Hip Hop Dance Classes

Updated on Dec 12, 2014

Hip Hop Dance Classes Delhi

Class Times

Regularly updated schedule for all Amar Colony, Delhi classes is available
at: Delhi Dance Classes Schedule and the schedule for all Gurgaon classes
is available at: Dance Class Schedule in Gurgaon.

Delhi Dance Academy – E238, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar4 studio

Monday, Wednesday and Friday – 5pm to 6pm. Enrolling at Advance Level.
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – 5pm to 6pm. Enrolling at Beginner Level.
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday – 6pm to 7pm. Enrolling at Beginner Level.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday – 6pm to 7pm. Enrolling at Beginner Level.
Monday, Wednesday and Friday – 7pm to 8pm. Enrolling at Beginner Level. 

Saturday, Sunday – 12:30pm to 2.00pm. INTERMEDIATE ENROLLING
Saturday, Sunday – 4pm to 5.30pm. INTERMEDIATE ENROLLING 

Call 9910222770 (Arjun) or 9953835088 (Anant) for details.

Class times for Hip Hop in Gurgaon – Click here.

Hindustan Times rated Hip Hop at DDA as the best in Delhi!

 Hip Hop Dance is a rage among young dance students. Delhi Dance Academy conducts Hip Hop Dance classes every day of the week at its dance studios. Students are trained on diverse international Hip-Hop, House and R & B music which gives scope for different kinds of moves and styles. At this time you can either take up a 3 day a week hip-hop batch where you’ll get 12 classes in a month, or a weekend-only batch with 1.5 hours on Saturday and 1.5 hours on Sunday, totaling 12 hours a month.


Hip Hop – An Introduction

The term “Hip Hop” is a combination of two words, “Hip” which means current or in the know and “Hop” as in the jumping movement.

They say that Hip Hop as a musical genre and as an artistic dance form originated somewhere in the Bronx in New York during the 1970′s. Hip Hop originally was a creative expression of the suburban African-American and Hispanic-American communities but gradually spread across communities, regions and countries and is now popular among dance enthusiasts around the world.

Hip Hop music began when DJs started experimenting with rhythmic beats in loops, then with rap vocals, hard hitting lyrics and beatboxing. All this accompanied with deep bass, innovative guitar strumming and high end sound effects.

While this new kind of music was gaining acceptance and popularity, particular complimentary styles of dressing, dance and art were also making way into the lives of fans. This is how Hip Hop as a dance form and Graffiti as an art form came into being. Today, music, dance and graffiti, all are essentials part of the Hip Hop culture.

Hip Hop in Delhi

India has a big pool of young population. With the establishment of good infrastructure and latest technology, at least in the major cities, easy access to global television and internet is now commonplace. This has brought information and knowledge about diverse cultures, global trends, world music and dance etc. within the reach of millions and millions of Indians over the past 2 decades.

Hip Hop culture in terms of music and dance started influencing the Indian youth in the early 1990′s and glimpses of Hip Hop started appearing in the Indian Pop Music industry and the Bollywood movie industry. Hip Hop music and dance have been growing in India ever since. The popularity of Hip Hop as a dance form can be seen on a plethora of dance reality shows that have flooded the Indian television in recent times.

At present, as a dance form, Hip Hop in Delhi is a mix of different kinds of professional, experimental and freestyle dancing. Delhi attracts youth from all over the country who bring their own flavor of Hip Hop dancing to the table. This has created an interesting genre of Hip Hop in Delhi which is, of course, majorly influenced by the western media, music videos, movies and t.v. shows but also includes a tinge of Bollywood and Indian contemporary. In recent years, many dance schools have come up in Delhi to teach and promote Hip Hop. This is a good sign for the fans of Hip Hop and for those who want to explore this new age culture.

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  • Hi DDA,
    I want to learn Urban hip hop. Please tell me the program and fee structure to learn urban style.

    • Dear Anurag, At this point in Delhi, the hip hop batches are a mix of locking, popping, a little bit of urban, but we don’t have a dedicated batch just for Urban Hip Hop. However, if you’re okay going to our Gurgaon centre, we have classes in Urban Hip Hop by the acclaimed Mayank Narka on Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) from 10 – 11:30 am. To join, please call us.

  • Hi! I want to be a professional dancer and want to learn hip hop. Please suggest in this regard. How much time will it take please?

    • Nitish, we have lots of options for hip hop. We have advance batches at the following times: 5-6pm – MWF and Saturday Sunday 12:30-2pm. We are also coming up with a professional dance program by the Swag Gang Crew which will be taking off in December. Please do call us on 9910222770 (Arjun) and I’ll be able to better guide you based on your requirements. Thank you.

  • Hi,

    I am planning to join your Hip-Hop Classes. I just want to know that what will be the strength(Number of Student) of a batch.


    • Hi Gaurav, you can definitely join our Hip-Hop batch :)
      As per the studio strength we keep maximum 14 students at one time.
      For Hip-Hop we have 5-6pm (M,W,F),6-7pm (T,T,S) and 12:30-2:00pm Sat,Sun.
      Fee is Rs.2000 per month.

      Nandita :)

  • Hi! Can you please tell me the fee for one month?

    • Hi, The fee is Rs.2000 per month for Hip-Hop classes.
      For Hip-Hop timing is 5-6pm Monday-Wednesday-Friday.

      Nandita :)

  • Hi! I want to join academy.

    • Hi! You are most welcome to join our academy.For hip-hop we have 5-6pm Monday-Wednesday-Friday.


  • can u please start your classes in east delhi please please please…..i want to join this institute asap.

    • Dear Akshay, we do not have a branch in East Delhi and the expansion plans are all in South Delhi. If free on weekends, please come to the South Delhi center, we have lots of options for you. Call me on 9910222770 for details. Best regards, Arjun

  • Hi,

    I want to learn hip hop from the very basic. I live in South Delhi. I will be able to join only weekend classes.
    Please Suggest.

    Thanks and Regards,

    • Dear Bhavya, join the 12:30 – 2pm Saturday and Sunday batch. It has just begun and is the right place for you to start! :) Arjun 9910222770.

