumba with us as Zumba is the combination of work out with music and dance steps and is more focused on cardio. Regards, Nandita

  • Hi,
    I am quite overweight n having umblical hernea problem so cant do gymming properly as in gym mainly core is abdomen n doctor has advised me not to indulge in abdomen related exercises…So just wanted to know whether Aerobics will help me to reduce weight or not? Can u plz tell me the timings n how many days in a week u give training.


    • Hi Saima!

      You can avoid exercise related with Abdomen in the session by sharing the same concern with the instructor. That way he will give you a heads-up before going into any abdomen related strenuous exercises.
      So you can join our Aerobics classes.


  • I want to join Aerobics for losing weight but I am really shy and don’t know how to dance.So can u please let me know what is your batch size for Aerobics morning 7-8 am batch and can a person join who does not know dancing.

    • Hey Manu!

      You can join Aerobics Batch in the morning 7 to 8 even if you don’t know how to dance.
      We do have space available.
      Expected batch strength is 10 to 12 people.


  • Hi, I am looking towards learning a form of dance, and if not dance at least Aerobics because I would like to work out to lose weight. Timings are restricted for me as I am working and have late shifts so could u help me out if you have dance classes for morning else I would join for aerobics.

    • Hi Jyoti, 8-9am Mon, Wed, Fri Bollywood or 9-12 Sundays belly dance or 7-8am/8:30-9:30am Zumba are the morning dance options we have. What do you think? Does anyone suit you? Regards Arjun 9910222770 (call me to discuss)

  • what happens if we discontinue practice of aerobics?

    Do you teach under medical supervision?

    • Paru, the aerobics instructor is qualified to teach Aerobics but it is not taught under medical supervision. After you leave, gradually your body will lose the flexibility and strength as is the case with quitting any form of exercise. Come take a trial class and see if you like it? Regards Arjun 9910222770

  • How safe is aerobics medically. Is it taught under medical supervision?
    What happens when we discontinue the practice of aerobics? Please advise.

    • Hi Paru,
      hope you doing well,

      Aerobics is totally safe for a normal human body.And sorry to tell you that we do not provide any medical supervision alongwith the classes.
      If you discontinue the practice it might results into body pain when you resume back.
      Please feel free to call for any help.

  • Hi, My Daughter is 6 yr old and is willing to join the dance class but i dont know which one??? can you please guide me and also let me know the timings?
    Preffered Days: TTS { tue, thu, sat}

    if you have an aerobic/yoga classes at the same time it wud be really great, we can join together.


    • Dear Namrata, for kids under the age of 12, we have Bollywood freestyle dance classes which are a combination of Physical training, classical, hip-hop and Bollywood dance styles. These classes take place every day from 3-4pm, 4-5pm and 5-6pm. If you join Monday, Wednesday and Friday (there is a 3 day option), then you can do Aerobics 4-5pm and your daughter can do Bollywood freestyle from 4-5pm. Please let me know if that would be suitable. We don’t have a TTS schedule for aerobics or kids unfortunately. Best regards, Arjun 9910222770

  • Hi,

    I would like to join your aerobic classes. My objective is to loose weight and tone up, but also to enjoy the workout.
    Can you please let me know the batch in which i can join. Along with the fee structure.


    • Hello Ruchika, you can join the 8:30-9:30am or 4pm-5pm Aerobics on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Aerobics is a great way to workout and lose weight. The fee is Rs 2000 per month. Arjun 9910222770

  • Hi,

    I want to join your Aerobics class but as i am working – i need to know if you have early morning classes or if you have late evenings

    I also want to know if my 11 year old daughter can join the classes?

    thank you


    • Dear Sameen, we have aerobics from 4-5pm on MWF or 8:30am to 9:30 am in the mornings. If that is not suitable, may I recommend trying aerobics at one of the existing timings. If you like it, we may be able to start a batch at timings that you prefer. Children under the age of 14 are fine if they accompany parents, so it shouldn’t be a problem :) Regards Arjun 9910222770

  • hi..
    im interested in joining zumba and aerobics classes so please can you tell me if I can join it from December starting?? i want to take the evening classes like around 4 pm onwards because i have my computer classes til 1 pm so……and can u tell me the fee structure of both Aumba and Aerobics class..

