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Video Gallery

Welcome to DDA’s video gallery.

 Delhi Dance Academy YouTube (opens in a new window)

 OLD YouTube Channel (77 videos) (opens in a new window)

 Facebook Video Page (opens in a new window)

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We have been taking videos for over 4 years now and as you browse through the videos, you will see how the studios/decor change, teaching styles change and students change. Thousands of students have learnt how to dance at Delhi Dance Academy and hundreds continue to learn. We have videos in every genre of dance and of various events that we have part-taken in. You will see a lot of videos in the old channel, which has been discontinued because of its username. The new channel is called youtube.com/delhidanceacademy  which is more professional and easier to find.

When watching these videos, please note that most videos are of class-room sessions and not of professional dancers. These are videos taken during a normal class and that’s what makes these videos absolutely genuine and honest. We look forward to receiving your feedback on our videos. Keep smiling and keep dancing ?

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