      • Hey! Ma’am can you please give me private classes, have come from Kashmir and want to learn Hip-Hop.But only problem is that I can’t give your fee.I am
        struggling,Can you please help me?

        • Hey!
          You can definitely get private classes from the alligned instructor. But charges are little high for such classes, Rs.1000 per hour. As far as discount is concerned we do help needy students by giving them a scholarship underwhich fee reduces to 50%.you can visit academy whenever you want or call Arjun (9910222770) or Anant (9953835088).

  • Hi sir/ma’am
    i want to learn hip hop from basic level i live in ghaziabad so is there any batch in morning available for me???
    i want to join as soon as possible!!!!

    • Hi Shubham! We do have one new batch starting in the first half on weekend(Sat,Sun).Timing is 12-01:30 pm.
      You can come tomorrow for trial.


  • Please suggest your hip hop centre in Gurgaon ?

    • Hi! I am afraid to tell you that currently we don’t have any branch in Gurgaon but we are running few batches for hip hop on weekends,
      just try if you can manage.Basic batch started yesterday at 2pm.


  • Sir,actually I want to ask u that the hip hop dance classes are started, if I join soon I will be able to learn the basics means from starting or not?

    • Hi Deepak!
      We just have started a new basic hip hop batch last week,6-7 pm Monday,Wednesday,Friday.
      You can join that batch to learn from basic.

  • Sir mai dance sikhna chahta hui par ek problem hai ki mai two thousand math nhi de sakta 3000 rup kamata hui so plz solve this problem sir 8873914609.

    • Hi!
      We have scholarships for needy students.
      For that please come to the academy and meet Anant,Arjun or me.

  • Hi. I am very much interested in learning the Hip-Hop and locking popping genre. I have some basic skills required for dancing and have performed in college as well. What I expect to learn from your class is proper Hip-Hop may be right from the basics. I want to know the timings of both weekdays and weekends.

    • Hi Pratik! We understand that Hip-Hop is a quite technical form of dance,so please rest assured that you will be taught all the technical bits and the course will be very structured when you join DDA. I feel it will be good if you start from the basics. During weekdays the basic batch runs from 5pm to 6pm Monday to Friday and during weekends it’s 2:30pm to 5:00pm Saturday and Sunday.
      The fee for both batches is the same – Rs 2000 per month or Rs 5400 for 3 months Level A Certificate course or Rs 9600 for the 6 month Level A + B. Regards, Nandita (08376095792)

    • Thank you Nandita wil be contacting soon in this regarding…

  • When Shall I be There 2 learn Dance…
    so please send me details abt your classes including direct contact to Choreographer Sir Anish Kaul..
    Thank you..
    Rply SooN..

    • Dear Vikrant, please call our landline number 011 41012909 and ask for Anish Sir, we can’t provide his direct number without his permission. Regards Arjun

  • Hi Admin,
    Dance is in my blood…..I am good at Hip hop..but not very good….I was with Shiamak Davar as student for 3 years..I left few months back due to some reason. Actually i am planing to go for DID audition this year. I need some one to train me on a particular one/two song. I am ready to pay the charges.
    I have heard a lot about your classes & i trust u so i want you to train me.
    Kindly please help me out & let me know if you can?
    I will be glad to be trained by you before going for audition.
    Please do reply.

    Abhinav Singh

    • Hi Abhinav, we have a 10 hour one-to-one masterclass package where one of our lead choreographers and someone from the management meet you, plan what you’re going to do for the audition depending on your dancing skills and proficiency. Then we start working on your dance and give you 10 private classes of 1 hour each to prepare your choreography with the aim of doing very well at various dance auditions. Before the end of March, we have a 20% discount going on for anyone willing to book 10 audition masterclasses, which means you get it for Rs 8000 in stead of Rs 10,000. Regards Arjun 9910222770

  • Hi. I am very much interested in learning the Hip-Hop and locking popping genre. I have some basic skills required for dancing and have performed in college as well. What I expect to learn from your class is proper Hip-Hop right from the basics coz in most of the classes I have been taught simple bollywood dance in place of Hip Hop. I hope this time I’m at right place :)
    In weekdays probably i can’t join coz of office so I would like to join weekend batches.Please provide your no. I will be joining sooner.
    Thanks :)

    • Hi Ankit, what you need is Raman Pratap Singh’s weekend 5:30pm to 7:00pm pure hip hop batch. Raman is a purist and swears by the dance form, he loves hip hop. The video on this page is a specimen of his talent. Come take a trial class and you won’t be be disappointed. 5:30-7pm, Sat and Sun for Rs 2000 a month or Rs 5400 for the entire level A. Regards, Arjun 9910222770

      • Thanks for the reply Arjun :)

  • we are organising a street dance competition in our university jamia millia islamia and we want hip hop dancers from your academy to participate in it . to register see this facebook page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Street-Dance/341507122616547?fref=ts

    • Dear Madhur, unfortunately we’ll have to decline this offer because of very little time to prepare and because of insufficient information regarding the event and prizes.. but keep us posted the next time and we’ll send in a team :) regards Arjun

  • Hi … i want to learn dance …. but d problem is i m a v shy person and even non dancer … so can yu plz help me … i want to improve myself …

    • No problem Simran, many people who first come to DDA are shy and we provide a nice atmosphere where no one judges you, in fact all of us try to make you feel comfortable. You will learn dance and also lose the hesitation. Feel confident to come for a trial class. You will have fun! :) Arjun (9910222770)

  • heyy !!
    im 18 yrs old doing b-tech
    i have to do something new along with studies
    I haven’t learn’t dance so i want to learn dance
    need to join delhi dance academy

    plz tell me what’s a procedure to join

    • Devesh – Thank you for your interest in DDA. First choose a time you want to join, then call us and check if there’s space available. We are starting a new hip-hop, popping locking batch from 3-4pm by Anish sir, which will start from the basics. The fee is Rs 5400 for 3 months or Rs 2000 per month. You will need to bring a passport sized photo, fill an application form that you will get from our office and pay the fee to begin classes. Regards Arjun

  • respected sir
    i want to learn locking and popping style of dacing or in short the dance form which dharmesh sir does can u guide me in this direction and provide me some details.
    and i am 19 yrs old i do dance at home and try to do diff steps.one small problem is that my weight is 70kg.