    • Angel – for evening Zumba you can join Mon Wed Fri 6-7pm/7-8pm/8-9pm or Aerobics 4-5pm. Fee is Rs 2000 whether you choose Zumba or Aerobics :)

  • Hi

    Does your academy provide for professionally qualified and experienced aerobics trainers who can visit our campus college (located in Dwarka) everyday in the morning hours and take aerobics classes for interested students?

    Our University is planning to hire a professional on a full time basis as our University is a residential one, and large number of students stay on campus and are willing to take up aerobics classes.

    The details shall be communicated to you later, once we hear from you.


    • Meghna, this comes very late and probably not of any value to you now. The quickest way is to call us. We do provide Aerobics instructors and we could’ve done to Dwarka too, but there is a minimum guarantee etc which I can explain on phone. Please call for any future needs. Regards Arjun 9910222770

  • Hi,

    I would like to go for aerosbics and zumba package but my only concern are the timings. I am working and my job timings are mon-fri 9-6. I would like to know if there are other available timing options or so, so that I can join…

    • Hi Vaishali, I guess we spoke this morning? :)

  • Hi Arjun,

    I’m looking for the workouts which can help my body to lose fat and can maintain a good shape. I cannot go to gym because I went through the appendictis operation and my doctor did not allow me to join gym. I have heard about aerobics for fitness and loose weight. So could you help me about the timings, fees and when I can join. Your centre is really very close to my area as I stay NFC.

    Reply soon.

    • Hello Mohd Abbas, I’m sorry about this delayed reply. I’m glad you decided to contact us.

      We have 2 options for you if you want to lose weight:

      1. Aerobics: We have a really brilliant aerobics trainer who has his own little DDA fan following and is instructing many students at DDA. Aerobics is a one hour session, 3 times a week at DDA. This constitutes of warm up/stretching, exercise training, non-stop exercise, lying down abs related exercises on yoga mats and then stretching/cool down.

      2. Zumba: Zumba is Aerobics mixed with Latin American dance forms, which involves a lot of waist movement and non stop dancing on music – In Zumba, 95% of our students are females.

      Aerobics: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 8-9am, 4-5pm.
      Zumba: Mon, Wed, Fri – 7-8am, 8:30-9:30 am. All other batches are full.

      Best regards
      Arjun 9910222770

      • Thank you Arjun for your reply. I’ll go for Aerobics evening classes. As I’ve applied for the job and my job timing is in evening start from 5.30 p.m. Please let me know the fee structure and can i join it mid of next month.

        • Thank you for your reply Mohd :) The fee is Rs 2000 per month. See you next month ! :) Arjun

  • hi,

    I want to join aerobic or zumba which ever is available on weekends , as iam working I cannot come in weekdays.
    Please let me know the timings and fees for zumba and aerobics classes.


    • Hello Shermishta, we don’t have “only weekend” batches for Aerobics or Zumba as we believe that they must be done 3 times a week with a 1 day gap between each session as both Aerobics and Zumba are very rigorous at DDA.

      But we do have other courses for weekends like Salsa, Contemporary, Belly Dancing and Latin American crash course. Please call me on 9910222770 for details, Arjun.

  • Hello, I would like to know the fees for the aerobics classes and want to know that how much weight I can lose in a month.

    • Hey Shweta, the fee is Rs 2000 per month. There’s no set amount of weight you can lose in a month – it depends on how much weight you have for it to be lost in the first place :) People who are highly over-weight lose more weight than skinnier people. Secondly it depends on your regularity and thirdly your diet and lifestyle. I cannot claim that you will lose weight, but one student lost 10 kgs in 3 months and another lost 8 kgs in 3 months, but they worked damn hard to do that :)

  • Hey please let me know if there are any evening classes for aerobics ! Thanks!

  • do you guys offer some dance classes(not any typical dance but some steps so i can manage myself in brother’s marriage) where i can learn dance and loose some extra pounds ?

    • Hi AJ,

      We do offer private classes for weddings or else you can join any of our regular Bollywood Freestyle classes.

      When is your brother’s wedding? Please call me once so that I could provide more details.

      +91 9953835088

  • Hi, i want to join Aerobics Class & Dance Class, i am little over weight so i think its a better idea to loose some weight. but i m working, so is there any classes for weekend or evening. is there any other branch near to badarpur. waiting for ur reply. Thanks

    • Hello Shaanu,

      Right now, we’re having classes only at our center in Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar.

      If you’re looking for weight loss and classes in the evenings, then I’d recommend you try the Zumba batch every Monday-Wednesday-Friday from 7 to 8 pm. Zumba is a combination of latin dance and lots of stretching and exercise. Our existing students love it. Aerobics is also there but it happens early mornings Monday to Friday.

