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Updated on Jun 24, 2018

Delhi Dance Academy has been on the forefront of organising large, superbly coordinated and well-acted flash mobs throughout the city. With groups ranging from 20 to 60 or more people at various avenues, for various events and for top TV channels. Delhi Dance Academy has organised various flash mobs resulting in excellent feedback from clients.  The performers are students of DDA and boys and girls from dance societies from various Delhi University colleges. In 2014 DDA formed its official flash mob unit called the Dragon Mob which has literally taken the nation by storm via its flash dance for NDTV Prime and NDTV Profit TV channels.

Delhi has had its share of flash mobs starting triggered by the nation-wide flash mob mania on the song “Kolaveri Di” that started in 2011. Since then Delhi, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Noida have seen a splurge in flash mobs of all sizes – small and large groups enthralling the city in various shopping malls, public places, company premises and educational institutes. The Delhi University, being the city’s largest educational body has been host to many of them.

We have had the opportunity to work with:

  • NDTV for the launch of their new TV channel – NDTV Prime and NDTV Profit
  • 94.3 Radio One Delhi
  • Smartron SRT phone
  • Apple stores iZenica
  • Acer
  • Herbalife
  • American Express
  • Coca Cola
  • Hero MotoCorp Ltd.
  • Devil’s Circuit
  • Wizcraft International Entertainment Ltd.
  • Consumer Links Marketing Pvt. Ltd.
  • BrandAid Events India
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Full version of this flash mob available here.


Our charges vary depending on the dance genre that you want dancers to perform. We target practising for 30 hours to make our flash mobs superb. If it is freestyle dancing say a mix of Bollywood, Hip Hop, Freestyle, a little coupling maybe Salsa and Jazz or Contemporary, then we charge about Rs 2.5 lakhs-3 lacks for 40-50 people flash mob. However, if it is a specialised dance form like advance Salsa or advance contemporary, then the charges may be much higher. The figure includes all 30 hours’ practice time, choreography, music mixing and travel anywhere in Delhi and NCR.

Please note: The prices take into account the cost of the practice venue (we hire an external venue and pay per day), time allocation by each dancer, travel and our dancers’ refreshments during each session.

There are not many flash mob organizers in Delhi and those that are, are mostly colleges whose main organizer keeps changing every year. Delhi Dance Academy has put together a team of 60 expert dancers who are a mix of students from college dance societies from Delhi University or IP University colleges and Delhi Dance Academy students who are available for fun flash mob projects at a shortish notice (at least 2-3 weeks is what we mean by short).

Flash mobs can be for a social cause, to create a buzz about a certain topic, to launch a brand/product/outlet, for a big private function, a crowd-engagement activity, at big races like the Airtel marathon or Max Bupa Walkathon etc. Whatever the reason, idea or concept, call us to discuss your objectives and we’ll help you plan your perfect flash mob to achieve your objectives. We can also train students or employees of your institute by sending top class choreographers.

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  • Hey, I wanted to ask if you could perform the flash mob outside Delhi?

    • Hi Vipul,

      Yes we can send a troupe to perform Flash mob outside Delhi as well.
      Please call us on 8377053325 to discuss the details.


  • Hi
    My brother wants to propose to his girlfriend in delhi . I want a romantic proposal , a nice performance which moves the lady’s heart with minimum dancers and minimum amount. can you please share your rate card.
    Thanks in advance .

    • Hi Vaishali,

      Our minimum costing for a flashmob is Rs 50000 for a minimum of 10 dancers.
      Delhi Dance Academy is known for its excellent flash mobs having done plenty of them in the past few years.
      Feel free to connect with us on 8377053325 to discuss in details for this proposal project.


  • Hey!

    Just wanted to inquire about your performances.
    What do I need to know if I think of getting you people to perform a flash mob in cyber city gurgaon?

    Do let me know.


    • Hi Komal,

      Apologies for the delay!
      Please call us at 8377053325 to book our troupe for Flashmob.


  • Planning to have a flash mob when proposing my girfriend

  • Need dancers for flash mob in a mall. Urgent so please connect asap. Thanks

    • Hi Arjan,

      Please connect with us on 8377053325.

  • Hi,
    I want to ve a part of flash mob in delhi, gurgaon. Let me know how to

  • Hi,
    I’d like to be a part of a flashmob in Delhi or noida (preferably noida). I’ve learnt a bit of jazz and some salsa. But I’m open to any form of dance.

    • Hey Nicole,

      Please connect with us on 8377053325.


  • Hello , I Would love to be part of the Flash Mob.

    Can anyone please let me know the procedure.

    • Hi Bhawin,

      Come be a part of our bollywood classes on Sat & Sun 5 pm.
      Please connect with us on 011 41012909.


  • I’m a zumba instructor ,Incase any requirements plzzz inform

  • I want to be a part of flash mob in Delhi Noida , is is possible. Please tell me the procedure.

    • Hi Swati,

      Please call/message on 8377053325.


  • hey team, please contact me ASAP, need to organise flash mob by end of januray 2017, it is super urgent.

    Please call me on 9953060441

    Abhinav mishra

    • Apologies for the delay in replying to your query, Please let me know if we can still help you?
      Nazir(+91 8377053325)

  • I am a very young startup and looking to get flashmob done to create brand awareness for my company.

    Could you send me your area wise quotes via Email – if I want to do a flasmob with 15-20 people in Gurgaon areas?

    • Hi Sonam,

      Please call on 01141012909 to discuss about flash mobs.

  • Can i become a part of flash mob in delhi and noida even if I am not a part of any dance group?

    • Hi Ayushi,

      Apologies for the delay in replying back.

      Please feel free to call/whatsapp on 8377053325 for further detailed queries, Please ping me before you planning to come down to the center for the class.

      Detailed Address:E – 238/239 Lower Ground Floor, Amar Colony, Lajpat nagar 4. . Near Amar Colony Police Station, opposite Tagore International School. On the same lane as the Maruti Showroom, Nearest metro station: Kailash Colony.


  • I’m looking for a Flash-Mob in Delhi with 30 members at Ambiance mall for my Brand Launch event
    so can you please update me on that

    • Dear Denakar,

      Please call us 8377053325 and speak to Mr. Nazir (Director & Co-operate head of Delhi Dance Academy) to get all the details.

      Best Regards

  • I want to be a part of flash mob in delhi n noida.. Is there any group

    • Dear Ayesha,

      You can follow us on Facebook “Delhi Dance Academy”. We regularly update the page when we have any requirement and you can get in touch with us then.

      Thank you

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