    • Tejas, are you free from 5:30 to 7pm on Saturday and Sunday? Choreographer Raman Pratap Singh is taking excellent popping and locking classes at these times and the 70 Kg weight is not a problem as long as you have the undying desire to learn! :) Arjun

  • Hello DDA!

    Don’t temme you’ve just one center? :o

    Nothing for west delhites? :(

    • Dear Riju, thank you for your interest in Delhi Dance Academy. We have 4 centers but all in South Delhi, but we should have something in West Delhi before the end of the year :) Regards Arjun

  • Hi sir,

    I want to join Saturday and Sunday classes.

    I want to learn Hip-Hop and Bollywood.

    I’m 27 years old. Can I learn Hip-Hop and Bollywood at this age? I have learnt to dance a little bit at home, but I want to learn properly. Would you please tell me if my age is okay to learn dancing?

    • Dear Anurg,

      On Saturday and Sunday we have hip hop from 5:30-7pm and Bollywood from 5:00-6:30pm. You are most welcome to join these batches, although they have conflicting timings and therefore you’ll be able to join only one at a time.

      27 is very old, it won’t be possible! :) Lol.. kidding, it is a brilliant age to start and we have people in their 50s and 60s doing dance as well. Don’t worry and come for a trial class.

      Call 011 41012909 or call me personally on 9910222770 to book your trial class. :)

      Best regards,

  • Sir! I would like to know whether I can enroll in any batch of your’s to learn hip hop for Basic Level on weekends.

    • Hi Saurabh, there is a new hip-hop, popping and locking batch by Raman starting fresh from the basics. To enroll in this, call me on 9910222770 and I’ll book you in :) Regards Arjun

  • hey sir
    i m vry pasionate abt dancing nd i really wanna join acdmy it will be a plessure to me to be a past of yr acadmy …………………….i wanna know everything about it…………………make me aware by al yr activites
    age-16 yrs
    nangloi delhi-41

    • Dear Divya, thank you for writing to us. We can answer all your questions if you call us please. My number is 9910222770. We have 4 hip hop batches on week-days and weekends and the fee is Rs 2000 per month. You can also come for a trial class on Sat or Sun from 5:30 to 7pm. :) Regards,Arjun

  • hi,
    I m a beginner, i wan to learn contemporary. So, plz give me details of contemporary style.
    (batch timing,fee,day,etc.)

    • Hi Sanjay, we have 2 new contemporary batches. Sat Sun 1pm to 2:30pm and Mon, Wed, Fri from 6pm to 7pm. Fee is Rs 2000 per month and Rs 5500 if you pay for the 3 months course together. :) Regards Arjun 9910222770

  • Hey admin.
    itz prince…..

    I would lyk to join lyricle hip hop classes.
    Wat would be my timing & fee.

    Thank you…..

    • Hi Prince, we have hip-hop by Anish sir, which includes lyrical hip hop plus we have urban hip hop from Sumit. Please call me to discuss your exact requirements. Arjun 9910222770

  • Hi DDA


    • And one think also sir that what is the time period of pure hip hop dance is there is any classes between 4pm to 7pm??????

      • Hi Crystal, Level A course is of 3 months duration. There is a class from 5-6pm from Monday to Friday. :)

    • Hello Crystal, we have 4 Hip Hop batches that you can join – some on the weekdays and some on weekends. The center is in Amar Colony (close to Moolchand metro station). If you think that is commutable, then please call us and book a trial for Rs 299. Regards Arjun

      • SIR,

        I am 11 yrs old.Now my exams are coming and they get will over in March.So do you have any batches for me after March.I love dance Hip-Hop dance style the most but I know little bit of that dance.Would you tell me little bit about this dance form.

        • Hi Nidhi! :) Good to hear from you. We have a 5-6pm hip hop class from Monday to Friday where we have some youngsters like you. Do contact me on 9910222770 when you’re ready to join and good luck with your exams ! :) Arjun

  • hi,
    i am big fan of hip hop and similar dance forms. but i dont even know d of dance. is there any class for beginners like me form the verrryyyy basic level????? can you please forward me the details of class timing ,fee structure and location of DDA??

    • Hi Shivangi, we have beginners’ hip-hop batches for complete beginners. Don’t worry, it’s the first step that counts and you’ve already taken that by writing to us. Fix a trial class for Rs 300 in one of our beginner hip-hop batches by calling me on 9910222770 and you’ll see how simple it is to get started. In 3 months you’ll find yourself a basic/intermediate hip-hop dancer. Regards, Arjun

  • hello sir, i would like to ask i m a 6th class student nd i hav a competion in my school on 4 dec. .i want to do solo dance so i want to ask is there available fr solo only fr a mnth only ??

    • Hi Tejas, the only option is to take private solo classes at our studio in Amar Colony. Do you want to learn solo for an upcoming show or just for fun? It will be Rs 1000 per hour in our studio. Regards Arjun 9910222770

  • Hi,
    I wish to learn dancing preferably hip hop. I am 22 yrs and don’t know how to dance although I love watching people dance and always wanted to be a part of it. Is it possible for a person like me to learn dancing. Is there any kind of age barrier or something. Please let me know. I can only join weekend classes as I’m working now.

    • Hello Mahesh, we have beginners’ Hip Hop classes for guys and girls who are learning hip-hop for the first time. You can learn, and we’ve also just started weekend classes from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. Do come and speak to us or come for a trial class for Rs 300 (this will be adjusted with your fee in case you join). Or call me on 9910222770 (Arjun). Thanks

  • hi sir ….my name is abhilash patil livingin south delhi ..and i’m intrested in hip hop….but problem is that i have only 3 months time that too in june of next year to august so pls if u have any classes for those three months , then pls inform me ….. well one more question is , can u just tell me how much time it will take to learn hip hop, imean for a beginner , becoz i’m one of them

    • Hi Abhilash, I’m not sure about the hip-hop batches that we’ll have at that time. I think it’s best if you bookmark this page and save my number (9910222770) and give me a call back a few weeks before you want to start. It depends from person to person, but you should be good at basic hip hop steps in 3 months’ time.