      Please let me know if you’d like to come and see Zumba.

      +91 9953835088

  • Hi Arjun,

    I would like to know if Aerobics will help me to reduce my weight… (i know it does, but how soon will the results start showing?) Also let me know if a specific diet regime is to be followed while doing aerobics…


    • Hi Manika,

      Lots of our students take up Aerobics for fitness and weight loss. We recommend doing our classes for at least 3 months to see good results. The instructor can also guide you regarding your diet regime.

      Please call me and drop in for a trial if you can. I am sure you’ll like it.

      +91 9953835088

  • hey abhinav dont you have evening batches for aerobics classes….

    • Hi Deepika,

      We don’t have an evening batch for aerobics but you could try our Zumba batch which takes place every Mon-Wed-Fri from 7 to 8 pm. All our existing students love Zumba for fitness and weight loss.

      Please let me know if you’d be interested and if I could provide any more information.

      +91 9953835088

  • Any centre in North Delhi around Ashok Vihar, Kamla/Shakti Nagar

    • Hello Satish,

      No center around Ashok Vihar at the moment. We’ll update our website as soon as we have a center there. Please keep checking.

      +91 9953835088

  • Do you have any branch in East delhi??? Lajpat nagar is too far from mayur Vihar phase 1 and I am a working woman too

    • Hi Garima,

      We want to open a center around your area but we don’t have anything yet. We’ll update our website as soon as we open in East Delhi.

      +91 9953835088

  • Hi, I want to join your aerobics classes, can you confirm me what is charges and is there any age restrictions. plz reply

  • Hi,

    Can you please tell me if there is any batch available on weekends(evening ) or on Sat &Sun Morning as I am a working lady so its difficult to join on morning.
    Preferred classes are Aerobics and Bollywood style but time is not suitable..
    Kindly suggest.


  • Hiii, would like to know dat in what age I can start the classes of aerobics for my daughter…

  • Hi..
    I am overweight.. And wud love to take up dancing as an activity.. Interest lies in bollywood and hip hop.. Don’t know how to dance at all.. Should i start with aerobics and then gradually move on to different things.. Plz suggest

    • Dear Abhinav, aerobics and zumba are 2 very fun and effective workouts for you to lose weight. We have aerobics every morning and Zumba on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays :) Call me on 9910222770 and I’ll guide you through the details. Arjun

  • hey…i am interested for aerobics,zumba & bollywood could u tell whether all these 3 classes can be conducted on the same day or what wud be the time table for these 3..also if u could tell the total fees for it…n when can one join for the fresh batch????


  • Dear Kathita, we have Aerobics classes everyday in the morning. The times are 6 am to 7 am, 7 am to 8 am and 8 am to 9 am. All of these batches are 5 days a week on all week days. The prices at the time of writing this reply are Rs 2000 per month. Please make sure you check our prices page at the top menu at the time of reading this post to make sure they haven’t changed.

    Come in for a trial class at any time and if you like, you can join in there and then. We’d be delighted to welcome you.

    Many thanks for your interest,

  • Hi , I would like to know charges for aerobics

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Dance Away that Flab

Can't decide between the gym and dancing to lose that extra weight or to stay fit in general? Here's a list of dance forms taught at Delhi Dance Academy with the average calories burnt in 1 hour:

Zumba: 500-1000
Aerobics: 500-800
Jazz Contemporary: 400-600
Bharatnatyam: 400-600
Hip-Hop: 350-550
Belly dance: 250-450
Bollywood: 300
Salsa: 200-300

These numbers vary with your body weight and the amount of effort you put in.

How can I lose weight?
You lose weight when you consume or burn more calories than you take. Burning 3500 calories means you lose 1 lbs or 450 grams (almost half a Kilo) of weight.

In other words, if you cut 500 calories from your diet each day or burn 500 calories working out or dancing, you would lose 0.45 kgs in a week. :)

At Delhi Dance Academy we can also talk to you about your daily diet and recommend changes to help you lose weight.

Delhi Dance Academy has been featured on 24 x 7 News Channel as one of Delhi's best dance institutes. We have made recent appearances on TV Channels like BBC, Aajtak, E TV, NHK World, MTv and NDTV Goodtimes. We are among the top 50 activities to do while in Delhi by TripAdvisor with excellent reviews.

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