  • Hello I would like to learn the hip hop dance. Is there any enrollment going on in december???

    • Hello Rachita, we are not sure about the December batches just yet as it is only October, but I know that we will have about 4 hip hop batches going on in December. Please bookmark this page or call me on 9910222770 a couple of weeks before you want to join please. I’ll give you up-to-date information then. Best regards Arjun

  • hello sir my self sumit panwar n i want to learn hip-hop and b-boying…nd i m from panipat…sir muje abhi dance me kuch nhi aata h mera interst bahot h bt meh koi style nhi pata..so sir aap muje time table and address bta skte ho…….sir muje dance me bahot sucess krna hai… :)

    • Hi Sumit, the address is on the contact us page and time table as of 3rd October 2012 is : 8-9 am pure hip hop 5 days a week, 3-4pm, 5-6pm and 8-9pm 5 days a week pure hip hop. Please drop in anytime and we’ll be happy to teach you. All these batches are for beginners and are taking enrollments. Please call to book your place.

  • join dance class

    • Hello Pawan, You’re welcome to join out hip-hop classes which take place 5 days a week at the following times:
      1. 8-9am
      2. 3-4pm
      3. 5-6pm
      4. 8-9pm

      Please call to enroll.

  • I really want to learn hip hop and I can’t find a good place near where I live. Can you please send me the address and details of DDA?

  • Hi DDA ,
    I am a working person n i also love dancing ; actually i am fond of dancing. My feet move whenever and wherever i hear music of any kind. I have also seen your styles that u teach but i need to learn Contemporary, jazz, hip hop & B-boying. Do you have a nice package with a combination of all these.
    I work in shifts which changes as my boss want so dont worry i will try to mange the time. Kindly help in the above case…..

    • Dear Gaurav, you can join batches of contemporary jazz and hip hop at the same time. As of Sep 2012, we don’t teach b-boying anymore because of risk of injury. Please call me on 9910222770 to find out times and to register. Arjun 9910222770.

  • hi DDA,
    i would like to join for hip pop and salsa classes but would prefer it on weekends. Is der any batch available on weekends for the same. i would also like to know if we have to get a parter for ourself if we want to join salsa classes.

    • Dear Sanjana, hope you’re well :) We have Salsa from 3.00pm to 4:30pm on Sat and Sun. You don’t need a partner for Salsa as you’re usually able to find someone at DDA. We don’t have hip-hop on the weekends as of now, I’m sorry. Please call us to register for Salsa. The fee is Rs 2000 per month.

  • Hey its J, can you tell me, Are b-boying hip-hop and Hip-hop different from each other or the same.?
    i wanna learn western hip hop dance so let me know about classes timing. Lajpat nagar-4

    • Hello J, Hip Hop and B-boying are different. Hip Hop is like break dance and B-boying is stunts. We don’t teach B Boying, but have 2 batches of pure hip hop that you can join. Both are from Monday to Friday 1. 5-6pm and 2. 8-9pm :) They are both conducted in the Amar Colony branch, in Lajpat Nagar 4. Fee is Rs 2000 per month. Please call me to enroll at 9910222770 – Arjun

  • Hello Admin,

    I am basically working during weekday and the only time that I have is during weekends. I have gone through the post and I see that there are lot people who would want to join but during weekends. Can you please consider this and try to arrange classes for people who can come only during the weekends.

    I would want to learn Hip Hop and would surely join if you have weekend classes. Please consider


    • Hello Wilson, thank you for writing to us. We now have a Hip Hop batch on the weekends that you can join. 7pm to 8:30pm on Saturday and Sunday. Please call me on 9910222770 to book your place. The batch starts on the 3rd of November and we’re taking enrollments now. Regards, Arjun :)

  • Sir,
    I’m a working guy and I want to learn hip hop during evenings in the weekends. After 7pm will suit me best, please let me know if there’s something.

    • Pawan, we now have a Hip Hop batch on the weekends from 7pm to 8:30pm on Saturday and Sunday, starts on the 3rd of November and we’re taking enrollments now. Regards, Arjun :) 9910222770

  • i wanna join the hip-hop ciasses………….

    • Call us and book Jyoti :)

  • hey ! i wanna join hip hop classes could anyone plz tell me when and how can i enroll.

    • Hey…I love dancing but the main problem is my age….i m 28… can I learn any form of dance at this age??

      • Gia, you can, people start in their 40s and 50s. You’re a baby and the best time to start is now :)

  • for september i should say ..

  • hi,
    I was just wondering what classes you have for small children (5 years of age) if any thanks

  • Hello sir,
    my name is pawan.i want to learn hip hop dance,could u plss tell me fee structure nd timing of the class….

  • hey there…
    im a rapper n i thought it would be cool if i learn n start doin bboyin also…!!
    would you help me out with the exact address of your institute or somethin… i’m really lookin forward to it n i wanna join ASAP…
    thankya… :)

  • hi.
    i want 2 learn krumping with popping .it,s possible

  • i wnt join a best dance group. so plsss… send me ur adress whr i cn come & give audition.

  • hi……..
    hou r u??????
    i wana learn hip hop dance
    but i go in school and i leave in
    bahadurgarh (haryana)
    so plz help me

  • hi
    how r u ??????????
    hay i wana learn hip hop dance
    but i go in school and i leave in bahadurgarh (haryana)
    but i realy learn dance plz help me

  • Hi
    Actually I’m working from Monday to Friday and I want to learn hip hop also. Could you please help me out about dance class timings and fee structure?

    • Hi Dinesh, we have a Bollywood cum Hip Hop batch from 5pm to 6pm on Saturday and Sunday. Please come to the academy on Saturday at 5pm to enroll. :) Thanks.

  • HELLO Sir
    I want to learn dance but i dont know a thing about it because i havent really danced in my life.im 18 yrs old n i really want to learn it.could you tell me about the dance forms available in your institute as well as their fees and timings.

  • Hello sir, my name is Amit and i love dance and I want to join a dance group for events in your Academy, is that possible?

  • Hi DDA,

    I want to learn Hip Hop. Do you guys teach at your Rajouri Garden studio? I want to join the weekend batch.
    Please reply asap :)

  • i want to know that there is a rajouri garden centre on ur website…. but u are mentioning only lajpat nagar centres….???

  • Hi
    i want to learn dance, i used to do the dance but due to some personal problem i had to leave it but now i want to come back on my track, i m living kapsheda delhi , i m working person my age is 22 and i want to make my carrer in dancing

    • Hi Vishwa,

      We’re teaching lots of different dance forms like Hip Hop, Bollywood, Contemporary, Salsa etc. at Delhi Dance Academy. You are welcome to drop in any time and join in. You could call us for more information.

      Ph. +91 9953835088

  • Dear DDA,

    I am interested in learning B – Boying dance classes but my main concern is timing, so is there any batch which start after 07:30 pm & if it is possible any batch on weekends after 03:30 pm….

    • Hi Satinder,

      We do have a batch for Hip Hop and B-Boying going on right now but unfortunately the timing is a little different. Its from 3:30 to 5 pm every evening from Monday to Friday. Please try if you can manage these timings and let us know.

      Ph. +91 9953835088

  • i love hip hop dace but i can’t effort your fee

  • i want to learn hip hop .as i m a college going student will get time only in evening ,is there any batch which is conducted at evening and what will be the fee structure

    • Hello Bulbul,

      We have batch for Hip Hop and B-Boying from 3:30 to 5 pm every weekday. The fees is Rs.2000 per month. There are other batches later in the evening which have a mix of Bollywood, Hip Hop and Freestyle. Please let me know if you need more information.

      Ph. +91 9953835088

  • hey! dda
    i wud lyk to know wen r d new batches starting from??
    do you hav any batches startin in july 2012??

    • Hi Tanvi,

      We have lots of batches going on for all kinds of dance forms. These are continuous classes and you can join any time. Please just give me a call and I’ll tell you the exact timings.

      Ph. +91 9953835088

  • HI DDA….!
    i wanna learn hip hop dance …but i dont know how to dance i never dance before…so i’m looking for a dance class who helps the beginners..!

    • Hi Purushotam,

      No problem, lots beginners join our classes. Presently, there is one batch for Hip Hop and B-Boying which happens every weekday from 3:30 to 5 pm. You can just give me a call and drop in for the same.

      Ph. +91 9953835088

  • Do you have dance batches for Hip-Hop early in the morning on weekends? Let’s say around 7 or 8? If not, then do you have late dance classes on weekends?

    Is there any way, I can come for trial dance classes?

    • Hi Prateek,

      We don’t have Hip Hop in the mornings on weekends but generally there are some Bollywood Freestyle batches in the evenings. We could arrange for a trial class for you if there is space and if you call us in advance. Please let me know.

      Ph. +91 9953835088

  • hiiii ….DDA :)

    i wanna to learn hip hop dance and be boying too ….i would love to join ….plz give me any contact no.for mor information ……..:)

    • Hi Lokesh,

      This is Anant and you could call me on 9953835088 for more information. We have Hip Hop going on every weekday from 3:30 to 5 pm.


  • Hi
    i love dancing though i m not a very good dancer. so i want to learn some dance form. i want to participate in some dance show… (lol, not sure if that is ever going to happend or not). i have not made up my mind, which dance form i want to learn. i live in faridabad. which is the nearest branch? i have my training on weekdays so weekends will be better.
    can u give some links to ur performances videos?
    Thanks :-)

    • Hi Sid,

      We will be happy to have you at Delhi Dance Academy. You can choose from any of the following dance forms and start off: Bollywood, Hip Hop, Salsa and Contemporary. Presently, we do have batches for Bollywood, Salsa and Contemporary on weekends at our Amar Colony center which will be the closest to Faridabad.

      Some of our videos can be seen on http://www.delhidanceacademy.in/video-gallery/.

      +91 9953835088

  • hi i m very fond of dance but i dont whether i m a gud or bad dancer bcoz i never dance in public………..means i m a rookie so i want to learn from basic of hip hop ……so i need ur suggestion……….

    • Hi Atul,

      No problem. We have very good instructors who should be able to help you. You can start with Hip Hop and B-Boying which happens every weekday from 3:30 to 5 pm or any Bollywood-Freestyle batch in the evenings.

      Please call me for more information.

      +91 9953835088

  • hii dda,….

    i want to know that u also provise trial class to new comers?????

    • Hi Hemant,

      We could provide a trial class if there is space in the respective batch and if you call us and book in advance.

      Ph. +91 9953835088

  • hello dda i want to learn dance hiphop bt i dont know single thing abt it……means i want to learn from starting….plz help me i realy passionate abt it…..

    • Hello there,

      We have very good instructors who will be able to help you out. A batch for Hip Hop is going on these days. It happens from 3:30 to 5 pm every weekday from Monday to Friday. Please come to our center in Amar Colony or call me for more information.

      DDA +91 9953835088

  • hello dda
    im 20yr old im looking forward to join dance classes in hip hop n free style etc starting from basic i.e for beginners………im realy passionate bt i never dance anywhere in public or elsewhere it just keep it in house now i want to open my talent…..so plz suggest ur advice…….

    • Hi Atul,

      Good to see that you’re so passionate about dance. We teach Hip Hop, Bollywood, Salsa, Jazz Contemporary and Zumba at Delhi Dance Academy. You are welcome to join any of these classes and I am sure you’ll enjoy.

      Please call me for any more information.

      +91 9953835088

  • i would like to join for hiphop 3 days per week ..where can i contact you?

    • Hello Minam,

      We do have a batch for Hip Hop. It happens Mon-Fri 3:30 to 5 pm and you could opt for 3 days a week as well.

      Please call me for more details.

      DDA +91 9953835088

  • hi my name is mannu . i learn hip hop plz tell me wht the charges and do you have any center in laxmi nagar or nera

    • Hi Mannu,

      Unfortunately, we don’t have a center in that area as now. But we are looking to open more centers and details will come up on the website as soon as that happens.

      +91 9953835088

  • do you have any current batch available for hip hop??

    • Hi Priya,

      Yes, we do have a batch for Hip Hop going on. The classes are every day from Monday to Friday from 3:30 to 5pm.

      You can call me once and drop in to have a look at the class.

      +91 9953835088

  • helloo…

    Please tell me about the next batch for hiphop is gonna be start, I want to join it…and also the timing and the fee structure.which is nearest branch of fur academy as m residing in vikaspuri…

    thank u !!

    • Hi Swati,

      We’re having classes only at Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar at the moment.

      Hip Hop happens every weekday Monday to Friday from 3:30 to 5 pm. The fee is Rs.2000 per month.

      +91 9953835088

  • hey i am a student… just got over with my exams and i just have two months of vacations i.e june n july after which my college starts again.. i would love to join your academy for learning hip hop. and since i have got only two months i would like to utilize as many days possible. so is it possible to get an alternate days or three days a week sort of a thing? and also leme know about the centre nearest to mayur vihar i.e east delhi..

    waiting for your reply..
    thank you :)

    • Hi Mridu,

      Hope you already got all the information you needed.

      Hip Hop happens every day from Monday to Friday from 3:30 to 5 pm. 3 days a week can also be worked out. Please call me in case you need any more information.

      +91 9953835088

  • hi, i want to know is there any current batch for hip hop.

    • Hi Priyanka,

      There’s a batch for Hip Hop with classes every weekday Monday to Friday from 3:30 to 5 pm. Please call me id you want to join.

      +91 9953835088

  • Hello, I’m 19, & i have vacations during June and July..
    I would like to know if you have a summer dance programme, in which i can join for maybe a month.
    I’m really interested in learning dance, specially hip hop.
    Please let me know if you have a similar provision for jazz.
    Where is you center in South Delhi ?

    • Hi Nandita,

      Hope you have all the information you needed by now.

      We have regular batches for both Hip Hop and Jazz Contemporary. Our center is in Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar.

      Please call in for more information.

      +91 9953835088

  • Hi, I want to learn hip hop dance . But I m beginner. Can I learn basic step of dance within 1 month.

    • Hi Rahul,

      No problem if you’re a beginner. There’s a hip hop batch going on from 3:30 to 5 pm Monday to Friday. Join in and I am sure you will learn a lot.

      Please call me if you need more information.

      +91 9953835088

  • do u have any center near punjabi bagh?

    • Hi Shivan,

      No center in Punjabi Bagh unfortunately. We will keep updating our site for new centers.

      +91 9953835088

  • hello dda,

    i am lukin forwrd 2 join classes for contemporary and hip hop, but i wnt d shifts on weekends, and evening time z grt….. pls mail me d further details asap….. coz i wnt 2 start my classes frm dis mnth only…..


    • Hi Pragya,

      If you haven’t joined us yet, let me tell you about the ongoing batches.

      Contemporary has 3 batches: Sat-Sun 1 to 2:30 pm, Mon-Wed-Fri 6 to 7 pm and Tue-Thurs-Sat 6 to 7 pm.

      Hip Hop takes place from 3:30 to 5 pm every weekday Monday to Friday.

      Fee for any batch is Rs.2000 per month.

      Please call me to join in.

      +91 9953835088

    • hi sir

      i want to b-boying and hip hop i am 14 years old i can come on 4 o clock because of my school

      • Hi Vikrant, you can come from 5-6 pm Hip Hop if you like. :) Arjun 9910222770

  • do u teach breakdance

    • Hi Vicky,

      You should try our Hip Hop, B-Boying, Popping and Locking batch that takes place Monday to Friday from 3:30 to 5 pm. Please call me and I’ll arrange for a trial class for you.

      +91 9953835088

  • HI DDA,


    • Hi Rahul,

      We can arrange a private class for you. Please call me and we could discuss further.

      +91 9953835088

  • do u have any centers near central delhi like CP or karol bagh?

    • Hello Kavita,

      Sorry, no centers in CP or Karol Bagh. Will keep updating our website for new centers.

      +91 9953835088

  • Hey DDA
    I would like to know if u have a branch in west delhi. As coming daily from west delhi to amar colony will b hectic after work..

    • Hi Anmol,

      We have only 1 center at Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar at the moment but we’re looking for more. Will post details on the website as soon as we have a center in West Delhi.

      Thanks for your interest in Delhi Dance Academy.

      +91 9953835088

  • Hi,
    My situation is slightly complicated. I am on vacation at the moment but college reopens during the first week of July. And I live in Gurgaon so transport is a big issue. I do dance, but I have never really concentrated on a genre. What I would like to know is that are there any workshops going on, for a short duration? And is there any transport facility provided by the academy (bus, cab, etc)

    • Hi Ambika,

      Unfortunately, our Gurgaon center is not operational at the moment. We have classes going on only in Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar. Also, we don’t provide transport facilities.

      We are in the process of expanding and will keep posting details on our website.

      +91 9953835088

  • Hi,
    I am a student studying in 11th standard and i am searching for the best hip hop dance class in delhi.So, would u plz send me the fee structure and timetable for Hip Hop dance. plz tell me is this is the right place for hip hop and locking poping dance styles. plz reply me .

    • Hi Aman,

      We have a Hip Hop specific batch taking place from 8 to 9 am every weekday Monday to Friday. Also, there is a Hip Hop and Bollywood combined batch from 3:30 to 5 pm Monday to Friday. These classes take place at our Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar center.

      You are welcome to come to the studio once and have a look. I am sure you will like these classes.

      +91 9953835088

  • I saw that for Hip-Hop classes you have a Package 3: Weekend classes on Saturday and Sunday: Rs 2000 per month. Just wanted to know if the the timings are 9-10 or if there are other timings for this slot. Thanks.

    • Hi Radhika,

      We’re starting a weekend batch for Hip Hop shortly. The timing would be 9 to 10 am and the fee Rs.2000 per month. Please call me to register asap.

      +91 9953835088

  • Hi
    I’m turning 19yrs and i got craziness of dancing in last two years.
    but I hve a big prob I don’t even know the D of Dance nd wanna learn hip hop dance.
    so, can u plz tell me is your dance academy helps the beginners.
    if yes then mention the procedure plz.
    I wanna dance!

  • Hiiii….
    Dear Sir
    I’m belongs from U.P. here in Delhi I’m Studying in NIIT. I want learn professional Hip hop dance style. but I can’t afford much more fee. can u do something for me……

  • Hi DDA,

    Actually m a die hard fan of dancing nd i hv learnt a little bit of dancing frm youtube videos…actually m looking for any krumping or popping classes…can u help me on dis…

  • HI!

    This is harish and i want to learn good moves of hip hop So i want to join hiphop classes.Could you plz tell me following things:-
    1) The class near by Dabri-Uttamnagar.
    2)Fees of Class.
    4)Is your academy take the students to high competition level.
    4)Is your academy give class during saturday and sunday.

  • Hi, I am Vijay, age 29. I am an IT professional and get very wee time to do any kind of exercise to keep my body fit. I have always wanted to dance but do not know how to do it. . I came across your dance academy, which is more or less near to my work place. I would like to know if there is any batch going at 7:00 PM, which I can join in. I want to join hip-hop and bollywood dance classes. Please let me know if you people are running any batch at that time along with the fee structure.


  • Hi..

    i want to learn hiphop…is dre ny batches startin frm this month ..or next mnth…plz tell me ..

  • Heloo,

    I want to learn the Hiphop dance .. Plz suggest me the right institute.

  • Hi ,
    I am tottally mad about b-boying and want to learn this dance form .i would love to join it and it would be better if it is near r.k.puram sec-8 .would u plz send me the fee structure and timetable for b-boying classes .
    Vaibhav Tokas
    Age -18

  • hey me and my friends want to join ur classes will u plzz inform which age group u all train and the adress as well..
    thank u!!

  • Hey,
    me and my sister (16 and 12) want to join hip hop classes. We live near vasant kunj. Is there any studio near vasant kunj or saket? and what are the charges like?

  • i want to learn hip hop in duration of may – july .can u let me know about the duration of learning .and its cost and do u have any center near old delhi?.

  • Do you have any centers in Gurgaon.?

  • hi sir,
    i love dance and i want to learn it.Cud you tel me about ur dance centers near by tilak nager and also tel me about ur fee and time

  • hi..!
    i want to know is there any dance centres near Hauz khas in new delhi ….would love to join it ….

  • hey, dda
    i m anuj, i m a student of b.tech in panipat .n i looking for krumping classes.so is there any class for me on weekend..n also tell me the fee structure.

  • i want to lear hip hop dance can tell tell me how much it cost
    for learning….,,.,,
    waiting for ur message

  • Hi,
    I want to learn complete Hip-Hop including all the stunts. My preference is weekend classes. So tell me the fee structure and classes routine. And are there any special discounts for college students ??

    P.S. a friend of mine want to lose weight. So should she go for aerobics or dance can serve the same purpose as aerobics.

    hoping for a positive reply ASAP.

  • Hi..I want learn hip hop..but to make it clear that I havent learnt dance ever and am not sure even if I can learn dance..
    I put up in Faridabad and work in Gurgaon..So travelling from Gurgaon to delhi and then back to faridabad is not feasible.Plus my office timings are pretty much long..So do you have any centers in Gurgaon.?

  • Hi..I want to learn hip-hop(to be clear that i haven’t learnt dancing ever and i am not sure even I can learn dance or not)..I am working in Gurgaon and put up in Faridabad..my work timings are pretty much long and travelling to lajpat Nagar after work is not feasible for me..do you have any centers in gurgaon.?

  • hi DDA,
    my name is shilpa.. i love dancing and i wanna learn hip hop .. but i cant join now coz of my exams .. is dre any batch startng from may !! i would love to join :)

    • Hey Shilpa, good to see your passion. We’re here for you whenever you’re ready. :) Good luck.

  • Hello DDA,

    I am looking forward to join dance classes for hip-hop, b- boying or contemporary. Do u have these dance forms taught at your rajinder nagar branch?? And is it possible for weekend classes for the above dance forms??
    I would also like to know about the 1-to-1 dance classes.
    Thank you

    • Hello Mayank, yes we have all the ones that you’ve mentioned. We have a really good 4-5pm hip hop batch. Why don’t you drop in at the academy one day and we’ll enroll you in a batch. Arjun

      • Hello Arjun Sir,

        Plz tell me when and what time can i come on a weekend and know all the details regarding the dance class.


  • hello sir,
    how want to learn hip-hop dance
    please tell me fees & timing
    & other branch is near by dilshad garden

    • Hello Vinay, the fee is Rs 2000 per month and we have various timings 5 times a week. We have nothing around Dilshad Garden for now I’m afraid Vinay :(

  • Hello…sir
    I m vry pasonte abt dncng …… Cud u tel me ur dance centers near by patel nagar… Nd abt ur fee nd timetables

    • Hello Nishant, we’re looking for more dance centres, but at present we have nothing in Patel Nagar, I’m afraid.


  • Hi, I’m interested in joining hip hop dance classes. But do you have any branch in North Delhi. As it would be very inconvenient for me to come to south delhi.

    • Dear Vinny, we have lots of Hip Hop batches in South Delhi, but none in North Delhi yet, I’m afraid. We are actively looking to start new centres though.


  • could u plz tell me about your classes and fee structure for freestyle dance? :)

  • I learn to Hiphop dance

  • I learn to dance

  • Hello DDA,

    I am very passionate about dancing and also have been performing since my school days. I am keenly interested in Hip-Hop, B-Boying & Freestyle Dancing. After a lot of surfing I found this a suitable place to land upon. So can you mail me the complete details of the courses. My only problem is that I am free during weekends. Please suggest me something asap.


    • Dear Deep, thanks for writing to us. On weekends we have batches of Bollywood dance and Salsa only. However, we are starting a Hip Hop batch for weekends from the 11th of Feb 2012. Please come in to our studio at Amar colony (details are given at the contact page) between 6pm and 9pm tomorrow (Saturday the 4th of Feb 2012) and speak with the instructor Rajat, who’ll be able to custom make something for you.

      Good luck with your pursuits :)


  • hey! i love to dance and was looking for some hip hop classes, could u tell me about your centres in west delhi,if any?

    • Dear Devyani, is Rajinder Nagar suitable for you? We have a centre there, very close to Rajinder Nagar metro station. A few other dance classes in west Delhi are coming up, of which I’ll keep you posted. Many thanks for your interest. Please reply here.


  • hi DDA!
    I’m very fond of dancing but not good at it. Its my hobby so i would like to give it a try. Not professionally, but just to fulfill my desire. I like all kinds of dance (freestyle), most importantly locking n popping. I’m a student from Manipur (15yrs) and will b coming to Delhi for 1 month, so can u please tell me if there are any classes just for a month or two? I would love to learn as much as I can. Can u please tell me the fee structure and procedure to be undertaken for admission also? Thank you.

    • Dear Alice, it’s good to see you desire to learn. We have a batch where we teach Bollywood mixed with Hip Hop. One month is not a long enough time to master a dance form, but a month will give you a better dance body and help you move to music better. Call us when you’re in Delhi and come in to our studio for a trial.

      The fee structure is given on the fee page on this website and the procedure for admission is for you to get a form of ID, a passport size photo and your fee – very straight forward :)

      Good luck

  • want to learn completly not only hip hop but each n every form of dance except clasicals and folk,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, i want to learn be boying too …….. so plz suggest me the right teacher ,,,,,,,,

    • Dear Tarun,

      Thanks for getting in touch. We have a dance class by our extremely talented choreographer Rajat where he teaches Hip Hop, B Boying and Bollywood in the same batch. The idea of having a batch like that is to make a dance form that is accepted these days and is in great demand – we think that when you add a little bit of Hip Hop and B Boying to Bollywood, you create a dance form that attracts more attention and is better accepted in the modern Indian media.

      Come over to the academy any day at 6 pm, 7 pm or 8 pm and meet Rajat, he’ll be able to discuss your exact requirements and place you in an appropriate batch depending on your dancing proficiency.


  • Hi I am 25 year old. I haven’t still learn’t dance. Now I just wanna learn dance. To learn dance I have some positive points such as I know Yoga and I have flexible body.

    • Raj, 25 is a young age and even though it’s never too late to learn, you are in perfectly the right slab to start. Having a flexible body is a great advantage and our trainers will take care of the rest.

      Give us a call to arrange a time to come in to one of our dance studios and we’ll start from there.

  • Hey DDA,
    i’d like to join the dance classes during my semester break(approx 2 months).Can u please let me know the procedures 2 b undertaken for admission??

    • Dear Nabasmita, the procedure for admission is – you have to bring a form of ID, one passport size photograph, fill in our application form and pay 1 month’s fee in advance to join. The fees are payable at the start of every month.

      We do offer a free trial class where you can get a feel of the class, meet other students and chat with the instructor. This is a no obligation class and I’d recommend you come in for one at your earliest convenience.

      Best regards

  • Hi there.. I have always been fond of hip-hop dancing. My working hours are constraints but I love to dance & would like to learn hip-hop dancing.. What’s the fee structure?

    • Hello Mona,

      We cater to a lot of working professionals who have busy schedules and so we have many batches to choose from for all kinds of dance forms. There are many batches for Bollywood and Hip Hop combined and one dedicated batch for B-Boying. Please check our detailed time table and fee structure on http://www.delhidanceacademy.in/time-table-fees/.

      Do call me regarding any batch that might be convenient for you to attend. I will try and arrange a free trial class for you.

      Looking forward to seeing you at Delhi Dance Academy :)

      Ph. +91 9953835088

  • Hi DDA

    Any 1-to-1 hIphop classes? Weekends for example?


    • Hi again Philippa :)

      Yes, we could arrange private 1-to-1 Hip Hop classes as well. Would you like to call me on 9953835088 to discuss further?


  • Hi DDA

    Danced hIphop a while back and really want to restart. Had a weird experience when I first arrived in India and attended a ‘hiphop’ class at another dance school that was totally Bollywood (interesting but not my thing).

    So just wondering… Is your hIphop more hIphop, or more Bollywood? If more Bollywood, are 1-to-1 classes an option?


    • Hi Philippa,

      Lots of our students also prefer a mix of Bollywood with Hip Hop and so we also have many Bollywood and Hip Hop combined batches throughout the week. However, we also have a dedicated B-Boying class that happens on all weekdays from 9 to 10 pm, which might suit you.

      The detailed time table for all classes in given on http://www.delhidanceacademy.in/time-table-fees. I could arrange a free trial for you if you’d like to come, have a look and make up your mind. Please call me on 9953835088 and let me know what you think.


  • Hi, I want to dance but not professionally. I dont dance but I want to learn it. Is it easy to learn the dance who does not know the dance. I just want to learn the bollywood and locking pocking. Is it easy to learn and perform dance. Please reply , Just want to join few class in a week. Waiting for your reply.

    • Hi Sandeep,

      Lots of students join our dance classes as a hobby or as a daily fitness routine. Its not that only those who want to dance professionally can join dance classes.

      How fast one learns depends on individual ability and practice. It will be ideal if you take a few classes and find out for yourself. I am sure you’ll enjoy :)

      Please call me on 9953835088 for more details. I could also arrange a Free Trial class for you.

      Best regards,

  • Hi ,
    I am a young working professional and would like to know more about your hip hop dance classes .i would love to join it . my only constraint is that i work in shifts . would u plz send me the fee structure and timetable for above mentioned course .
    sheel bhadra parmar
    Age -26

    • Hello Sheel,

      Thanks for your interest in Delhi Dance Academy :)

      Hip Hop Dance classes are conducted throughout the week. You can check the time table and fees on http://delhidanceacademy.in/time-table-fees/.

      The studio is located at E.1, Basement, Amar Colony, Lajpat Nagar IV, New Delhi.

      You can call me on 9953835088 and I could arrange a Free Trial class for you.


      • i want to join hip hop classes. can u pls tell me when is new batch going to start.

        • Hi there,

          Hip Hop happening from 3:30 to 5 pm Monday to Friday.

          +91 9953835088

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Bharatnatyam: 400-600
Hip-Hop: 350-550
Belly dance: 250-450
Bollywood: 300
Salsa: 200-300

These numbers vary with your body weight and the amount of effort you put in.

How can I lose weight?
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